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Chapter 36:

The others finished washing up and were at the table. Chie had tried to fight back her yawns. She didn't want them to worry about her, but no matter how much she tried to hide it her face couldn't hold it back.

"Chie are you okay? You look tired." Goku said. Chie looked over to Goku.

"You know saru's right you look tired." Gojyo said. Goku looked at Gojyo angrily.

"Don't call me saru!" Goku said angrily. Chie got in the middle of the two.

"Stop or Sanzo-sama will be mad plus the foods going to be cold." Chie said the two looked at Chie. They knew she was right; Chie looked at Sanzo she could see that he was about ready to shoot at the two. They finally put their hands together and started eating. Chie tried to hold back her yawns again and tried to eat but for some reason she didn't have an appetite. Hakkai looked at Chie.

"Chie-san are you alright? You don't seem to be yourself." Hakkai said in a worried tone of voice. Chie slowly looking at Hakkai.

"I'm fine...A little tried nothing to worry." Chie replied. Hakkai continued to look at her. To him it didn't seem like she was a little tired, more like she didn't sleep at all.

"You had a rough night?" Hakkai asked Chie hesitated a bit. She did have a rough night yet she didn't want to say she did.

"...Well...I was thinking about things that happened so far and that sort of kept me mind busy." Chie replied. Hakkai some how felt she was lying but he also felt that some point she would tell the truth.

"I see. Lot of things had happened." Hakkai said. Chie nodded her head. She knew that was true. So much has happened. She's almost lost her life; she also lost her memories and was completely different person. But in the end she was saved by them. If it weren't for them she wouldn't be here.

"Hai a lot has happened in such a short amount of time. I some times can't believe how much happened." Chie replied. Hakkai could relate to her. So much has happened in their journey west.

"Let's eat we need to keep out strength up." Hakkai said. Chie nodded her head. Chie tried very hard to eat. She needed to put food in her stomach and to keep her strength up. Once they were done they washed the dishes and dried them. Goku, Gojyo, and Yoku were putting the tent down. Chie and Hakkai were putting away things into the jeep.

"..." Chie tried to ignore the voice which continued to call her name. Because of this voice she couldn't sleep. Once they were done they got into the jeep. Hakkai was at the wheel. They drove for a while until they ran into trouble.

"Chie stay in the jeep with Yoku!" Sanzo said as he got out of the jeep.

"But..." Chie was stopped.

"Chie-san we can't leave Yoku unprotected." Hakkai said. Chie knew that but she didn't want to just sit there and do nothing. But she also knew that the lack of sleep would also affect her actions.

"...Okay..." Chie replied. Hakkai smiled and nodded his head. Chie looked at Yoku who was shacking. Chie brought him closer to her.

"It's alright Yoku. You don't have to be scared I'm here." Chie said. Just then images flashed before her eyes. She hadn't noticed the Youkai that came behind her. The Youkai grabbed Chie. Before she knew it, she was dragged out of the jeep.

"LET ME GO!" Chie yelled angrily trying to get out of the Youkai's grip but then it put a knife to her throat. Chie stopped struggling. She narrowed her eyes.

"Sorry but you're..." Before he could finish a bullet had passed through them as the Youkai fell. Chie had noticed that the arms around her were gone. She looked to her left, she saw Sanzo as he lowered his gun. He could see she was pretty distracted.

"...Be careful..." Sanzo said. Chie nodded her head. Just then another image flashed before her eyes.

"..." She said as she stood there. Her eyes finally fixed themselves the body of a dead Youkai.

"Hazel..." Chie said not sure why she was seeing these images. Chie quickly went to Yoku. It wasn't long till the army of Youkai's were brought down. Yoku was still shaking still holding on to Chie.

"..." Chie said. She couldn't help but to think of the images she saw. It didn't seem right for her to see anything at this moment.

"Chie." Sanzo said Chie slightly tensed. She felt she knew why he had a slight angry tone in his voice. She had no excuse for letting herself get distracted.

"...I'm sorry...I know I should have had my guard up." Chie said. Sanzo had made sure the others weren't looking. He wrapped his arms around her.

"Chie...Do you know how much it'll hurt us to see you get hurt in any way. You don't need any more scars on you." Sanzo said. Chie knew that she'd been injured so many times. The scars from them cut deep onto her skin. Her life had almost been diminished. The worst of these were the scars that couldn't be healed in any way.

"...I'm..." Chie wasn't sure how to reply to him. He said was from the heart and she knew how much Sanzo keeps to himself. He put his head on her shoulder.

"Just...Promise you'd be careful." Sanzo said. Chie slowly brought her hand and placed them on Sanzo's arm.

"I promise." Chie replied. Sanzo slowly nodded his head as he slightly pulled away. The other's had came.

"Chie!" Goku yelled out Chie looked in his direction smiling trying to tell him that she's alright. Yoku was still shacking but not as much as before.

"I'm alright don't worry." Chie replied. Gojyo looked at her.

"You sure?" Gojyo asked. Chie nodded her head.

"Yes." Chie replied.

"We should get going." Hakkai said. They nodded their heads as they got into the jeep. After driving for a while Yoku finally calmed down. They got closer to the village and Chie couldn't ignore the voice that was calling out her name. She couldn't believe the voice that was calling her was her own voice.

"Chie?" Goku said Chie didn't hear him at first until he was a few inches away from her face.

"Chie!" Goku said. Chie gave a few blinks before she could say anything Goku was pulled away by Gojyo.

"Kora baka saru!" Gojyo yelled as the two got into an argument. Chie tried to stop them.

"Stop it you two." Chie said the two looked at her.

"Look I'm sorry I had something on my mind...I'm fine so don't fight alright?" Chie said the two continued to look at her and they finally stopped. Chie was relieved that they stopped fighting. Chie then thought about the voice then she figured that her other self must be near by.

"!" Chie said when she saw the village. Chie couldn't wait for some reason as the jeep slowed Chie got out of the jeep.

"Chie!" Goku yelled out.

"Chie-san?" Hakkai said as he stopped the jeep.

"Chie-chan!" Gojyo said as he went after her. The others quickly got out as Hakuryu turned back to his old self. Chie was running down the streets the voice of her other self became louder.

"!" Chie said when she turned the corner. In front of her was her other self. The other Chie stopped in what she was doing and looked up. The two eyes met.

"?" The other Chie said as she continued to look at the other Chie. The two slowly walked to each other trying to find out if the other was real or not. Soon as they touched each others hand a bright light flashed between them. Chie quickly covered her eyes.

"Chie is everything alright?" A voice said. Chie gave a few blinks as she looked around the light and the other Chie was gone. She wasn't sure what happened.

"Chie?" The old woman said. Chie quickly shook every thought out.

"I'm fine." Chie replied. Chie had forgotten about Sanzo and the other when Gojyo appeared in front of her.

"Chie-chan!" Gojyo said as he came up to her.

"Gojyo-san..." Chie said. Everything came back to her. She remembered everything being with Sanzo ikkou and her other self being here; she couldn't believe she's forgotten it.

"Chie-chan we've been looking all over for you." Gojyo said. Chie looked towards the side.

"I'm sorry...Gojyo-san..." Chie said as Gojyo gave a few blinks.

"Nani?" Gojyo asked.

"I want you to go back to the others. And tell them when they see me with the old couple to say they came to see me. I'll explain everything...Later..." Chie said. Gojyo looked at her for a while. He then nodded his head slowly.

"Alright." Gojyo replied. Chie looked at him and gave a small smile.

"Arigatou Gojyo-san." Chie said.

"I'll see you later then." Gojyo said. Chie nodded her head as Gojyo left. Chie watched him leave.

"Chie!" The old man said. Chie quickly turned around.

"I'll be right over." Chie called out as she looked over towards where Gojyo was and then she quickly went to where the old man and the other woman were. Gojyo met up with the others and explained to them what Chie had told them. They didn't understand why she didn't tell them in the first place but they'd get an answer from her soon. They nodded their heads and followed Gojyo to where Chie was. Chie was working hard when a figure appeared.

"So I hope the order I asked is done." The figure said. Chie looked at him.

"Yes it's done. Too bad you won't have a new servant." Chie replied.

"Oh don't worry about that. I'll get one, one way or another." The figure said. Chie slightly narrowed her eyes at him but she turned around and went to get the figures order. The old man also helped Chie in brining out the order. They came back with the figures order.

"Here's your order." Chie said. The figure looked at Chie and then the order.

"Looks like you did finish the order. I'll come back to order again." The figure said as he took the orders and left.

"..." Chie said as she watched the figure leave. She hoped that if the figure came back he wouldn't make an order that the old couple couldn't make. She slightly looked back at the old couple.

"...I'm sorry...But it seems like today's my last day being with you...I hope you can forgive me..." Chie thought to herself.

"Chie something wrong?" The old woman asked. Chie quickly looked at the old woman and shook her head.

"No nothings wrong." Chie replied quickly. Chie then helped out again. Just then Sanzo and the others came. The old man was in the back Chie and the old woman were in the front area. Goku saw Chie he wanted to ask her why she left them but remembered what Gojyo said and tried to hold back his question.

"Chie..." Sanzo said. Chie looked up at him. The old woman looked at Chie.

"You know him?" The old woman asked. Chie nodded her head.

"Yes he's..." Chie was stopped by Hakkai.

"We're her friends. We've been looking for her for some time now." Hakkai said. The old woman looked at him.

"Really?" The old woman asked. Hakkai nodded his head.

"Hai. We're glad that she's alright thanks to you." Hakkai replied. The old woman slightly blushed and shook her head.

"No we only did what was right. Plus Chie's been very helpful." The old woman said. The old man came to the front and saw the crowed. The old woman told the old man about the four were Chie's friend the old man's expression came sad.

"I see...I guess this will be good bye then..." The old man said Goku then pushed Yoku in front of him.

"Maybe you could take care of Yoku here. He lost his home and family..." Goku said as the two old couple looked at Yoku.

"We'll be glad to take care of him." The old woman said. Goku looked at Yoku and smiled as he smiled back. Hakkai had asked Sanzo about where they would be staying for the night when the old couple told them they could stay the night with them. At first they said it would be rude of them but the old couple insisted. So they gave in and said okay. Chie, Hakkai, and Sanzo went to get supplies in town while Goku, Gojyo, and Yoku helped the old couple.

"I'm sorry for running off like that..." Chie said after a while walking in the market.

"We were worried." Hakkai said looking at her.

"...I know and I'm sorry but there was a reason why..." Chie replied. The two knew that she wanted to tell them the reason but didn't because she wanted the other two to know so they didn't push her in telling them. They continued to walk around the market as they bought items they needed.

"Did we get everything?" Chie asked.

"We need one more item and we have everything." Hakkai replied. Chie nodded her head.

"Alright." Chie replied. They went to the nearest shop and got some items there. Sanzo was looking at the next shop.

"Do you think we could get some of these for the old couple?" Sanzo asked. Chie looked over to what Sanzo was looking at. He was looking at some bags of rice. Chie remembered it was hard for them to get food and she was usually the one to get it.

"I think it's a great idea." Chie said. Once they paid the figure they went to the shop next door and grabbed at least two bags of rice and paid for them. They continued to walk around and got some more items before they made their way back to where the old couple lives.

"We're back." Hakkai said as the other came to greet them.

"Welcome back!" Goku said. Chie and Hakkai started putting the items away as Sanzo explained to them that the rice bag was for them in a way to say thanks for taking care of Chie and letting them staying for the night also taking in Yoku. Chie and Hakkai started making dinner once the sun fell. Yoku, Goku, and Gojyo were setting the table.

"What did you say saru!" Gojyo yelled.

"You know what I said kono gokuburi! And don't call me saru!" Goku yelled. Yoku tried to stop them. The old couple looked at the two with wide eyes. Sanzo was losing his patient with the two. Chie was about to say something.

"Ite..." Chie said as she put her finger into her mouth. She'd cut herself with the knife.

"Chie-san are you okay?" Hakkai asked. The two heard this and looked in their direction. Chie nodded her head.

"I'm fine...I guess I was a little distracted." Chie replied. Hakkai took Chie's hand and treated it. Gojyo and Goku looked at each other and tried to not fight but of course that's hard for the two. Once the food was done and on the table they all sat down.

"The food looks great!" Goku said Gojyo hit Goku over the head.

"Ite!" Goku yelled.

"Is that all you can think of!" Gojyo said.

"You don't have to hit me!" Goku yelled out.

"You two please..." Chie said getting in the middle. The two looked at her and then they looked at the old couple.

"...Sorry..." The two said. They were able to finish dinner. Yoku, Goku, and Gojyo started cleaning up the table as Hakkai and Chie washed the dishes. Sanzo went outside to smoke. The old couple watched them. They noticed the look on Chie's face was a lot brighter then before. They could tell that the five or more to say the four were very special to her and it could also be said to the four. Chie is special to them.

"I've never seen Chie this happy before." The old woman said as she looked over to the old man, who looked at her and nodded his head.

"I know. They remind me of us when we were that age." The old man said. The old woman looked at the old man and then back to Chie and the others. She remembered how happy she was to be with her special person. For Chie it was the same situation. But for her there were four of them. Once everything settled down they got ready for bed.

"Oyasumi!" Goku said to the old couple as they smiled.

"Oyasumi have a pleasant dream." They said. Once the old couple had entered the room Chie had started explaining to them about the voice and how it was her own voice that was calling out for her, and when they were looking for her she had found her other self and in the end it seemed that they became whole again. They were glad that she was about to find her other self. They all settled into bed once they finished talking. Chie was lying in bed when the images of Hazel and Gato flashed through her mind. Chie opened her eyes.

"..." Chie said. She couldn't figure out why the images of the two played through her mind. Chie tried to close her eyes again. Chie then shifted in the bed and then fell asleep.


Chie shifted in her sleep. She was woken up by someone shaking her.

"Hmmmm..." Chie said as she shifted, then she slowly opened her eyes. She saw Yoku looking at her.

"?" Chie said, she then looked towards the window and saw how bright outside was. She then figured out that it was late in the morning.

"..." Chie said as she looked over to Yoku.

"Thank you for waking me up Yoku...I'll be over." Chie said. Yoku nodded his head and left. Chie sat up and looked at the window again.

"I can't believe I slept in..." Chie thought to herself. Yet she then figured that the reason was when she didn't get any sleep. Chie got out of bed and quickly changed her clothes and washed up. Making her way towards the kitchen she could hear voices. Just then Sanzo's yelling could be heard.

"Gojyo-san...Goku..." Chie thought to herself as she slightly shook her head. She slowly made her way into the room.

"Chie-san ohayou." Hakkai said with a smile. Chie looked at him.

"Ohayou Hakkai-san. Gomen..." Chie said. Hakkai shook his head.

"Don't be. You needed the extra sleep." Hakkai replied.

"Chie ohayou!" Goku said making his way over towards her.

"Ohayou Goku." Chie said with a smile. Chie greeted everyone. They sat around the table and put their hands together and started eating. Chie looked at the old couple.

"..." Chie thought to herself. Her gaze moved from the old couple to Yoku. She was glad that he now has a home. But some how she felt sad, she had lived with the old couple for a while now. She grew attached to the old couple. They finished eating. The four started packing their things Yoku was in Chie's room watching her pack.

"Let see..." Chie said as she looked through her things once more. Yoku slowly got up and picked up an item and took it to Chie. Chie gave a few blinks.

"Yoku..." Chie said taking the item. It was the necklace and ring the others had given her. Chie looked at him and smiled.

"Arigatou Yoku." Chie said. Then Yoku handed her something else. It was a small wooden carving. Chie blinked a few times.

"Did you make this for me?" Chie asked. Yoku slowly nodded his head. He'd been working on it on his free time and when Chie wasn't looking. Chie smiled again.

"Arigatou Yoku. I'll treasure it forever." Chie replied. Yoku smiled, just then Sanzo was at the door.

"Are you ready?" Sanzo asked. Chie quickly looked up at him.

"Almost I'll be right over." Chie replied. Sanzo nodded his head. Chie put the gift carefully into her bag. She put the necklace on the two then walked out of the room. They were in front of the house.

"Chie be careful." The old woman said tearfully. Chie nodded her head and hugged her.

"I will and thank you for everything." Chie said.

"We'll miss you." The old man said. Chie looked at him.

"I'll miss you too. Please take care of yourselves." Chie said the two nodded their heads.

"Yoku make sure you help them and behave." Chie said as she put a hand on his head.

"I...I...Will..." Yoku said in a slight weak voice. Chie was surprised.

"Yoku!" Chie said.

"Yoku you got your voice back!" Goku said happily. Yoku was surprised too but he was glad to get his voice back.

"H...Hai..." Yoku said. They were really glad that Yoku got his voice back. They finally said their final goodbyes. The four made their way west. It wasn't long till they got to the edge of the town when they saw two figures.

"!" Chie said when she saw the figures.

"Hmmm." The smaller figure said when they saw them.

"Well you folks seem new." The smaller figure said.

"We're on our way out of this village." Sanzo said.

"Really so are we, sorry for my rudeness let me introduce ourselves I'm Hazel Grouse and my body Gato." Hazel replied.

"..." Chie said to herself. She didn't expect to see them.

"I'm...Sanzo...This is Gojyo, Goku, Hakkai, and..." Sanzo was cut off.

"Chie nice to meet you..." Chie said. Hazel had explained to them that they were heading west so Sanzo let the two join them since they were heading in the same direction anyways. Chie wasn't really happy to be with them. The seven were heading west. They had been driving for a while they were taking a break near a river.

"I need to keep a watchful eye on them..." Chie thought to herself as she came near the river. She remembered that Hazel's power of transferring a dead Youkai's soul into a dead person and bringing that person back to life and that person attacking any Youkai even if they have a youryoku seigyo souchi on them. Chie was washing some of the dishes, before she knew it something had pulled her into the water.

"Chie!" Goku yelled. When he heard a splash, Goku and the others quickly ran towards the river. Chie was trying hard to get out of the grip of whatever had grabbed her and make her way to the surface. But it was no use; she was dragged deeper into the water as everything went black.

Hours Later

Chie had shifted a bit, slowly opened her eyes she wasn't sure were she was. Looking around she saw a couple of machines hooked up to her.

"..." Chie said as she continued to look around the room. She tried to register everything. There was a knock at the door. Chie looked at the door. The door slowly opened and then a nurse came in.

"I see you're awake." The nurse said as she walked to Chie's side. Chie looked at her, she wasn't sure what happened. The last thing she remembered was being pulled down in the river. The nurse started checking her. She noticed that everything was modern.

"...I'm back home!" Chie thought to herself.

"Do you remember anything that happened to you?" The nurse asked. Chie looked at the nurse. The nurse looked at her.

"..." Chie slowly shook her head. She couldn't tell her the truth. She would think something was wrong with her.

"I see." The nurse replied.

"...Could you tell me what happened?" Chie asked. The nurse looked at her.

"A young fisherman was out fishing noticed something in the water. When they went to see what the thing was he found was you. He quickly brought you here." The nurse replied.

"I see..." Chie said. Chie tried to piece everything and then figured out that she was brought back to her home. She wondered if the others memories were gone. But then she thought maybe she was seeing a very long dream.

A Week Later

Chie was well enough to go home. Chie had wondered where her bag was but then she remembered that it was in the jeep. The nurse who had been checking Chie had handed her the necklace she had been wearing she was surprised it existed.

"I hope the others are okay..." Chie thought to herself.

Five Years Later

Five years has past since Chie returned home. She told herself that she had a long long dream. But the scars on her were still there but the tattoo she had was no where to be found. She kept telling herself that the scars were from when she was little thought she knew the truth. Chie was cleaning the house.

"Let see..." Chie said under her breath as she looked around the room as to make sure she didn't miss anywhere. Before she could continue there was a knock at the door.

"! I wonder who it is?" Chie said to herself. She knew they weren't expecting any company that day. Chie slowly walked over towards the door. Slowly opening the door her mouth slightly fell her eyes wide at the person standing there.

"It's been a long time." The figure said. Chie hesitantly brought her hand up and touched the figure's cheek.

"He's really here!" Chie said to herself. Tears slightly fell as she hugged him.

"Hakkai-san!" Chie said as she buried her face into his chest. Hakkai hugged her back.

"We missed you so much..." Hakkai whispered. Chie wasn't sure what to say so many emotions flooded in her. Chie looked up at him.

"...Are..." Before she finished Hakkai had nodded his head.

"They're here too." Hakkai said. Chie smiled, Hakkai slowly let go of the hug, taking her hand he lead her to where the other were. When they reached them she was greeted warmly. Sanzo had something in his hands.

"!" Chie said when she saw the item. It was her bag.

"You...Kept it?" Chie asked.

"Yes...We couldn't throw it way." Sanzo replied. She couldn't believe it, but the more she thought about the situation the more questions popped into her mind.

"But..." Chie wasn't sure how to get the question out.

"We'll explain everything." Sanzo said. Chie nodded her head. She led them inside the house. They sat down in the living room. Goku looked around with wide eyes. Sanzo started explaining to Chie after she fell into the river they looked all over for her but couldn't find any trace of her. They all thought she had died. In memory of her they kept her bag. Once their journey was done and they returned home they were told that she was alive.

The four had memories of her. She had figured that it would have disappeared even hers but none of it did. She thought maybe Kanzeon Bosatsu had done something but she wasn't sure.

"I see...I don't really know what happened that day...I've told myself all these years that...Everything was just one long long dream..." Chie said sadly as her eyes went down.

"We can't blame you for saying that Chie-san." Hakkai said. Chie slowly raised her eyes.

"That's right Chie-chan. In this world we're fictional people right?" Gojyo said. Chie was surprised he'd remembered that. Chie's gaze fell again and nodded her head.

"Will you be leaving back soon?" Chie asked her heart had fallen in asking. She felt like she knew the answer to that but wanted to be sure.

"We'll be staying here!" Goku said with a wide grin. Chie looked at him.

"! You'll be staying here? But..." Chie wasn't sure if she was hearing right.

"There's a catch to it though." Sanzo added. Chie looked at Sanzo.

"A catch?" Chie said. Sanzo nodded his head.

"We have to go back when we're called for and we have to visit once in a while. There will be days were we won't come back depending on the mission." Sanzo replied.

"That means that you might not come back for week, month, even years?" Chie asked. Sanzo nodded his head.

"Yes that is if you're willing to let us stay here with you knowing we'll be gone for a long time." Sanzo said. Chie looked at them. She wanted to be with them. They were part of her. The five years that they were gone the hole had gotten bigger now that was gone she didn't want that hole to open again.

"...You can live here with me." Chie replied.

"You really mean it?" Goku asked. Chie nodded her head.

"Yey!" Goku said happily. Chie smiled from that day on the four moved in with Chie and her family as they followed the house rules and Chie's mother tried to train Goku to eat less which of course didn't work.

The End

I would like to thank everyone who read this story. I know it's not the best. I mean there are better stories out there then this one. Well I hope you enjoyed it and keep an eye out there might be a sequel who knows XD.