Ed and the Taco

Ed and Al were walking through Central City and spotted a Mexican resturant. Ed really wanted a taco, but he had no money.

"Al, come on, let's get a taco!" He said with a sly look. Al knew this meant trouble.

"Brother, we can't steal one! You've haven't any money!"

"That's why we're going to ask Mustang!" They ran to headquarters and found Colonel Roy Mustang sitting at his desk, doing paperwork. He looked up.

"Yes? What do you want, Fullmetal?"

"Can I have money to buy a taco?"


"BUT WHY!!!!!!!" Ed was angry.

"Because I would rather die than give money so a pipsqueak like you can buy a taco." Now Ed was very angry.

"That's not fair! And I'm not a pipsqueak!!!!" He was mad and he stalked out of the office. "Okay, we asked, and he said no. Which means, we have to steal one." Al was troubled.

"Brother, no! We can get in serious trouble!"

"I don't care! I can break out of jail!" They ran into the resturant and as the waiter was bringing a taco to a table, Ed grabbed it. "YES!"

"GET BACK HERE, YOU PUNK!" The waiter was chasing after Ed. Poor Ed tripped and dropped it and it landed on the back of a truck.

"No!!" They ran after the truck and then as the truck hit a bump, the taco flew onto a roof. "My taco!" They went on the roof and the waiter and Ed were fighting over the taco. It then slipped out of their hands and landed in the street. They jumped off the roof and tried to grab it, but a little kid got it.

"Mommy! I found a taco!" The kid yelled, holding it high in the air.

"Give that to me!" Ed was holding out a hand.

"No, it's mine." Ed grabbed the taco and he and the kid fought over it. His mother came over to the scene.

"That belongs to my son!" She hit him with his purse. However, the taco went flying too!

After bunches of obstacles, the waiter gave up. Then the taco was about to fall in the river, and Ed caught it. "YES! I GOT IT, AL!" Ed was so happy. Then an eagle swooped down and took it. "NO!!! MY TACO!!!"

"Brother, give up. It's just a taco."

"You're right. But one day. I'm gunna get that bird!" He waved a fist at the bird. They walked back to train station to visit Winry. "Maybe she'll have tacos."