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Your Weak

It Hurts, A lot




Blood ran like mini steams down a pale hand that hung limply at the pale woman's side. Well over a dozen stray kuni lay around her. "G-Gomen Neji-nii-san. . . It seems I missed one." The brunette male looked at the woman in front of him, his face completely void of any emotion.

The younger of the two smiled weakly and pulled out the opposing weapon lodged in her arm. "Hinata. . . Get that cleaned up and hurry home, it's going to snow soon." He turned away and hurried away from the training ground, afraid his emotionless mask would be broken if he looked at her broken figure any longer.

Hinata nodded at his turned back and leaned against a tree in the clearing. A hiss of pain escaped clenched teeth as she sat down, pulling out a circular container. Lavender tinted eye scanned the trees around her, searching for any human life. Once she was completely sure no one was near she unzipped her jacket, if not a little reluctantly. A non-life threatening wound was uncovered as she pulled down the right sleeve. A small, whispered 'oww' left her lips as she down looked at it.

As expected from training with Neji the cut was clean cut, but it was also meant it was pretty deep. If she had been any other girl she cursed up a storm, but it was improper from the Hyuga heiress speak in such manner. A small whimper left her seemingly calm body as she reached around and pulled out a small container of ointment and bandages. "I hope this doesn't scar." She muttered.

- -

"Pathetic." Sasuke wasn't happy. His alarm clock didn't go off, so instead a very happy, hyper ANBU came to wake him up. Then a petty medic nin came to his door, latching onto the ANBU. It wasn't his cup of tea, that was for sure.

The fuming Uchiha then decided he could release his extra burning hate in a full on training session instead of being put in prison for getting rid of two of Kohana's best ninja. His ANBU captain had decided to take the day off so he had no clue what to do today. It was a rare occasion for his captain to take a day off, so what was left of his social life was very slim.

His team consisted of non other then his Genin team, Naruto and Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, a girl name Mistuki and their mysterious captain. Even being a genius Sasuke couldn't guess who their captain was. She was female, for obvious reasons, breasts. She was smart to say the least. The only person who knew who she was, was Shikamaru, who was her voice to her team. None of the team had ever heard her talk, other then Shikamaru who talked to him before and after missions to discuss mission plans. Her hair and eye color were covered by the tiger mask and the added hood on her ANBU uniform. When the team (minus Shikamaru) had fought over who they thought it was. The only females left on the rookie nine was Hinata and Tenten. They had ruled out Hinata, she was to shy to be their captain. Their captain was very strong, and according to Sakura, Hinata wouldn't wear such cloths. Mentally Sasuke had agreed and added another she's to weak to their growing list. Tenten would be a perfect candidate if she wasn't a jounin. Mistuki had helped rule out the rest of the ninja the team knew, and once more the team was left with a big pile of nothing. Sasuke had stopped pondering after the last 'fight' the team had had a week ago.

Near sunset it began to snow. Temperature began to drop, and Sasuke was forced to begin his way home, dirty and now damp. With a scowl he began his was through the trees. After a few minutes of calm walking her walked by another clearing, spotting a slumped figure sitting under a tree, now lightly covered in the frozen flakes of water that made it through the tree branches above her.

It wasn't his nature to help anyone, but it natural for his curiousness to take over from time to time, anyway, this girl was in his usual training area. The ground crunched under his feet as he walked over to her, taking his time. Without as much as a word the Uchiha avenger crouched down in front of the girl and pushed her bangs away from her face. "Hyuga heiress." He breathed out, watching the girl shiver in her sleep.

Male hormones was a thing Sasuke was not used to, even if his fan girls were clinging onto his at all chances in revealing clothing. He didn't find them attractive in anyway shape or form. Not that the Hyuga was attractive, but with her damp jacket hanging off her arm, revealing a curvy form that no one could have known about.

A cold metal bit into the side of his neck, above his life line. Immediately his Sharingan activated. His now blood red eyes watched the female in front of him open her activated eyes and attempt a glare. "Uchiha-san?" Confusion wrote itself over her face as she stared at him, a small blush appearing on her face at the closeness between them.


Hinata gulped and removed the kuni from his skin. "G-gomen, I d-didn't k-know it was you." By the end of her sentence she was whispering. Sasuke scowled and moved closer to her, trying to prove a new point. "Stop stuttering Hyuga before I make it appointed to make you stop." Hinata, once again, blushed brightly and pushed herself against the tree to get away from him. Her eyes wandered to everything so she wouldn't have to look at him. "Hai Uchiha-san. . ."

Sasuke scoffed and stood up, looking down at her with blood colored eyes. "Your weak Hyuga. You'd never be a challenge to someone at my level." He glared down at her and turned to leave, sticking his hands in his pockets.

When he reached the edge of the clearing he turned to look at her scornfully. "D-don't underestimate me Uchiha-san." She whispered before she sent and handful of kuni at him. Again, the avenger scoffed and dodged them, his hands still in his pockets. "Haven't I had it clear that your weak? I'm ANBU baka." With cold eyes he watched her tremble before disappearing in a swirl of lavender. "Che."

- -

It hurt. She didn't know why, but Sasuke's words hurt her. It would have hurt if any one of her team members had said that, right. She knew she didn't like Sasuke, not even a little bit! He was rude, and conceded, even if he was a great installment to her ANBU team. If Sakura or Ino had called her weak she would have felt hurt, right. Of course!

She had made it home and as soon as she walked through the door she was greeted by a worried Neji, even if he didn't show it very much. She apologized and hurried up to her room, walking by her younger sister and her father's training session. Hinata just wasn't in the mood to watch them tonight.

That night Hinata went to sleep with muddled thoughts and for some off reason a heavy heart.

- -

Today was a better start for Sasuke to say the least. His (new) alarm clock actually went off when he set it to, and (thank lord) Naruto and Sakura didn't show up at his door step, but Ino did.

"Morning Sasuke-kun!!" And their went there went his good morning. Ino frowned cutely as he slammed the door in her face. "Awww, Sasuke-kun! Leader-sama won't be happy if we're late." Loudly, she banged on his door. Well until Sasuke opened the door a couple minutes later and she ended up almost hitting the Uchiha in the forehead. His hand caught her wrist as he glared at her. "Weren't you the one that said we'd be late?" Ino pouted, looking up longingly at him. Sasuke's eye twitched and he let go of her hand as if it were on fire.

"Come on." He muttered, closing his door and walking away from the house, Ino in tow.

- -

"Leader-sama! Leader-sama! Leader-sama!" Naruto screamed, scaring some birds in the trees away. She turned to him, eyeing him wearingly behind her mask. Shikamaru, lazily answered for her. "What do what Naruto?" The blonde pouted and crossed his arms in front of him. "I wanted to see if she'd answer, no you Shikamaru!"

Hinata sighed and looked around. Nine minutes ago she had sent Ino to get Sasuke, since she didn't know if she could face him today alone. She'd make damn sure they'd never be alone together.

And right on time, Ino and Sasuke showed up. Hinata smiled behind her mask and looked around, happy to see everyone at attention now. Shikamaru sighed and looked around as well.

"The mission today is a simple C rank. About a mile out of here there a small town, Okka. We are sent here for information about a crime organization that has been in the work for a few months. No fights, nothing but the finding out information about this origination, as troublesome as it is."

Hinata nodded and looked around once more. Even if her mask was on the whole team knew she was staring. Hinata smiled at the awareness of her team and lifted her hand in the air.

"Start the mission!" She and Shikamaru barked out, and then the training grounds were empty.

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