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Chapter 1

"For crying out loud Sam, would you hurry up" Dean yelled from his position at the motel room door.

"Yeah, yeah, keep your panties on …I'm coming." Sam replied, moving at a leisurely pace towards his brother.

Dean strode towards the Impala and waited impatiently at the side of the car for Sam to throw his bag into the trunk. He'd been keen to make an early start, but for once they'd both slept in, and Sam had been moving at an agonizingly slow pace ever since he'd woken him up.

Sam hadn't appreciated Dean's wake up call. As he tossed his bag in the trunk, he thought enviously of the bed back in the motel room. For once, he'd slept well, very well, his dreams not plagued by nightmares, his night not dragging with insomnia.

"You know Dean, we're not in any rush, it wouldn't have hurt you to let me sleep a little longer …you know, that bed was real comfy."

"Yeah well, I know you need your beauty sleep, but I want to get to Bobby's before dark."

"What time's Bobby expecting us?" Sam asked.

"Said he'd make a pot of chilli for dinner, so I guess 'round then."

"You know, if he's making chilli, maybe it'll be safer to pick up something to eat before we get there." Sam shuddered at the memory of his last taste of Bobby's very hot chilli, his stomache already clenching in repulsion.

"Nah" Dean grinned, "Can't miss a pot of Bobby's chilli."

Dean vividly remembered the last time Bobby presented them both with steaming bowls of his famous chilli. Sam's eyes had started to water after the first few mouthfuls, and he'd washed each spoonful down with copious amounts of cold water. Eating his own bowlful with relish, he'd enjoyed the entertainment Sam had provided. This time, on hearing what Bobby planned to cook, he'd asked him to make it extra hot, just for Sam. His eyes lit up with anticipation.


Dean eased his body into the car seat, his muscles relaxed and mind at ease. It was good to be getting back on the open road again. They'd recently finished up a hunt, and had nothing new lined up at the moment. It felt good just to relax.

Bobby had phoned a couple of days ago, just to check up on the brother's. When he'd issued the invitation for them to come and stay for a few days, Dean and Sam had both jumped at the opportunity of a few days break. Dean also anticipated the opportunity of giving his car a much needed service, and had asked Bobby to order in a couple of parts. Yeah, Dean thought, everything was good.

Dean stroked his hand lovingly along the Impala's dash as he started the engine. "Don't worry baby" he said. "I'm gonna take care of you when we get to Bobby's"

"Dean, you're talking to the car."

"She's not just a car Sammy." Dean gave the dash another caress. "Don't listen to him baby, he doesn't understand."

"Dean …just …just drive." Sam said in resignation. He just couldn't quite understand Dean's bond with the Impala.

Dean smiled as he pulled the Impala out onto the highway. Yeah, he was going to enjoy spending a day working on the car at Bobby's. He turned on the music as he focused on the pleasure of driving.

A couple of hours later, he looked across the car to see Sam sleeping, a thin line of drool escaping from the corner of his mouth. Resisting the urge to take a photo, he instead turned up the music, abruptly waking his brother from a deep sleep.

Sam turned to Dean, rubbing a hand across his bleary eyes, before swiping away the drool from his chin.

"Asshole" he muttered as he sat up a little straighter and took stock of their surroundings.

"I'm starving Sammy" Dean stated bluntly, pulling the Impala off the road to park outside a busy diner.

Dean got out of the car quickly, his mouth watering in anticipation of a juicy burger, maybe some fries. Sam slowly followed, stretching his limbs and rotating his neck to remove the kinks the awkward sleeping position had given him. Arriving in the diner a moment behind Dean, he saw Dean already seated in a booth, perusing the menu and eyeing the waitress.

"Too young for you Dean" Sam stated emphatically, following the direction of his brother's eyes.

"Doesn't hurt to look Sammy." Dean replied with a smile, not taking his gaze off the young waitress as she approached their booth.

Sam watched as Dean flirted shamelessly with the waitress as she took their order. He had to admit, Dean really knew how to turn on the charm when it suited him.

Sam smiled politely at the waitress as he gave his order, kicking his brother under the table in exasperation as the waitress left.

"They should lock you up for your thoughts Dean."

Dean grinned as he watched the waitress depart. "Yeah …probably should."

They were lost in conversation with their burgers arrived ten minutes later, freshly cooked and steaming on the plate. Dean grabbed his eagerly, shoving as much as he could into his mouth with the first bite. The sauce ran down his chin and he chewed with his mouth open, pausing only to shove in a couple of fries. Turning away from the sight, Sam took a mouthful of his own burger, savoring the flavor.

A short while later, with their meal finished, Dean went up to the counter to pay while Sam went to the restroom. Sam had suggested he wash his face, but Dean reckoned a quick wipe with a napkin would do.

Unable to resist, at the counter he also grabbed a big bag of peanut m-m's, a couple of chocolate bars and a bottle of water to go. That would keep them going until they reached Bobby's he thought, not wanting to give Sam an excuse to stop again and be late in reaching Bobby's.


They were only a couple of hours out from Bobby's place when Dean opened the bag of m-m's on the seat beside him. He tossed a chocolate bar onto Sam's lap, jolting his brother from his trance.

Sam put the chocolate bar back on the seat. "No thanks Dean" he said, going back to observing the passing scenery.

Sam was enjoying the drive. Dean was in a good mood, the music wasn't playing too loud, and he was looking forward to staying with Bobby for a few days. All things considered, not a bad day, he thought.

A little while later, Sam absently reached for the open bag of m-m's, taking a few and munching quietly. When he'd finished the ones in his hand, he reached to grab a few more.

"What the…" Dean blurted out as his hand met Sam's as he reached for more m-m's for himself. "They're mine …I got you your own chocolate." Dean sounded like a petulant child and Sam smiled as he withdrew his handful of candy.

Dean tried to grab Sam's hand and wrestle back the candy.

"Too late." Sam said, shoving the candy into his mouth.

"Bitch" Dean said to his brother.

"Jerk" Sam mumbled with a smile, having difficulty talking around the mouthful of chocolate coated nuts.

"Shit" Dean shouted, slamming on the brakes and swerving as a dog ran across the road, directly in their path. He narrowly missed the animal, which slunk back into the long grass after its close encounter.

Sam saw the dog wander onto the road at the same moment as Dean. His body was jolted forward against the seatbelt as Dean forcefully slammed on the brakes. He threw both hands onto the dash to brace himself when Dean yanked on the steering wheel, the car swerving violently to avoid the dog crossing the road.

As soon as the Impala was driving smoothly again, Dean breathed a sigh of relief. That was close, he thought, thankful that his car had come through unscathed.

He glanced across at his brother. Sam still had both hands braced on the dash, his head resting between them.

"Sam you okay?" He asked urgently, concerned that his brother hadn't moved; hadn't even made a sarcastic comment about his driving skills.

Sam coughed weakly in response.


Sam couldn't breathe. He desperately tried to draw air into his aching lungs, a high pitched wheeze the only response. He coughed, gagged, trying desperately to dislodge the peanut m-m caught in his throat.

It took Dean a few precious seconds to realize that Sam was choking. He took a hand off the steering wheel and gave Sam a firm thump on the centre of his back.

Sam continued to choke, clawing at his throat in an effort to inhale the much needed oxygen.

Dean hastily pulled the car to the side of the road before reaching across to again thump Sam firmly on his back. And again.

Sam continued to claw at his throat, hoping to dislodge the obstruction.

Trying to control his mounting panic, Dean quickly got out of the car; running to Sam's side of the car and wrenching open the door.

"Sammy" he urged, pushing his brother upright in his seat.

He saw Sam's mouth open, desperately gaping as it tried to draw in air. Sam's lips and fingernail beds were already turning a bluish-gray in color.

Sam raised his panicked eyes to Dean as he continued to try and draw breath. He futilely hit his own chest trying to get some relief from the suffocating feeling. His vision was starting to blur, and it was becoming more and more difficult to move his limbs, to hold up his head. Black spots encroached on his vision and he knew he was fast losing his battle to stay conscious.

Dean dragged his brother from the car.

Sam's body swayed as Dean pulled him out of the car and into a standing position. He propped his brother's back against the car for support before he turned and maneuvered him so that his back was aligned to Dean's chest, with Dean leaning against the side of the Impala for support. He braced himself under Sam's weight.

"Hold on Sammy" he said shakily as he shifted to reposition his brother.

He wrapped his arms around Sam's waist and tipped him forward slightly. Making a fist with one hand and grasping it in the other he pressed down forcefully into Sam's abdomen, making a quick upward thrust.

Sam jerked with the action, and would have fallen had Dean not been holding him.

The candy remained lodged.

Sam felt himself slipping sideways as his vision blurred and his body started to shut down. His hands hung limply at his side, and his head rolled weightlessly on his neck. He ineffectively tried to inhale.

Dean felt Sam slipping and quickly pulled him back into position. He again thrust his clenched fists into his brother's abdomen, jolting his brother's body upwards and forwards.

Sam again slumped forward in his arms, the item still lodged in his throat.

Sam wasn't breathing.


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