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Summary: What happens when after a normal chaotic day in Nerima after dealing with all the fiancé's and suitors Akane looking for comfort in her mother's room, Akane find's her mother's journal? What happens when Akane finds out that's there more to her mom than she thought there was, and she's inherited so many things from her mother?

Answer: Akane grows up and decides to take her life into her own hands. And have a whole load of fun on the way with her newly acquired friends.

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Oh by the way, I didn't know Akane's mother's name so in this story I've kept her maiden name Asuka Mizuki.

Italics – thoughts/diary entries.

--Italics-- – flashbacks.


Akane Tendo ran home as fast as she could, short dark blue hair whipping against the wind. Chocolate brown eyes that usually shone brightly with warmth were now echoing hurt. Unshed tears glistened in her eyes as the events of the day replayed themselves in her mind.

Why? Why can't I have a normal life? Why can't my day go like a normal teenager's day supposed to go, for once? Why? She thought as she ran.

--"Akane please pass me some milk." Ranma asked sleepily during breakfast trying his hardest to suppress a yawn.

Akane who had just come in flushed and a bit worn out from her morning jog, absentmindedly handed him the milk carton saying, "Here Ranma."

Genma Saotome, father of Ranma Saotome, and his friend Soun Tendo, father of Akane Tendo on seeing this exchange broke out into happy song and dance.

"Look at them, finally accepting their relationship! The schools will be joined at last!" both rejoiced making both the teens look up eyes wide immediately protesting before getting into a heated argument. Which ended up in Ranma saying some nasty things about Akane, and Akane hurt making Ranma kiss the mud next to the koi pond.

Both managed to come to a terse truce and went on their way to school. Akane walking on the pavement by the river, Ranma walking on the fence, both discussing their class projects which had to be turned in that day, when Shampoo – out of nowhere – flung herself on Ranma. Ranma in his haste to avoid the Chinese girl jumped off the fence and ended up accidentally clipping shoulders – rather painfully – with Akane. Shampoo who took this for something else immediately launched an attack on Akane, while the blue haired girl moved as fast as she could to avoid it. Meanwhile Mousse had popped up as well and began fighting Ranma.

By the time Akane and Ranma had reached school, they were tired, exhausted, and irate. It didn't help that Akane's fan club was waiting for them. Then came Kuno. And then when Akane and Ranma finally made it to class they were greeted by Ukyo. Of course as soon as the bell for class rang everything settled down, and the teacher came in and started to collect their projects. It had been only then that Akane had realised that during one of the morning fights her project had been destroyed. Naturally the teacher gave her detention and she failed the assignment.

The rest of the day had proceeded like normal as well. Random suitors coming up to her and asking her out. Avoiding Kuno. Trying not to get killed by Ranma's 'stalkers' Shampoo, Ukyo, and Kodachi during lunch. Avoiding her fan club, and Kuno.

Then came dismissal time. Ukyo immediately latched on to Ranma's arm. Shampoo and Kodachi appeared out of nowhere preparing to duel for who gets Ranma and dragged Akane into it. Mousse, Ryouga, Kuno immediately followed the girls idea with an impromptu face-off against Ranma. Of course Ranma managed to beat the three of them and turned to the girls who were all prepared to draw blood, and hence tried to stop them. This resulted Shampoo, Kodachi, and Ukyo each trying to get Ranma to make his choice and choose one. Finally Akane's name got dragged into it again and as usual Ranma in his usual state of panic insulted the blue haired Tendo.

"Nonsense! Why would I want to marry her? She's not even a woman with her flat breasts, thick thighs, ugly features, and crude manners. Hell she isn't even a proper martial artist!" he had yelled.

She reached her house, fighting the urge to cry, and looked up at it. If she straight in then her father and Mr Saotome would question her and ask why she wasn't with Ranma before going into a lecture at how they should get along. They wouldn't leave her to cry in peace if she ran straight up to her room the moment she entered. They'd follow her up, bang on her door, question her, lecture her, and force Ranma on her. And she'd probably have to deal with Happosai as well.

No she didn't that right now. She needed comforting quiet, a soothing environment, and time to have a good cry and sort her thoughts out. And she wouldn't achieve it if she went straight in. A place where could bother her, or if they knew she was in, would not bother her.

Changing her mind and coming to a decision, she sneaked in through the back, before stealthily making her way to the other discarded dust-filled staircase behind the hidden door in the house. Silently climbing it, to the first floor, she slid the door open, and came out on the corridor of the first level. Still moving as silently as possible she opened a room door and slid in before closing it shut and locking it, before she slid to the floor sighing in relief. Involuntarily the corners of her lips lifted up in a small smile as she remembered her mother Asuka Tendo showing her this secret way to her room when Akane was three, and they played treasure hunts. All those hunts would always conclude in this room, their room. The room her mother and her had stayed in for Akane's first five years of life, as per her mother's family tradition. No one ever came in here now, except the three sisters to clean it every week-end. No one else was allowed into the room.

She looked around the room scanning it, all thoughts of the day forgotten. Three large photo frames hung on the wall, each housing Asuka Tendo, and one Tendo daughter. There were many toys and photographs here and there. All of them featured Asuka smiling with one or the other of the three Tendo sisters when they were below five. Akane's smile brightened when she saw that out of all the three sisters, she alone had taken on all of her mother's facial features. The slightly babyish elfin face, creamy skin, deep chocolate brown eyes, and midnight blue hair. She minutely wondered of Nabiki, or Kasumi ever came here when they needed complete seclusion from the rest of the family when upset. That reminded her of why she was upset and the whole day's memories came crashing back down on her. And she finally let silent sobs claim her.

After about half-an-hour, when she'd had a good cry to let out all her frustration and angst at all the wrongs she'd been subjected to because of one foolish mistake by her father, Akane finally began to calm down. She realised that as much crying felt good, she had to find a way to deal with the situation. She was getting fed up with everything. Being chased by crazed suitors, and jealous stalkers of her forced upon fiancé, dealing with stupid ancient customs and traditions, and ancient magic. She'd had it up to here with it.

Because of these stupid occurrences, she was suffering. Her love life was absolutely screwed up, her martial arts abilities had dwindled, her health was always at risk, her self-esteem, and confidence had jumped into a bottomless pit and kept going deeper by the day, her grades were falling. At the rate everything was going Akane wasn't sure whether she'd even be alive in the next five years. And if by some miracle she did remain alive and make it through this craziness, she nimbly wondered whether she'd be remotely sane, healthy, and successful.

When no solution to the problem seemed forthcoming Akane merely let out a defeated sigh. "What do I do now mom?" she asked reaching out to touch a large frame on the wall of a picture of her mother holding her when she was three. The frame sunk a bit it on touch, and for the first time Akane noticed something different about it. The frame was a bit sunk back into the wall than the other two, and stayed on a bit more rigidly. Curious she tried shifting in and noticed it didn't budge. Then she took a firm grip of the sides and yanked it in front. It moved, so she pulled a bit harder and finally the entire frame came out to reveal a rectangular compartment housing a huge box.

Akane carefully set the frame down and took the box out before setting it down gently beside the frame. It clearly belonged to her mother. Dusting the cover she noticed something printed on the box. The ink had nearly faded out, but was still legible. It read Akane's Inheritance.

Curiosity now doubled, and excitement pulsing throughout her body, she opened it to see an assortment of many strange trinkets and a thick journal. Deciding that the journal would be more useful she sat down to read it. She opened to the first page which was blank. She turned to the next page to see an entry which was dated a few days after her birth. Putting the reading lamp which was seated in a corner of the room, and bringing it above the book, she began to read.

It's been a fortnight now, since I gave birth to my third, even though it was unplanned, and Soun is absolutely delighted since we had another girl. I tell you it scares me at times at how much of a feminist my husband is. I still hadn't forgotten how hard he prayed for the baby to be another healthy girl, when I was pregnant with our newest little angel. Not that I mind. I wanted a girl as well.

She's a perfect girl, as healthy and lively as can be, already wanting to play. Soun of course can't wait till she learns how to walk and talk. I'm sure she'll be the most pampered by Soun of our three, simply because to quote my darling husband, "She look's exactly like you." Akane let out a small smile on hearing this. Trust her father to go hyper and sentimental.

Kasumi and Nabiki too, are fond of my baby tenshi, for the same reason Soun is. It's cute really since Nabiki's barely a year older than her and she's already tried climbing into the baby's cradle, with Kasumi's help. I was so surprised to see both of them tickling and entertaining the little one when I woke up. And they both absolutely refuse to leave her alone at any times. The little one seems to think the same because she's always crying when Kasumi, Nabiki or me are not there. I'm so glad to see my three daughters so close already. It's adorable to watch them play so happily together.

When I see my three girls, and Soun all so happy together, I can't help but thank Kami that I've been so blessed. The arrival of the little one has spread nothing but unbridled joy throughout. Maybe it's because her aura itself radiates strong emotions which I'm definite affect everyone around her. I can tell she'll be a very passionate person, a lot like me. Soun asks why I say this but I guess he can't sense anything else but dormant and battle ki. He can't sense everything else that an aura radiates besides the urge to fight or the lack of it that like I can. I don't hold it against him.

The little one has also taken an affinity for the colour red, my own favourite colour. She lights up whenever she sees it. It's really cute, and symbolically it suits her. For someone who radiates such strong emotions, is bound to like the colour that represents those emotions.

I think I'll name my littlest one Akane. It fits her perfectly. Red – the colour of passion, the colour of deep love.

First my Kasumi – my princess of peace. Then Nabiki – my priestess of wisdom. And now my littlest one Akane – my little tenshi of love.

Kami-sama has truly blessed me.

Akane looked down fondly at the entry, a gentle smile playing on her lips as she was overwhelmed with emotions. She'd understood why her mother used the titles she had for Kasumi and Nabiki, they both fitted them. But her, an Angel of Love? Her mother had thought to highly of her? She felt guilt ridden that she thought so lowly of herself when her mother had obviously great expectations for her. Hugging the journal she whispered a soft thanks to her mother.

She turned to read the next entry and the entry after that, and the one after that. And soon enough Akane was engrossed in reading the journal as the evening wore on. She noted that her mother wrote in at infrequent intervals. Some lasting merely over a span of hours, while entries were written months after it's preceding entry.

She turned another page to an entry dated to when she was just over about one and a half.

Akane had been a bit unwell today, so on Soun's advice (he kept muttering that since Akane seemed a lot like me, maybe the same remedies and other stuff works for both of us) I decided maybe some fresh air might help. I took the girls for a picnic near the forest three stations away. They were all excited. Nabiki had wanted to go pick flowers, so Kasumi volunteered to set up the picnic and take care of Akane.

Nabiki and I were having a really good time, till my senses picked up something coming from our supposed to be picnic spot. I could sense youkai. Akane paused at this sentence and re-read it to make sure she hadn't made a mistake. Her mother wrote that she's sensed demons. That couldn't make sense, could it?

Her mind wandered to Ranma, the Jusenkyo curses, the magic potions Shampoo kept trying to slip Ranma, and Akane sighed. Of course after all those things happening in her life, youkai existing didn't seem so weird. Sighing she continued reading her mother's entry.

The aura wasn't very strong, but I wasn't to sure since it could've been disguised. I picked up Nabiki and began running towards it. I was so scared, since my Kasumi, and my little Akane were left alone. Who knew what could've happened to them? What if the youkai knew that I was and ex-Rekkai Tantei? What if it was some youkai trying to get revenge on me? Had my babies been hurt? All these questions kept running through my head and I urged my legs to take me faster.

I met Kasumi halfway to the picnic spot. She was crying, and Akane wasn't with her. I could literally feel my heart turn heavy. I rushed to Kasumi asking what had happened trying my best to keep my composure. She told me that she'd bee setting up the picnic and she'd turned her back on Akane for only a moment. But when she turned back to check on her, Akane had gone missing. She searched everywhere for Akane barring the forest but couldn't find her.

I gave her Nabiki, and told them to stay there before I ran into the forest screaming for my little one. Suddenly I felt a flare of ki and I ran in the direction it came from. I reached a clearing and to my amazement I see my little tenshi sitting atop a monstrous dead bear youkai playing with a puppy. She must've sensed me because she looked straight at me and smiled waving.

I guess Soun was right after all. Akane is more like me than I thought. She seems to have inherited my vast spirit ki.

Akane read this surprised. She'd killed a demon when she was one and a half?

She continued going through the journal faster than before finding even more instances of where her mother encountered demons with her, but they were minor. Though throughout after the first mention of youkai her mother had started writing about Akane's growing ki. Then finally Akane came across another curious entry dated close to her third birthday.

Akane's ki has just been rising through the roof for these past few months. And it started to show as well. Whenever she feels very strongly about something (which isn't a rare occurrence) her ki flares up. She's destroyed quite a few things already. And it didn't look like it'll get any better.

I was beginning to get scared. I was afraid that if I didn't act soon Akane's life may have been in danger. And I can't risk ki limiters as they further put Akane in danger. So I contacted my old Martial Arts Teacher who taught me how to control my own ki and everything about combat I know for advice. Genkai-sama told me that I should put Akane in Spirit Shackles saying that it'll act as a perfect ki limiter since it compresses the ki. She explained the method to me, and it seemed easy enough. And she said that the Spirit Shackles would increase ki compression to match up with Akane's increasing ki as she grew. The only drawback was that Akane would have trouble using her limbs since the Shackles bound the limbs together and one had to perpetually keep their ki at a constant point in order to do so. But right now it was a risk I had to take.

When faced with the choice between my child's life and hampering her ability to move, I'd take the latter.

So I created the Spirit Shackles and bound Akane's limbs with them. She immediately started squirming and crying, since she couldn't move her limbs since they were now bound together. Looking at her torture I almost took the Shackles off, but I stopped when I noticed she was looking at her limbs for a moment, her face scrunched up. Then she broke out into a smile and pulled all her limbs apart and began running around in the room giggling. It seemed that Genkai was right when she said that Akane would after a while instinctively figure out how to overcome the Spirit Shackles.

And the best part about this now, is that her ki isn't going haywire and she's been enjoying herself.

Akane is nearing four years now. And she's been growing so well. In another year I'll be stopping this journal, and leave it, for her one day to read. She's turned out to be quite different from what Soun expected though. She's a little tomboy, always playing sports, and with the boys. Not liking anything feminine. I find it cute. Soun however doesn't He keeps grumbling about if Akane stayed that way, that no boy might marry her someday. I immediately got angry at him. How dare he say that my little tenshi won't be good enough? Any man who rejects my tenshi is no loss. In fact he is the one who will be losing out on such a wonderful person! Although I'm sure that Soun is a vigilant feminist, there are few time when I wonder if he does possess an equally chauvinistic side.

I don't mind that my daughter doesn't like playing dress-up and instead prefers wearing shorts and shirts. I don't mind that she likes sports instead of dolls. If that makes my littlest one happy I don't care! Soun can cry all he wants, I don't want Akane changing anything about herself, just because the world feels she should. Again Akane couldn't resist smiling.

Though one thing both Soun and I are excited about is that Akane is showing a keen interest in learning Martial Arts. She's already managed to coax Soun into showing her basics. If she still seems interested in them when she's a bit older, I'll send her to Genkai-sensei. She may be a bit tough with students but she'll teach Akane well. But then again I guess Akane will have to go to Genkai-sensei after all. She'll have to learn to control her ki one day or another. The Spirit Shackles won't do any good after some years.

Akane turned the page to read the next entry but the ink had blurred. It was the same for the rest of the pages. Akane heaved a huge sigh. She'd really wanted to finish the journal. It had made her feel so close to her mother. Though now, the journal had given her something new to think about. From what her mother had written it seemed like she'd have to meet this Genkai soon.

She moved to put the journal in the box so that she could take it back to her room and then spotted some other items in the box. The odd trinkets she'd seen earlier. Taking a slightly better look at it, she noticed that instead they were in fact jewellery, and some other weird objects. There was an envelope attached beneath all the trinkets. Opening it Akane took out the letter from inside it and read it.

My dearest littlest one Akane,

If you are reading this then, it means that I've left this world for the next, or I'm very close to the next world. I do hope you've read the journal first. If you have then this letter will make better sense. Akane from the time you were born I knew that there was something different about you. You seemed completely different from your sisters, and I noticed it. As you began to grow, your differences began to show through more clearer. This may seem a bit confusing but you must bear with me.

You see you've inherited a lot of traits from me. Including my large reiki. However just like me, your reiki keeps increasing by leaps and bounds, and I'm afraid of that. You see in cases like us, if we cannot control the rate of increase of reiki, or find a way to be able to control it, it takes a toll on our lives. Which is why, this situation is said to be dangerous. No amount of ki limiters can help. They may only worsen you health.

When you were nearly three – on the advice of my Genkai-sensei – put Spirit Shackles on you. They should hold for many years but they can be of no use if you don't learn to control your reiki. Since you are reading this letter it means I'm no longer around to help you with that, and even if I was I don't think I would've been much help. However Genkai-sensei is an expert in areas like this. She'll be able to help you. So I beg you my dear daughter to meet her. I've enclosed her address in the envelope. She will guide you. (Though be careful, she loves showing her students tough love.)

Other than that I hope your well.


Your mother, Asuka Tendo.

Akane reread the letter several times before taking out the note with the address written on it, mind made up. She'd pay this Genkai a visit, and get answers to a lot of confusing questions plaguing her mind.

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