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"Drink, drink, drink," the crowd chanted as Nathan funneled the beer that Jake had to his mouth. Finishing in record time Nathan gave his best friend a high five.

Nathan Scott and Jake James were best friends their whole lives. They ruled Tree Hill High and got pretty much anything that they wanted. Jake had a girlfriend while Nathan was the playboy of their group of friends, but he was the basketball captain who was going to lead them to state this season. He could do what he wanted, when he wanted.

"Your turn James," Nathan said to Jake.

"Game on Scott," Jake said as he chugged the funnel of beer.

"Well, well, well," Rachel said walking into the room making her way in front of Nathan, making sure that she rubbed hard against him. "Jake it's my turn." All the guys cheered as she drank and laughed when she did it faster than them.

"I beat your ass," Rachel said grabbing Nathan's crotch. Nathan smirked as the guys started screaming and clapping, well just basically cheering him on.

"Maybe after a few more drinks," Nathan said grabbing her ass and giving her his famous smirk. She squeezed him harder and gave him a smile back.

"Whenever you want it," Rachel said licking his neck and smiling before walking away. The music was blaring and everyone was having a great time.

"Man you always have the best parties Jake James," somebody yelled from another room as a girl was stripping for them. Jake smirked as he heard this and shook his head in agreement.

"Senior year starts in a few days, let's fucking party until then," Jake yelled over the crowd as everyone yelled in agreement.

"This year is going to be legendary," Tim said taking a drink of beer.

"We are so winning state," Nathan said bumping fists with Jake.

"So Jake where's that fine ass twin of yours," Felix asked looking at Jake.

"Watch it," Jake warned stepping closer.

"Sorry man," Felix said not wanting to start a fight. "You're too protective of her."

"Aren't you with Brooke?" Tim asked looking at Felix.

"Yeah and," Felix said smirking.

"You have to seconds to get out of my face," Jake said getting closer ready to knock his head off. Felix left the room.

"Dude relax," Nathan told his best friend. "Here have a drink." Nathan said handing him a drink.

"I'll kill that guy if he goes anywhere near her," Jake said trying to calm down.

"Speaking of, where is Hales?" Nathan said taking another drink.

"Probably off with my girlfriend and Brooke," Jakes said smirking. "I saw them all dancing earlier."

"So when's your dad coming home," Nathan said looking a blond girl that came into the room.

"Who knows," Jake said trying to seem unaffected by it. "Said that he would call the day before school starts."

"Sorry man," Nathan said. "At least you don't have an ass of a father like mine."

"Yeah thank God for that," Jake laughed out. He saw Nathan's expression. "Sorry man but your dad is a dick."

"I know," Nathan said looking at the blond still. "I'm just happy that I have a great mother." He stopped when he realized what he had just said as he saw the hurt expression on Jakes face. "I'm sorry man I didn't mean to…."

"Its okay man, I know," Jake said turning his attention back on the guys.

"I'm going to go rope this chick in," Nathan said smirking.

"What about Rachel?" Jake said smiling.

"There's always later," Nathan said bumping fists with Jake and laughing. He turned around and put his game face on. He smirked as he walked up to the girl grabbing a hand full of her ass.

"Hey…." The girl started but stopped when she saw who it was.

"Nathan Scott," Nathan said looking at her large breast.

"Oh I know you," the girl said stepping closer to him. "I'm Shannon."

"Let's go show these people how to dance," Nathan said taking her hand. He bumped into a girl on the way to the dance floor and was about to curse her out when he saw who she was.

"Hey Nate have you seen Lucas," Anna asked looking around.

"Earlier with the guys," Nathan said walking away with Shannon right behind him.

"Who's Lucas?" Shannon asked.

"So you know me but you don't know my twin," Nathan said smirking.

"Let's just say that I heard about you from a friend of a friend," Shannon said smiling seductively.

"Well I hope what you heard was good," Nathan said teasingly. He dealt with these kinds of girls daily.

"Actually I heard it was phenomenal," the girl said not skipping a beat.

"You heard right," Nathan said glancing over his shoulder to where the guys were laughing at him, as she started grinding on him.

You Wanna Know Wat We Say In Da Club (Ay Bay Bay)
Whites Folks Gangsta And them Thugz (Ay Bay Bay)
Stuntin wit a stack of dem dubz (Ay Bay Bay)
Ridin' In A Lac Wit A Mug (Ay Bay Bay)

Man this girl is going crazy on my dick Nathan thought. He had his hands around her waist as she moved her ass into him. He picked up his head and scanned the room smiling when he saw who he was looking for. Brooke, Haley, and Peyton dancing and laughing. They looked like they were having a great time. They had all been best friends since he could remember. He noticed Jake walk up to Peyton and started dancing with her. Nathan returned his attention back to the girl that he couldn't even remember her name.

When I Holler Ay Bay Bay
I Finna Get My Groove On
It's So Hot Up In Da Club
Dat I Ain't Got No Shoes On
I'm Holdin' Up A Big Stack of Dem
Hundreds In A Rubba Band
Girl Don't Ask Me For No Cash
Cause I'm Not Dat Other Man
Everybody Trippin' Cause Im Limpin'
When I'm Walkin' And Im Pimpin' When Im Talkin'
I Don't Trick On Chick Dats Talkin'
Dem Boyz In Da Back Dey Be Rollin'up Dey Doughdy
Then Dey Blow It Till Dey Chokin'
Dats Wat Godly Came Out

When I See A Bad Chik Im Hollerin Out(Ay Bay Bay)
I Hope Yall Ain't Wit Ya Boyfriendz
Cause I Don't Care Wat Dey Say
And I Don't Care Wat He Say Or She Say
I'm In Da Dj Booth Takin' Pictures Wit Da Dj

Nathan smiled as he felt Rachel grinding on him as well. Yeah Nathan Scott was a lucky guy. He saw Chase dancing with Haley. He watched as they left the dance floor hand in hand laughing at something the guy said.

Shannon started laughing as she seen Rachel. "He's mine Bitch!"

"Dream on Barbie," Rachel spit back. Nathan stopped the two girls before they started fighting.

"Easy ladies, there's enough of me to go around," Nathan smirked as they both nodded. "Let's go get some drinks." They both followed him like two dogs. They made it to the kitchen and Nathan found Haley and Chase.

"Hey Hales," Nathan said walking up to the counter and grabbing the bottle of vodka. "Chase."

"Hey," Haley said looking at both girls. "Rachel." Haley breathed out, she hated the bitch. "And you are." Haley said holding out her hand.

"Shannon," the girl said shaking Haley's hand.

"Hey Holly," Rachel said trying to piss her off.

"It's Ha-ley," Haley said slowly for her stupid ass to understand. Nathan started laughing, as Rachel gave him a death glare.

"What I thought it was funny," Nathan said smirking. "Will see you twos later," Nathan said smiling then walking off with his two lap dogs. He found his group of friends and went to chill by them.

"Nathan Scott," Lucas yelled half way drunk. "Where the hell have you been?"

"Easy Luke," Nathan said sitting his brother down. "Where's your girlfriend?"

"She said that we needed a break," Lucas said. "Can you believe that?"

"Luke I'm sorry man," Nathan said. "Is there anything that I can do?"

"Yeah get me another drink," Lucas said smirking. Nathan looked at the two ladies.

"Come on he's got a broken heart," Nathan said with his famous smirk. Rachel just smirked as Shannon did as she was told and went get the drink.

Lucas smiled as he saw Brooke walk into the room, but it faded when he saw Felix behind her. He always had a crush on her, and he didn't trust Felix, of course no one ever knew that, him and Brooke were really good friends.

It was hours later and the party was more packed then before Nathan smiled when he looked at the clock and saw what time it was. He grabbed Shannon's hand pulling her towards him placing a kiss on her lips.

"Go upstairs," Nathan said smirking. "Third floor second door to the left, I'll be there shortly." She smiled as she kissed him then walked away descending into the crowd with him standing shaking his head with a smirk. He turned to his friends as they already knew what he was going to say.

"We know," Jake said bumping fists with him. "Go fuck her brains out."

"You know it," Nathan said smirking.

"What about Rachel?" Peyton said smiling at him.

"Who cares," Nathan said laughing. "Whores probably fucking some loser right now."

"She is the slutest of us all," Brooke managed to get out.

"Whatever man," Nathan said. "I'm going hit that, see you all in the morning." With that Nathan walked away leaving his friends laughing at his player ways.

"Your brothers a pimp," Skills said smiling at Lucas.

"Yeah," Lucas said not arguing with him.

Nathan smiled as he walked up the stairs in excitement for what was waiting for him. He had been waiting all night, drinking and dancing, and having fun knowing what he would be doing later. He smiled as he reached the door and looked around making sure that he didn't recognize any of the people before knocking on it three times hard. He waited as he heard the door unlock and he slowly smiled as he opened it. He walked into the dark room locking the door behind him as he felt her small hands already start to undress him.

"What took you so long?" She whispered as her lips found his. He kissed her as his hands moved to her perfect body touching nothing but skin. Smiling against her mouth at the realization that she was already naked, she knew what he was smiling at. "I was about to start without you." She said in between kisses.

He removed his pants wanting to be naked just like her. He backed them onto the bed never breaking their kiss. His hands slowly made its way down her stomach not stopping until he reached her center. He rubbed it softly causing her to moan. Her hand reached down to stroke his length smiling as she felt how big he was. He reached in the nightstand and grabbed a condom putting it on and placing himself at her entrance.

He smiled when she brought his face to hers and started kissing his passionately. He looked into her eyes seeking permission to enter her, she kissed him softly and that's all he needed. He pushed inside of her as hard as he could as she let out a loud moan. His hand immediately went to cover her mouth so that no one could here her screaming.

He moved in and out of her loving every minute of it. Her legs started bucking up to his waist letting him deeper inside of her. A few times she bit his hand trying to hold in the screams of pleasure that she felt. Finally when he felt like he was almost ready he let his hand leave her mouth and move down to her center. He wanted to hear her scream when her orgasm hit, and he didn't care who heard her screaming. He rubbed it fast trying to match it with his pace of him going in and out of her. She bit his shoulder as she felt herself coming.

"Nathan yes," she screamed over and over again as he exploded inside of her, he was smirking as they road the waves of their orgasms together. He was out of breath when he fell right next to her throwing the condom in the trash. She moved to lay on top of his body as he held on to her tight.

"Nobody saw you come in right?" The girl asked kissing his chest.

"I checked," Nathan said finally catching his breath. "No one saw me Hales."

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