I suppose you all want to take me by the shoulders and shake me 'til I spit out where on earth the rest of this story is...


I would allow you to, if I could, and I would say that it – and I have prepared to hear the groans of agony and sounds of deflating excitement – is on indefinite HIATUS.

That's right – hiatus.

I do apologise for taking so long to say this; I've known for a while that this story wasn't going anywhere in my head, and I just haven't gotten around to telling you all that.

I happen to be in my last year of high school, and I'm sure you're all aware of what that implicates in my life, but that isn't the only reason I've left poor Harry and Cho forever trapped in the blissful winter wonderland of Christmas. I'm working on two original stories which I'm very proud of, and probably have more merit attached to them than my fizzled out fanfictitious ramblings... I guess you won't be able to stand testament to this further fact either, due to my lack of updating: my skills as a writer have improved extraordinarily – call it arrogance, or insecurity trying to mask itself, but when I read my fanfictions, and then my other stuff, I can genuinely say one is almost ridiculously better than the other. Although you all may have seen the gradual improvement in writing throughout SiTS – because I have! :D

I read the first chapter, and I literally shudder with the cheese-fluff content – and baulk may you all, at accusations of my own shortcomings! But it's painfully, almost blood-coagulatingly, obvious.

...And I don't need anyone to point out that coagulatingly is not a word. I make up words. Deal with it and cry in a corner, if you must.

But I get to places like the Christmas chapter, and I'm going, 'Aw, I guess it's not too bad here...' I assume there are some of you who enjoyed the fluff-disguised-as-something-more-important-like-some-pathetic-excuse-for-a-reconciliation at the beginning, and I thank all who did. You – unknowingly – fooled me into believing I was writing something enjoyable for people to read, and as a result, continued the story which has somehow managed to keep you all with unsheathed swords at my throat for the next chapter :O

On the note of next chapters, I finished my other fanfic Dirty Little Secret some time ago (like... in April...), and will completely upload the rest of it very soon. Up In The Tower – I may never finish, because it was really just a way for me to get dirty, dirty thoughts gathering in my head that had no place else to go... I didn't have any real plans or plots for it. Sunday Mornings, I have somewhat finished – again, quite a long time ago. I just never got around to uploading it.

...Sorry about that.

If anybody really, really, absolutely-otherwise-risk-going-insane-over-never-knowing-the-ending wants to finish any of the above stories – including Stars In the Sky – that will may never be completed by me, let me know. I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement, with appropriate credits going to the appropriate people.

Otherwise, I'm available as a consultant (mentally giggles at the official-sounding term) for various things – beta-ing, discussion, or simply as a wall to bounce your ideas off. Stuff like that. Feel free to contact me for my... Er... Services ;D

Lastly, there are people to thank. So I don't make anyone feel left out, I won't be specific. Thanks to the people who clung to me with the heart-rendering desperation that I would miraculously update within the next few minutes of them reading a chapter – even though I never did. Thanks to those who always offered substantial, in-depth analysis and critique of my sometimes appalling chapters -and especially to those who did that all without me asking them to: you guys know who you are. And of course, to every single person who bothered to read Stars In the Sky. Hell, you get an extra thank you if you've even bothered reading this far on this notice.

...So, the first lastly was a lie. Somewhere around lastly, don't forget to visit my youtube page which stands as proof of my wandering obsessions in pop culture. From Harry Potter, to Naruto, to Ouran High School Host Club (cue fangirl screams), and probably elsewhere in the future... You can try me there, if I somehow miss your message on ffnet.

And - yes, lastly! – I may do requests... MAY. MAAAAAYYY. For videos and fics. Send me your proposalslashrequest, and we'll see what we can do... But please don't ask me to vid or write something totally random that I obviously have no interest in whatsoever, like the Bold and the Beautiful or something. If I evidently like it, sure, let me know, and if you can sort of assume I like it due to the number of favourite videos I have about it, then fine – but no randoms. Please. I BEG OF YOU. You'll be wasting your time.

xx cybong