Rose lay awake, she had been searching for him for so long and still there was nothing. A lonely tear rolled down her cheek. The darkness that surrounded her seemed to creep into her heart. She longed once again for his smile, the sound of his voice, his laugh, the way his body felt as it brushed against hers in those brief accidental moments.

She felt so empty without him. She knew that somewhere, in whatever dimension, the Tardis would be carrying him to his latest destination, carrying him away from her.

Her mind filled with anguish as bitter tears ran from her eyes that were growing so cold without the doctor. Never again would she see him. She never got the chance to say goodbye, never got the chance to tell him the truth. The only words that she couldn't bring herself to say to him. She could never have the chance to love him.

Lost and alone, she had lost everything that she knew, everything that she had ever wanted, everything that mattered to her.

Was he thinking of her? Would he just forget her? Rose could hardly bring herself to admit that he would move on, although she knew it was the truth, because she knew that he had to. But in her heart she knew that though he had left her empty and afraid, she would never be able to move on, she would never stop wandering, lonely and aimless in search of him. In search of the only reason she could bear to breathe.

With despair and sorrow, she whispered into the night,

"I don't want to wake up alone tomorrow." And a single tear fell. The last tear that she knew how to cry.