Okay this is my first Saiyuki fan fiction. I hope you guys like it. I know it might not be a very well done story. I'm still getting use to the characters and stuff so please bare the pain with me. The owner of Saiyuki is Minekura Kazuya-sensei. He's the owner of Saiyuki. Well I'll be quiet for now on with the story.


Chapter 1:

Hakkai, Sanzo, Gojyo, and Goku continued heading west to Tenjiku. It was another normal day Goku and Gojyo were fighting like always.

"Kono ero kappa!" Goku yelled.

"What did you say baka saru!?" Gojyo yelled out as Goku gritted his teeth Sanzo had enough he was about to shoot his pistol when Hakkai stopped the jeep.

"Hakkai why did you stop the jeep?" Gojyo asked. Hakkai pointed at something.

"There's someone on the ground." Hakkai replied as the three looked to where Hakkai pointed. They found a figure lying on the ground. The figure had short silvery hair with a short light blue t-shirt with short blue jeans. They got out of the jeep as the 4 walked over to the figure as Hakkai turned the figure around as he did they noticed it was a girl. Gojyo was about to do something when Goku held him back.

"Kono baka saru!!" Gojyo said but Goku held him back.

"Hey are you okay?" Hakkai asked. The female figure's eyes twitched a bit.

"Hmmmm...Ishida-san?" The female figure thought to herself as she slowly opened her eyes. Her vision started to clear as she saw the face her eyes widened.

"I'm glad your alright." Hakkai said with a smile as the figure nodded her head as she sat up. Gojyo looked at her.

"Nee-chan what's your name? I'm Sha Gojyo." Gojyo said with a smile as Goku about to punch him as Gojyo grabbed his hand Sanzo had the same look.

"I'm...Chie." Chie replied.

"What a nice name." Gojyo replied.

"Chie-san I'm Cho Hakkai, This is Genjyou Sanzo, and the one fighting with Gojyo is Son Goku." Hakkai said. Chie already knew who they are she knew everything even Kougaiji, Yaone, Lilin, and Dokukakuji. But she had to look like she didn't.

"Nice to meet you." Chie said with a smile.

"Chie-san can I ask you something?" Hakkai asked. Gojyo and Goku continued to fight when Sanzo yelled at them as he hit them with his huge fan Chie looked at them and then she looked back at Hakkai. Chie nodded her head.

"What is it Hakkai-san?" Chie asked.

"What were you doing laying here?" Hakkai asked. Chie wasn't sure of herself but she needed to make something up.

"I was walking to the town over this path and I guess I fell from heat exhaustion." Chie replied.

"I see. Why don't we take you to the next town?" Hakkai said Chie looked at him and smiled.

"Ummmm that'll be great but I have a favor to ask." Chie said. Sanzo looked at her. Something about her was different from the other people they've met, even so it interested Sanzo a bit; her look was a mix of Youkai and human. The hair was more like a Youkai but no Youkai aura.

"What's the favor?" Sanzo asked. Chie looked over to Sanzo which surprised Chie. Gojyo and Goku still fighting.

"I was wondering if I...Could join you on your journey." Chie replied. Hakkai, Sanzo, Gojyo and Goku looked at her. Chie looked away from them.

"I know it might be dangerous but..." Chie said.

"I guess you could be if you get in the way I'll." Sanzo was stopped when Chie looked over to them.

"I understand I'll try not to get in the way." Chie replied. Sanzo just looked at her Gojyo slowly gave a smile.

"Katte shiro." Sanzo said as Chie had a small smile.

"Hai." Chie replied as Chie got up and dusted herself off. Sanzo then saw a bag as he picked it up as he handed it to Chie.

"I think this is yours." Sanzo said Chie nodded her head.

"Arigato." Chie replied as she took her back from him as they went to the jeep as they sat down and then the 5 went to the next town. Gojyo sat next to Chie as he looked over to her.

"So Chie where are you from?" Gojyo asked Chie gave a weak smile but she knew this was Gojyo.

"I came from a town far east." Chie replied.

"Kono ero kappa stop hitting on Chie!" Goku yelled.

"Shut up baka saru!" Gojyo yelled as the two yelled. Sanzo was about to shoot a bullet into the air.

"Now now you should stop fighting." Chie said with a half smile. Gojyo and Goku looked at Chie.

"Well since you said it I'll stop if baka saru stops." Gojyo said. Goku got angry.

"Stop calling me baka saru you ero kappa!" Goku replied. Chie watched them as she sweat dropped watching them on TV was fun and all but it was a little over board. Sanzo shot a bullet as he yelled at them.

"Shut up before I kill you!" Sanzo said angrily. The two stopped as they went to their corner as Chie gave a sigh as she looked off towards the side.


Chie was in her room she was packing a few things in her bag. She and her parents were going to San Jose to go shopping this was one of Chie's excitements.

"Chie hurry up!" Chie's mom yelled.

"Hai." Chie replied as she zipped the zipper on her bag as she ran down to the garage as her dad backed the car as she and her mom got into the car as Chie's dad closed the garage door as they left. Chie was in the back of the car reading her manga she was also listening to music while she was reading she then heard something as she took the earphones out of her ear.

"Hmm?" Chie said as she looked to her parents but her parents were busy talking and they didn't call her she then heard her name as she looked around.

"Over here!" Male voice said. Chie looked around she then looked to her manga. Goku was looking at her. Chie looked at the page.

"It couldn't be..." Chie said in a low whisper.

"Chie we need you to come with us." Goku said. Chie sweat dropped. She wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not she just looked at the page. Goku's hand came out of the page Chie watched this it didn't bother her or anything she slowly looked at her parents and then to the page. She slowly lifted her right hand as she grabbed Goku's hand as she did everything blacked out.

End of flashback

Chie heard her name being said as she looked to the voice she saw Gojyo putting his head on her lap as Goku yelled at him.

"What are you doing ero kappa!" Goku yelled.

"She's not saying anything so she's cool with it so mind your own bee's wax." Gojyo replied. Goku was about to yank Gojyo off of Chie's lap when Goku was stopped.

"Don't worry Goku. If Gojyo keeps his hands to himself I really don't care." Chie replied with a smile.

"See!" Gojyo said as he gave a grin. Goku crossed his arms and pouted as he looked off towards the side. Sanzo looked at Chie. He had a feeling that she knew more then she looks. Goku put his hands towards his stomach.

"Hara hetta!" Goku said.

"We're almost to the next town so wait till we get there." Hakkai replied. Goku made a face Chie grabbed her bag.

"I know I packed some snacks in here..." Chie thought to herself as she opened it.

"What are you looking for Chie-chan?" Gojyo asked.

"I might have something Goku can eat." Chie replied. Goku hand a happy expression as he looked at her.

"Really?" Goku asked.

"I might hold on." Chie replied as Chie looked continued to look into her bag as she fished out some chips.

"I'm sorry but this is the only thing I have." Chie said as she handed the bag of chips to Goku.

"Arigato!" Goku said with a grin as he took the bag and opened it as he started eating it.

"What else do you have in that bag?" Gojyo asked.

"Not much a few books and other stuff." Chie replied as she closed her bag.

"Gojyo would fall for any beautiful or cute girls, Sanzo probably no one, Hakkai Kanan but now Yaone, and Goku maybe no one. Why would they even care for me anyways?" Chie thought to herself as she looked towards the side. Gojyo fell asleep Goku finished eating the chips as he started to complain he wanted more while Sanzo yelled at him.

"How I'm I going to fight? I mean I don't have any weapons on hand even if I want to buy one I don't have the money." Chie thought to herself. Hakkai stopped the jeep again as Youkai stood in front of them.

"Not this again." Sanzo said. Chie woke Gojyo up as he wanted to stay but then he wanted to show Chie how strong he is as he quickly got up. The 4 attacked the Youkai group as Chie watched the fight Chie tried to focus her Ki as she did she was able to make it but she still didn't have enough control. What Chie didn't know was a few Youkai were coming up behind her as one grabbed her arm. Chie narrowed her eyes.

"Get your hands off of me!!" Chie yelled as she threw the Youkai over her as he let her go another Youkai grabbed her as he held both of her arms. Another one was about to stab her.

"Your target is this guy!" Chie yelled as she twister her body as the Youkai who was holding her got stabbed and fell to the ground Chie then kicked with her right as the Yokai flew. The Youkai who Chie threw came at her again but before it could reach her Sanzo's bullet killed it as it fell to the ground. Chie looked behind her as she looked over to Sanzo.

"Thanks." Chie said with a smile. Sanzo didn't reply. Chie watched the fight as they finished the last bunch as the 4 came back to the car.

"Otsukaresama." Chie said with a smile.

"Hara hetta." Goku said as Chie gave a small laugh.

"Arigato Chie-chan." Gojyo said with a smile as he sat down and put his head on her lap. Sanzo and Hakkai nodded their heads. Chie then looked towards the side as she put her earphones in her ear and started listening to music while Goku complained.

"Sanzo what do you think about Chie-san?" Hakkai asked.

"She was too calm." Sanzo replied.

"Well her reactions to the Youkai did seem odd." Hakkai replied. Chie heard every word but pretended she couldn't hear. She knew she was calm but she also knew things like them exist and also knew exactly the cause of things. Gojyo looked up at Chie he noticed her expression.

"Oi baka saru be quiet for a while!" Gojyo yelled.

"Why should I!!" Goku yelled.

"Just shut up!" Gojyo yelled.

"Goku when we reach the down I'll buy you something to eat if you stay quiet." Chie said. Goku's face lit up.

"Okay!" Goku said as he stayed quiet. Chie looked off towards the side.

"I wonder if my parents noticed that I'm gone." Chie thought to herself. Chie slowly closed her eyes as she fell asleep.


Chie slowly opened her eyes as she looked around she was in the car as they gotten closer to San Jose and to the place Chie couldn't wait to go.

"I guess it was only a dream." Chie thought to herself. Chie's mom looked behind and looked at Chie.

"Chie when we get to Mitsuya make sure you don't buy too much stuff." Chie's mom said.

"Hai." Chie replied.

"Before I forget could you get my book order Chie I'll give you the money to pay for it." Chie's dad said.

"Hai." Chie said with a smile. Kinokuniya was one of her most favorite store. They finally reach the store as Chie's dad parked as they got out. Chie's dad gave Chie the money as she went to Kinokuniya her parents went to Mitsuya.

"Yes!" Chie said as she went into the store she first got her dad's order as she then went off looking for manga books.

"Let see I needed Naruto volume forty and Saiyuki Reload volume ten..." Chie thought to herself as she looked through the shelves, as she did she suddenly heard voices.

"Hmm?" Chie said as she looked around.

End of dream

Chie slowly opened her eyes as she saw Gojyo and Goku looking at her. Chie couldn't tell if this was a dream or real.

"Yes?" Chie said.

"We're about to reach the town." Goku replied Chie blinked a bit.

"Oh." Chie replied Goku smiled.

"Remember you promised you'll buy something for me to eat." Goku said. Gojyo looked at him.

"She's not stupid kono baka saru." Gojyo said. Goku was about to say something back when Chie stopped him.

"Okay that's enough. If you keep this up Sanzo might really kill you." Chie said as the two looked at her as they sat down. Chie looked towards the town as they got closer and closer Chie took her earphones out of her ears as she put them way. Chie need to be able to control more of her Ki so she could fight a bit more. The 5 found an inn to stay in as Hakkai reserved 3 rooms Chie and Goku went off as the 3 did what they needed to do.

"Goku remember I don't have that much money so I can only get you three meat buns and that's it." Chie said.

"What!" Goku said.

"Besides we're going to eat anyways right?" Chie asked. Goku nodded his head.

"Yeah." Goku replied.

"Then you need to keep your stomach empty." Chie replied.

"I see now." Goku said with a smile as the two went to get meat buns.

"Can I have three meat buns?" Chie asked.

"Sure." The seller said as Chie paid for the food as the seller gave Chie the meat buns as she handed them to Goku who ate all 3 of them without sharing. Chie didn't mind it at all. Chie put her hands behind her back.

"Well you got your meat buns let's go back to the inn." Chie said. Goku's expression saddened a bit. He wanted to eat more but Chie didn't have the Gold credit card so he couldn't complain.

"Hai." Goku replied sadly. Chie looked at him a bit.

"Goku..." Chie thought to herself.

"Come on let's go then." Chie said as Goku nodded his head as the two walked back to the inn. Gojyo and Hakkai were around the market area as they bought supplies for the journey Sanzo was in the room drinking tea and reading the newspaper.

"Now I'll be the target myself...If I could only tell them about what's going on but if I said anything then..." Chie thought to herself what Goku and Chie didn't know was they were being followed by one of Gyokumen Koushu's demon was watching and tracking them. Chie's eyes narrowed a bit.

"Hmmmm I don't like this feeling at all. There's something here a ghost? But why didn't I sense it until now?" Chie thought as she looked around a bit. Chie could remember when she was small she could hear voices and sense something. You could say she had a weak six sense. In other words she was like one of Kurosaki Ichigo's little sister Yuzu from Bleach. Goku looked at Chie the expression on her face scared him a bit.

"Chie..." Goku said. Chie's expression changed as she looked over to Goku.

"Nani Goku?" Chie asked. Goku never seen anyone change their expression so fast.

"It's nothing." Goku said Chie looked at him for a moment and wonder what he was thinking.

"Okay." Chie replied as the two quickly made their way to the inn.

"Hmmm seems they added a new member to their group. But I can't tell if they are a Yokai or human, but Gyokumen Koushu-sama would probably like this news." Yokai thought to himself as he left. Once the two reach the inn.

"Goku why don't you go to your room." Chie said.

"What about you?" Goku asked. Chie put a hand to her hip.

"Me I'm going to go to my room and take a shower." Chie replied.

"Oh..." Goku said. Chie lifted a brow.

"What kind of answer is that?" Chie asked. Goku gave a sweat drop.

"Nothing." Goku said as he ran off. Chie gave a laugh as she went to her room. She then went into the bath room and looked into the mirror.

"Huh?" Chie said. She saw that her hair was silvery. Chie ran her hand through her hair.

"No wonder why some of the town's people looked at me strangely." Chie said in a low voice. Chie's normal hair color is black but somehow it changed. She then took off her close as she went into the shower. Hakkai and Gojyo came back as they went into Sanzo's room.

"Where's Chie-chan?" Gojyo asked. He noticed Chie wasn't there. Hakkai put the bags on the table. Gojyo also put the bag on the table.

"Goku weren't you and Chie together?" Hakkai asked. Goku nodded his head.

"She's in her room." Goku replied.

"Her room. I'll go get her." Gojyo said.

"Don't bother." Sanzo replied as he looked up from his newspaper.

"Why not?" Gojyo asked angrily. Hakkai looked at Gojyo and then to Sanzo.

"Gojyo I think you should listen to Sanzo." Hakkai replied.

"Hakkai!" Gojyo said. Sanzo looked back at his newspaper as he continued to read as he lit his cigarette. Chie turned off the water as she dried herself.

"Ahhhhhhh that feels much better. Man it's sure muggy here." Chie said as she put some lotion on as she put a towel around her neck.

"Hakkai and Gojyo should be back by now." Chie said as she gave a sigh she changed her clothes as she dried up her hair and went to Sanzo's room. Chie could hear voices already as she gave a sigh. She went up to the door and knocked on it. The door opened.

"Ahhh Chie-san come on in." Hakkai said with a smile. Chie nodded her head. Hakkai moved towards the left as he let her in. Gojyo looked towards Chie.

"Chie-chan!" Gojyo said as he ran up to her.

"Gojyo-san you seem happy." Chie replied. Before Gojyo could reply.

"Okay enough of small chat." Hakkai said Gojyo made a face as he walked towards the table and sat down. Goku and Hakkai also sat down while Chie stood next to the door and leaned against it. Chie looked out the window.

"Chie-chan! Why don't you sit on my lap." Gojyo said with a smile Chie looked at him and smiled.

"I'm fine Gojyo-san I rather stand." Chie replied. Gojyo had a sad look.

"Ne Sanzo since everyone's here why don't we get something to eat I'm starving." Goku said.

"Didn't you eat already..." Sanzo replied angrily.

"Yeah but it wasn't enough." Goku replied. Chie pushed herself off the wall and bowed.

"I'm sorry Sanzo-sama I..." Chie was stopped.

"You don't have to apologize. He's always like that." Sanzo replied as he closed his newspaper and put it on the table and looked at Chie. Chie of course knew this. Chie nodded her head.

"I see." Chie replied.

"Before he says anything else we should get something to eat." Gojyo said.

"What do you mean by that!!" Goku yelled.

"Now now stop fighting before Sanzo gets mad." Hakkai said.

"Anyways let's eat before Goku says anything else." Sanzo said. They walked to the restaurant Chie followed them from behind as Gojyo walked with her.

"Chie-chan you don't have to give Goku anything to eat. I mean you'll waist all your money just on his food." Gojyo said. Chie gave a small laugh.

"I know but I kind of feel sorry." Chie replied.

"You have such a bit heart." Gojyo said. Chie gave a smile her thought ran wild. She slowly forgot about a few episodes and event that happen but she really didn't understand why.

"Thanks." Chie replied. Chie looked at Goku.

"...I bet Goku's going to be angrily with me. Since I'm hiding my secrets from him." Chie thought to herself.

In Tenkai

Kanzeon Bosatsu was sitting in her chair as she watched the development with Sanzo's party.

"Kanzeon Bosatsu-sama that girl are you going to let her stay?" Jiroushin asked.

"Why should I send her away? Besides Goku's the one who called her." Kanzeon Bosatsu replied.

"True but..." Jiroushin said.

"I believe she'll tell them when she feels ready. Besides things seem interesting. To them she's full of mystery and to Goku she's perfect sisterly figure." Kanzeon Bosatsu replied.

"..." Jiroushin replied.

"She knows about me anyways." Kanzeon Bosatsu said.

"What do you mean by that?" Jiroushin asked.

"Where she comes from her religion is almost the same as the words written on the Kyoumon. They only thing that's different is what's written in the Kyoumon." Kanzeon Bosatsu replied.

"I see but how did you figure that out?" Jiroushin asked.

"I'll tell you when I feel like it." Kanzeon Bosatsu replied. Jiroushin sweat dropped at he looked at her.

To Where Sanzo's party is

They found a restaurant to eat. Gojyo and Goku were fighting like always. Chie couldn't stop but have a smile on her face Sanzo getting mad as Hakkai tried to calm him down.

"Okay you two stop it already. Here you can have my piece." Chie said as she put on Gojyo and Goku's place a piece of chicken and egg roll as they ate it.

"Chie you don't have to give up your food for these stupid creatures." Sanzo said. Gojyo and Goku were about to yell at Sanzo when Chie stopped them.

"I know I don't have to but I can't stand seeing someone fighting over food." Chie replied Gojyo and Goku gave a grin for some reason.

"Anyways we should go back to the inn." Sanzo said as they nodded their head. They got up and Sanzo paid for the food with the Gold credit card as they headed to the inn.

"Chie-chan I'll sleep in your room tonight." Gojyo said with a smile.

"Thank you Gojyo-san but I think I'll be fine." Chie said. Goku gave a small giggle Gojyo was about to hit him.

"Gojyo-san Goku didn't say anything." Chie said even though she knew he giggled.

"What but...Okay...You get the hook off this time baka saru." Gojyo said Goku made a face. They reached the inn as they went into their room.

"Let see if I can control my Ki again." Chie said in a low whisper as she focus her Ki as she molded it but it didn't take shape as it disappeared.

"...One more time." Chie said as she tried it once again. This time she was able to make the shape but she couldn't keep the shape.

"Kuso!" Chie said under her breath. She tried it once more. The Ki took shape as it turned into a boomerang she tried to throw it but it disappeared.

"Great...I guess I still need more practice." Chie said with a sigh she turned off the light and went into bed. She closed her eyes.

To Be Continued

Preview of the next chapter.

Chie was fast asleep as a dream assaulted her.


Chie opened her eyes and looked around she was in a car outside was dark she heard.

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