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Chapter 7

When Kasumi saw Akane and Taro at the door, she greeted both of them, and invited Taro in for tea. Taro declined stating that he had to be on his way for work and left. But not before promising to come for dinner after a lot of coaxing from Kasumi's side. Akane simply shrugged and entered the house, informing her older sister that Kurama was coming over.

"Kurama?" Kasumi asked.

"Kitsune." Akane mumbled as she plopped down on the wooden floor in front of the dining table. Kasumi nodded and went back into the kitchen before coming out with the tea tray, setting it on the dining table and sitting next to Akane. Akane promptly leaned against Kasumi's shoulders, as she'd been prone to do now-a-days.

One of the best things – according to Akane – that came about from her ki problem, was this newfound relationship she had with Kasumi. Sure Akane and Kasumi were close. They were sisters after all. But, somehow, that seemed to be only in name. Ever since their mother had died, Kasumi and Akane had drifted off in a sense. Kasumi took on the role of becoming the homemaker and caretaker for the Tendo dojo at the cost of her own life, and in the end becoming a distant ever-smiling doll. Akane on the other hand had just turned more aggressive and violent, because she was young, confused, and wanted to be noticed like any child did. And from then on there was this weird invisible border between the two of them.

But ever since Akane started going to Genkai's for training, she and Kasumi had gotten so close, Akane felt that they were now emotionally inseparable. And it was a really nice feeling. They were actually more like sisters now. They talked much more now, did more things together whenever Akane had free time. Akane helped Kasumi around the house. (Learning how to micromanage time and be flexible with her routine and exercises came in handy for things like these. After all, Akane never realised how much more of a workout she got my splitting chores with Kasumi, until she actually did them. And if she chose to do them creatively, she even managed a better workout.) Kasumi managed Akane's schedule while Akane was in Nerima and made sure she kept to everything at their given times. Akane helped Kasumi out with the grocery shopping, and Kasumi taught Akane how to cook. (Akane realised that learning to cook was easier when you didn't get frustrated every five seconds at the lack of progress.) Kasumi would watch Akane while she worked out, or eat breakfast with Akane to give her company, even going as far as to be on the same diet as Akane. They went out shopping together, Akane would drag Kasumi with her when she was hanging out with the rest of the girls (Kasumi got along well with Shizuru and Yukina), and had even convinced Kasumi to join the dance class she went to with Botan, Keiko, and Yukina. (Though Kasumi vehemently resisted, and even after tonnes of persuasion she only managed to get Kasumi to join the Mondays only batch. Not the Monday-Wednesday-Friday batch that Akane and the other girls went to.) Sometimes, if Kasumi felt up to it, she would join in with Akane during the lighter exercises of Akane's schedule, like meditation and jogging.

Akane had to admit to herself. She'd never been as close to Kasumi as she was now. Nor had she ever seen so many different sides of her oldest sibling besides her usual homemaker she showed everyone else. Akane amended herself. It wasn't a really nice feeling, it was a great feeling. It was great being able to laugh, joke, and chat about absolute nonsense with Kasumi.

"So how was your day?" Kasumi asked smiling at Akane warmly while using her free hand to play with Akane's growing hair. Akane wondered when the length of her hair would be perfect by Botan's standards for her to get a haircut, from the shinigami. Akane sighed, "It went downhill from lunch. I nearly got caught in the NWC ruckus. But I managed to make it out. But now I'm going to have to wait for the inevitable of Ranma coming home yelling at me, and asking me about my relationship status with Taro." Akane went into the explanation of what had happened that day to a curious Kasumi. "Though on a positive note, I may finally have found a way to help Taro. Kurama will be bringing something with him, enough to knock Happosai out for ages."

"That's nice to know." Kasumi said referring to Akane's last statement. "But yes Ranma will probably be mad when he gets home. He'll mostly be expecting an answer about what kind of relationship you and Taro have."

"And considering he might get jealous over Taro, there's no telling what will happen when Kurama comes over." Akane sighed again.

"Which brings us back to your emotionally unstable engagement with Ranma." Kasumi pointed out.

Akane groaned softly. Emotionally Unstable was an understatement. Her relationship with Ranma went beyond unstable into downright dangerous. Actually her relationship with her family now, bar Kasumi was dangerous. It was 'classified' as 'emotional abuse' by the shrink Genkai, Shizuru, and Kasumi had tricked her into visiting a month into her training with Genkai. She'd never remembered screaming and screeching so much at Kasumi – Kasumi of all people for Kami's sake! – for tricking her into something like that. Kasumi had merely answered that Shizuru suspected that Akane may have issues bothering her after observing her. And then she'd discussed it with Genkai and Kasumi, and all three of them had agreed it was better safe than sorry to have Akane go in for counselling. Of course considering the fact that Shizuru's doubts had been confirmed Akane really had no room for argument.

Akane had never regretted introducing Shizuru to Kasumi until then. It had been a horribly embarrassing issue for her. Thankfully, she was declared all right. Maybe a little aggressive for her age, but psychiatrist advocated it to it being her family's fault, and the fault of surrounding negative influences. Akane wholeheartedly agreed. She knew, she'd be more serene in nature if half the people in her school allowed her to breathe peacefully, without being paranoid over who'll ask her out next. And she'd appreciate if the NWC would stop its antics too. But that would take a miracle the size of the holocaust, so she knew it wouldn't be happening anytime soon. (It didn't stop her from praying for it. Not that she'd ever admit it.)

"So have you thought about what you're going to do about it?" Kasumi asked.

"Haven't we had this conversation before Kasumi?" Akane groaned out. Kasumi patted the blue haired girl's head.

"Yes Akane, we have had this conversation before. But I need to know if you've come up with a solution yet. Especially considering you training with Genkai. We've managed to hide it up until now from everyone else. But I don't think we'll be able to continue hiding it forever. People are bound to notice you've changed dramatically. And then we won't be able to hide it, when they ask. And I'm sure, knowing how Ranma is, he'll follow you to Genkai too. And then the NWC will follow him too…"

"Then I'll get out popcorn, snacks, drinks, and a video-camera to record stuff. And then watch in sadistic glee as Genkai insults them, calls them all morons, kicks their arses to kingdom come, without breaking a sweat, while drinking her tea. Then I'll make copies and sell it to everyone, and I'll put it on the internet and become rich." Akane finished off, making Kasumi giggle.

"Well knowing how you are now, I wouldn't put it past you." A small smile played on the brunette's lips.

"You'd probably enjoy it ne-san. Although, I'm sure you won't allow it to happen. You'd most likely mix sleeping, and immediate-memory erasing drugs, that you got from Shizuru, who'd nicked it from Kurama or Genkai, into everyone's food before they manage to come after me. It's not as if you haven't done it before. Don't think I'm blissfully ignorant about your own hidden inner sadist."

"I know you aren't Akane, but do keep it a secret. After all Nabiki is supposed to be the sadistic one out of us girls. I'm the sweet innocent homemaker, and you're the violent tomboy, and Nabiki is the money minded sadist. It's supposed to be that way. Rat me out and I'll poison your food."

"I love you too Kasumi ne-chan." Akane replied, and both sisters dissolved into a fit of giggles.

Ranma came storming in fuming, and pissed off, most likely after shaking the rest of the NWC off his tail, (just like Kasumi and Akane had predicted) around an hour later. Thoroughly mad, and wet, he (wait Ranma was in his female form, so the correct term was 'she') proceeded to the bathroom. On the way both Kasumi and Akane heard angry mumbles of "stupid Kuno" "kiss" "stupid Shampoo" "cookies" "evil Kodachi". It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened. Kodachi had most likely tried to force feed Ranma while Shampoo and Kuno tried to kiss him.

After washing up, he promptly proceeded into the dojo to practice still mumbling darkly, and stayed there for most of the evening.

Akane knew that they – she and Kasumi – were probably evil for laughing like they were. (Also, she was most likely lucky as hell, considering even if Ranma saw her with Taro, he'd most probably forgotten it.) But it couldn't be helped, it really couldn't. It was just simply too funny. So they continued to giggle at poor Ranma's misfortune, while they went on with the house-chores. Ranma was probably too angry at what happened to notice that Akane was doing housework, inclusive of helping Kasumi prepare dinner. If he did, the house probably wouldn't have been so quiet. After all Akane was handling edibles!

The moment Kasumi voiced that thought out, the giggles increased three-fold.

Being serious was definitely out of the window for today.

Evening descended upon Nerima all too soon, and it wasn't long till the soft echoing ring of the doorbell was heard throughout the Tendo house. If one were present in the house, they would have found it rather amusing to watch everyone's reactions to that one meagre 'ding-dong.' Collectively faces paled, eyes widened, silent prayers started being mentally chanted, while bodies went ramrod straight. Chaos was such a common occurrence in the Tendo house-hold, that most of its residents had come to fear the ring of the doorbell. Even the postman seemed dangerous now.

Akane oblivious (well feigning ignorance in actuality) to the state of the residents of the house – barring Kasumi – simply thundered down the stairs excitedly, screaming, "I'll get it. It's probably for me."

She didn't need to be told that the currently horrified looks changed to curious eye-brow raises in unison. She could feel it. Along with a whole other shit-load of emotions.

Genkai just had to teach her how to sense emotions through change in spiritual energy so soon without teaching her how to filter it out first like she should've, didn't she? Now she was stuck on being an empath and learning how to filter emotions out. Akane always despised Genkai's "Learn by natural instinct" method. Sure, it honed her natural skills, and let her learn what she needed to learn, but it was quite a small pay-off for the hell she went through, according to Akane.

Making her way to the front door, she caught her breath, before opening it. Only to see two girls who she wasn't expecting, and most definitely were not Kurama.

"What's the matter surprised to see us so soon?" a cheery voice asked.

"Yeah I am. I was expecting-"

"Kurama right?" the cheery voice cut Akane off. "We know, but he had a sudden emergency, so he couldn't make it. Yukina decided to come with your package instead, and since I managed to finish of work soon, so I have some free time. I thought I'd accompany her." Botan said grinning widely at Akane. "Besides I have to do your haircut! Remember? Snip-snip?"

"I remember. I was wondering when you were going to cut it for me anyway. Oh right, come in!" Akane replied smiling.

Yukina handed over a bag to Akane. "Kurama-kun said that since he couldn't make it, he's sent over his old notes which he still had. And that most of the notes were self-explanatory. And that if you still couldn't understand he said you could call him to ask."

"Ah that's nice of him. Did he say anything else?"

"Yeah something about hoping you like the herbal drink he sent."

"Oh, that's really considerate of him. I'll go give it to Kasumi ne-chan for safe-keeping." Akane said walking back inside the house in search of her eldest sister, while motioning for the two girls to follow her.

"You have a nice house Kur-… Akane!" Botan commented, quickly catching herself before she used Akane's nickname, as they walked to the kitchen in search of Kasumi.

"Thanks Botan. Ah, Kasumi ne-chan got you. Kurama-kun sent this for me." The blue haired Tendo said to her older sister fishing out a small packet from the bag Yukina had handed her, and handing it over, winking.

"All right Akane. Hi girls, will you be staying for dinner too?"

"We'd love to, but no thanks Kasumi. If we stay, it might get too late then. I have overtime. Besides, I think Yukina has something to do later. So we just came by to drop the notes Kurama made for Akane, give her a haircut, and scram. And since we're on such a tight schedule, Akane, com on show me to your room, so I can get started!" Botan said dragging the youngest Tendo out of the kitchen with Yukina following behind them giggling.

"Um Botan?" Akane asked hesitantly still being dragged by the shinigami.


"My room is upstairs. In the opposite direction."

"Now she tells me." Botan grumbled, taking a 180 degree turn and walking the other way; passing by a very perplexed Soun Tendo, and Genma Saotome on their way.

"Oh hi dad! Mr. S.! These are my friends, Botan, and Yukina. They're here to give me a haircut. Bye now!" Akane waved cheerfully (and also decidedly creepily) – still being dragged unceremoniously by the back of her shirt – at the two men, pointing at each of the girls as she said their names. The shinigami dragging her, simply gave them a nod, stomping away, while Yukina stopped and bowed respectfully before trailing after the other two blue haired girls in a more delicate geisha like fashion. The girls made for a rather odd trio, bringing to mind the vivid mental image an executioner dragging a content-to-die prisoner away for execution with the priest following behind them.

"Uh… Tendo?" Genma asked voicing the description of the aforementioned mental image.


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