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You're Weak

In A Place We Once Knew

"Oi, Hinata." Nonchalantly, Sasuke inched his head in her direction on the other side of the large oak, staring at the side of her body he could catch in eye sight. She turned reluctantly, tearing her pale eyes away from the scroll in her lap. "Hai?" She caught his frown and inched back.

"You made me dress up and act like a girl, che."

He didn't miss her stifle a girlish giggle, covered by her hand. "Hai, hai Sasuke-kun. And you d-deserved it." Her smile was almost wicked in his eyes. "You called me weak." With her last bit of sassiness said, Hinata's eyes darted back to scroll quickly. His wrath the last thing on her mind.

It was rare for them to spend this much time in silence, alone at the spot they first shared their first kiss. She had been working the whole team to the bone since her and Sasuke had gotten on solid ground again. A phantom smile played on her lips as she let her glace slip up to him, then back to the training scroll. At least he wasn't yelling again.

Lost in her thoughts, Hinata missed Sasuke crawl over to her, tickling her cheek with his breath. After a moment of her ignoring him, his frown deepened. "Hinata." His frown switched to a ghost of a smile when his hemi jumped a foot into the air, gasping. Sasuke watched her hand grab her kunai pouch out of instinct. His leader was always fun to scare.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun. You scared me!" His dark chuckle made the almost natural blush turn to an unhealthy shade of red. Her pout finished off the look of pure innocence of the ANBU leader, something he'd die before he'd taint.

A short while after, Hinata had returned to reading, still slightly uncomfortable while being so close to Sasuke. He was sitting next to her, keeping the thing called distance a thing of the past.

"Ne, Hinata." He watched her slump and sigh, looking up at him again. "Hai?" He smirked in notice at the annoyance laced in her voice. "Did it hurt?" Hinata raised her brow in question, her scroll once again forgotten. "D-did what hurt?"

"Cutting your wrists to get out of the chains. I would have let you out you know." Hinata smiled softly, patting his hand tenderly. "Not much." She reassured him with a smile. "I had Sakura fix me up good!" His tension slowly faded. "You would have freed m-me, but I'm a big girl. How hard is it f-for y-you and Neji-nii-san to understand that?" Her pout finished off any doubt or tension he was holding onto and once again the urge to hold her came into play. She was a temptress in her own ways.

"Che." And he loved to be tempted.

Half an hour later they still sat, huddled near each other in the cold winter weather as she still read. Sasuke kept himself busy easily by watching Hinata read. He loved to watch her facial expressions change dramatically without the undermining bubble she set up around herself in public.

"Hinata-chan?" He loved to see red stain her face as she looked up at him, her eyes questioned and ticked at the same time. This time around she did not express his questioning.

"I've been thinking lately,"

"You've been doing that a lot lately. . ." He heard her barely murmur, causing him to smirk at her odd behavior. She must have really wanted to read whatever lay in that scroll.

"and I noticed how easy it was for me to tie together who you were. All that stopped me were the ties that kept your mask on." His smirk was one of pure enjoyment, he was loving this.

"Sasuke! I worked hard to keep myself a secret. Maybe. . Maybe . . Maybe if you weren't so nosey. . ." Her strong start was taking a hill downward. "I'm hurt. Me nosey?" Her stubborn will showed, mixing with the ever growing pout that lay on her lips, itching to be kissed away. "Yes n-nosey."

The spiral of silence went on for a record time of thirty-five minutes before he smirked and neared her ear, tickling the skin that lay there with his words. "Ne, Hinata." Again he heard her growl. Had the dog and her wolves rubbed off on her?

"Y-yes Sasuke-kun?" Ice cold for such a sweet being. Nothing compared to him, but cold for the little Hyuga leader.

"Was I to horrible when we first began talking?" Still leaned over in the tough position he frowned. He was an asshole at first, and most likely was still one. It wasn't his fault, it came naturally. Her face lifted, showing signs of a smile of her features, and by the looks of it a big one.

"Hai, you were." His frown fell a few inches longer. "If I hadn't gotten Tsunade-sama to heal up that first cut it would have scarred." Her hand cupped the cheek, brushing his nose with her knuckles by sheer accident. "Itai! I h-had yume's(dreams) for weeks about that f-first time. . . " She turned to look at him momentarily, smiling playfully. "You-You're a v-very scary man U-Uchiha-san." Hinata could only smile wider as his frown intensified.

Randomly, "Are things better with your father?" Her grin disappeared with six little words. "H-hai, but I still haven't been to see him to much. The m-maids say he's getting s-sick too. I think I might go back for a b-bit and make s-sure he's okay. . ." His arm wrapped comfortably around her shoulder, nuzzling her neck silently as she began to read again, hoping to vanish with thought from her already stress induced mind.

Ten minutes later it was Hinata that broke the silence, a first for them both. "Sakura's kind of promiscuous, ne?"

"Hai." Sasuke smiled, though it was an invisible, his eyes said it all. "That's a nice way of putting it." Hinata shook her head and smiled. "Naruto and Mistuki have been together a lot lately too. . ." Hinata smiled fully, beaming with happiness. "I like them together."

"Tch, your such a girl Hinata."

Comfortable silence draped over them, this time much shorter. Hinata began picking at the scroll, her mind wandering off thanks to the avenger. When he broke the silence she was happy to answer, annoyance long gone.

"Why are you afraid of thunder?" Blink. Blink. Blink. "Che. . .I-I'm not a-afraid of thunder." Her lying streak hit a new high, but he wasn't buying it. "Yes you are, I saw. Tell me."

Her brows lowered, adding affect to her frown. "M-my mother died before I could truly get over most of my c-childish fears. . .My father told me to tough it out, but I-I should have gone to s-someone. I love the rain though. The smell, the sounds." Hinata grimaced pulling in next to him. "I just d-don't like th-thunder. . ."

"I'm glad you don't like thunder." He felt he slap his chest lightly. "T-that's not n-nice Sasuke-kun." He chuckled darkly and pulled her closed to him, enjoying the little time they had been awarded.

"Ne, Sasuke?" He turned his head towards her in answer. "What's the r-real reason you got mad at me when I told everybody about me b-being Leader-sama?" She watched his face go from emotionless to a pure frown. He simply mumbled incoherently, making her in turn frown. "W-what was t-that?

"You were trying to prove that you were my superior." He mumbled again, this time loud enough for he to hear. Hinata shot up, leaping out of his arms and turning to face him. "What?! I did so I could be with you without my father getting in the way!" Her anger was supported, or downgraded by a pretty blush. Whether from rage of embarrassment he did not know.

Sasuke traced under her eye and lip with his hand, calming her down enough for her to pull away for his fondling to sit near him again.

"I think you have a split personality."

"Hey!" He chuckled, leaned back and handing her, her scroll that had fallen during her sitting up. "Read."

Hinata laughed and reopened the scroll, looking at coal black eyes instead of dark print that had once caught her attention.

"Did you ever ww-ater that white and black flower?"


"Hai, the o-one Nii-san to-told me plant. You didn't let it d-die, right Sasuke?" Said nin gave her the crazy look and felt her forehead. "Are you okay Hinata? There was no flower" She blinked clueless-ly up at him, disappointed. "It was such a pretty f-flower too. . ."

Again they plunged back into a comfortable silence, Sasuke taking the chance to slide Hinata into his lap comfortably so he could finally read the scroll she was so interested in. "Silencing ninjutsu. . . ?" He felt her nod against his chest. "J-Just for y-you Sasuke-kun!"

He smirked, glad to hear something so strong come out of her. "Hai, hai." He muttered into her hair, inhaling the soft, natural scent that flowed around her.

"I h-hate you, Sasuke-kun!" Hinata laughter weaved with her playful words, challenging him.

"I love you." He smirked, brushing his lips against her, already knowing her response. Hinata shook her head and pulled away, turning back to the scroll and playing around with hand signs. "D-damn!" she whispered when she missed a hand sign, bitting her lip and frowning in thought.

He found it odd how even her exclamations were soft spoken and timid. Everything about her was like this. Soft, shy, and weak. His brow bunched together in second thought. No Hinata Hyuga was not weak, she was quite the opposite.

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