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Chapter 46

The Long Goodbye

Haley kneeled down behind the tree she was hiding behind. She tried her best to keep her breathing low but it wasn't working out to well. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she moved her face to the side of the tree to see if anyone was coming for her. It was seconds later that she saw Brooke jump into the pool a few feet away. She held in her laughter and then suddenly she heard someone behind her. She closed her eyes silently cursing before standing up and turning around. She came face to face with brother.

"Jake, please don't –"

Her words were cut off by the water balloon that splashed all over her. She looked at her brother in shock as she slowly wiped the water from her face. She wanted so much to slap that satisfied smirk off of his face. She didn't waste anytime pulling her water gun up and splashing him as he started to run away. She took off right after him as he made it by their pool.

"There he is," Peyton shouted as she picked up a water balloon and tossed it towards her husband.

"You're dead," Nathan yelped as Haley shot her water gun into his face.

Brooke swam closer to them and then splashed water on Nathan. "Am I dead too?" She asked innocently before swimming towards Lucas.

Haley smiled as she watched all of the people she cared about most in the world having fun together. This was her last night in Tree Hill before she and Brooke left for Paris in the morning. The time was passing by so quickly. It seemed like just yesterday they were all nine years old and having this same water balloon fight and yet somehow they were all eighteen now.

Tree Hill was home and it always would be. She couldn't picture herself living anywhere else. These people all around her made her world turn. It was going to be so hard in the morning getting on that plane. She watched as Jake effortlessly lifted Peyton in his arms and jumped in the pool sending water flying all over her and Nathan.

Nathan tossed a water balloon towards his brother and Brooke before lifting Haley in his arms and tossing her over his shoulder. "You turn, Hales."

"Nathan, put me down," Haley tried to get out. His hand moved to her ass and he wiggled his eyebrows as he heard Brooke.

"Get a room," Brooke shouted.

"Hey, that's my sister," Jake said before dunking Peyton under the water again.

"Dude," Lucas mumbled while looking at Mr. James holding Jenny from his seat across from all of them. Nathan's hands instantly left Haley's ass and he quickly tossed her in the pool and jumped in right after. Seconds later they both resurfaced and Haley gasped for air.

"That was so mean," Haley said before splashing water in his face.

"You kids play nice," Jimmy said laughing. "I'm going to put Jenny down for her nap." With that he took off walking inside the house and leaving the six teenagers alone. Lucas reached for the small basketball a few feet away from him.

"Three on three," Lucas said showing everyone the small ball in his hands and pointing towards the basketball hoop a few feet away from him.

"Girls against boys," Brooke shouted before hitting the ball out of Lucas's hand and swimming away from him.

"If you girls want to lose," Jake said confidently as he and Nathan moved closer to Lucas. They all three watched as the girls rolled their eyes before going into what they thought was some kind of huddle.

"Yeah," Nathan added. "You're playing against the State Champs here!"

"Break," all the girls shouted as Brooke handed Peyton the ball. The three guys laughed before they all looked at each other and put their hands together and did their best to do the same thing to make fun of the girls.

"Good one," Brooke mumbled while moving by Lucas.

"You gonna guard me pretty girl?"

"If you want to call it that," Brooke said seductively as she backed herself up against him so that they were touching. She felt his hands on her waist and it only made her smile.

"You know it," Lucas smirked.

Nathan swam towards Haley. He reached her without saying a word and his hand instantly went to caress her cheek. He smiled as her eyes closed and she leaned into his touch. He felt a million tingles flowing throughout his body just by being this close to her. He bent his head down and kissed her lips softly.

"Last time you were guarding me…I let you win," Nathan admitted as he pulled away. Of course he was referring to the game that they played right before senior year had started. Three on three, girls against the boys, only now it was months later.

"Why?" Haley questioned as she opened her eyes.

"I wanted you to win," Nathan said before running his hands over the top of his head pushing down his hair. "Plus, seeing your smile after you girls won that game was totally worth it."

"You shouldn't talk like that in here," Haley said smiling as she moved closer to him. Didn't he know the kind of effect he had on her? Her heart melted at his words and she didn't think she could love him anymore than how much she did now.

"Feel this," Nathan said reaching for her hand and putting it over his naked chest. She instantly could feel the pounding of his heart and she looked up at him and their eyes locked. "I'm just looking at you…and my heart's racing."

"Nathan," Haley whispered.


"Kiss me," Haley mumbled before pulling his lips down to hers.

"Gross," Jake shouted as he turned and saw them. "Are you going to play or what? Stop macking on my sister in front of me, dude!"

"You are such a loser," Haley shouted towards Jake as Nathan pulled away. "I'm so going to kick your ass, Jake!"

"Bring it on baby sis," Jake said smirking as he hid behind Peyton. He loved getting Haley all worked up. It was the funniest thing in the world when she got really pissed. He was going to miss it so much when she was gone.

"Peyton, you guard his ass good," Haley told her before moving in front of Nathan.

"Alright girls, lets play ball," Brooke said before looking over at Peyton who tossed the ball towards her. Lucas went to catch it but Brooke slipped her hand under the water and grabbed him and he stopped quickly. "Nice try, Broody!"

"Damn it, Luke," Jake shouted as Brooke tossed the ball into the net.

"One, nothing," Haley said raising an eyebrow as she eyed her boyfriend a few feet away from her. "You guys were the State Champions, right?"

"Funny," Nathan mumbled before Lucas threw the ball. Nathan jumped up and caught the ball before looking for Jake. "What you got to say now, Hales?" He asked cockily as he waved the ball in her face. He couldn't toss it to Jake because Peyton was literally blocking him.

"You look so sexy right now, Nate…I wish you would just take me in this pool," Haley whispered low enough so that her brother couldn't hear. Nathan eyes instantly shot towards her small body. She was wearing the blue and pink bikini that he loved. He was actually with her when she picked it out. Of course she was dating Chad back then.

"W-what?" Nathan mumbled while bringing his hand down. It was then that Haley snatched the ball from his hands and tossed it in the net.

"Two nothing, Nate," Haley said with a huge smile. "And this time you didn't need to let me win…I can do it on my own."

"That's it," Nathan mumbled while putting his hands on her waist and pulling her into him. "I'm done going easy on you." He pulled her away from the goal as Lucas dunked the ball and scored their first point.

"Don't mess with us," Jake shouted as he splashed water all over everyone.

"Macho much," Brooke joked.

"So is this your A game, Nate?" Haley asked biting down her lower lip. He smiled at her before shooting the ball and making it into the net.

"I don't need it, baby," Nathan said smirking as he tied the game.

"I'm so serious!"

"No way!"

"Come on."

"This is just dumb."

"It's going to be awesome!"

"It's going to be crap!"

"Brooke," Lucas whined. "It's Ironman…it's going to be awesome!"

"Dude," Nathan said shaking his head. "I have to agree with her. Tim got it bootleg. I don't' think it will be any good. Maybe we should just wait to see it at the movies."

"You guys are ruining movie night," Jake said before tossing popcorn at Brooke and Lucas. It was three hours later from the basketball game in the pool. The girls won again but it was all Brooke Davis's fault. She so didn't play fair. They won by one point because Brooke flashed Lucas and he dropped the ball. Peyton had got her hands on it first and made the shot. After everyone had showered and changed they all made their way down to the movie room for one last movie night.

"I don't want to watch some movie that Dim got bootleg," Brooke whined. "It's not the same as watching like normal style."

"Normal style?" Haley questioned.

"You know, not bootleg," Brooke said turning to her.

"Very nice, Penelope," Jake mumbled while laughing.

"Jake James I'm going to kick your ass if you have one more smartass comment," Brooke said angrily pointing towards him.

"Don't anger it," Peyton whispered to him.

"Nope," Jake said shaking his head as she continued to eye him down. "That was the last one…carry on."

"Smooth," Nathan laughed out as he looked over at Jake. Haley smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder. He reached for the small blanket and tossed it over their bodies to cover them. Haley looked up at him smiling as he placed some popcorn in her mouth.

"Fine," Lucas said frustrated. "How about Die Hard?"

"Again," Haley said rolling her eyes.

"Wait which one?" Peyton questioned.

"No-no," Brooke said placing her hands on her hips. "I guess we can watch stupid bootleg Ironman." She moved to the sofa that she and Lucas would be sitting on. She threw herself down and Lucas knew that she was pissed.

"Hey," Nathan said glaring over at her. "Ironman is not stupid…he's a hero."

"A kick ass hero," Jake said clapping his hands. "Let's watch the movie."

"Stupid boys," Brooke mumbled.

"You okay?" Nathan asked Haley as Lucas turned out the lights. Haley reached up and kissed his cheek and the movie started to play.

"I'm perfect," Haley said softly. And she was. Today had been the perfect way to send their last day. Everything from the water balloon fight, swimming and the basketball game, and now movie night. It was like for one more night they got to be just them again. All six of them together and happy. It was all she could wish for really.

"…I mean the guy like saved them all," Nathan continued as Haley kissed his neck. It had been this way since they made it up to her room. She couldn't take her hands off of him and he couldn't stop talking about the movie. She had to admit the movie was awesome but she had more important things on her mind. "He was pure genius…he built his suit with like scraps."

Haley took her lips off of his skin and looked at him amused.

"Honey," Haley said smiling up at him.

"Yeah," Nathan answered her as he stopped with his rant about the movie.

She let her hand move over his toned chest. "I'm trying to make love to you…it would help if you paid attention to me." She pointed to herself. He smiled down at her as he flipped them over and pinned her hands above her head.

"Is my baby feeling ignored?" Nathan teased as his lips found her weak spot on her neck. He was so thankful that her father got called into work an hour ago. It was also a good thing that Jake and Peyton where asleep upstairs with Jenny. And he was pretty sure that his brother and Brooke went back into the pool. He was also sure that they were having sex in it again.

"Yep," Haley whimpered as her hands clenched the bed sheets.

"I can't have that," Nathan mumbled against her skin. "Super heroes are overrated anyway." He heard her laughing and he picked his head up so that he could see her face. There were so many things that he loved whenever they were together and making her laugh was at the top of that list. Her laughter brightened up his whole world. He looked at her mesmerized as she continued to laugh. She noticed his intense gaze upon her and her laughter instantly died down.


"I'm just looking at you," Nathan mumbled.

"I can see that Mr. State the Obvious," Haley joked as her hands moved over to his arms. She smiled as he continued gazing at her. Normally she would be nervous but with Nathan it was completely different. This look had her heart racing. He was the only guy that ever made her feel this way.

"Now is the time for us to shine. The time where our dreams are within reach and possibilities vast," Nathan stated while smiling at her.

"Reciting my speech, huh?" Haley mumbled.

"I was just remembering how proud I was of you," Nathan said shrugging his shoulders. "You were so great, Hales, and I'm so proud of you. Stanford doesn't stand a chance, Haley James."

"I fine myself not wanting to go these days," Haley said softly looking up at him. She had been thinking it so much these last few weeks. In fact the closer graduation got the more and more she thought about it. She didn't know if she would be able to handle being away from Nathan just for the summer. How was she supposed to move all the way to California for four years? This was someone that she was used to seeing everyday, how was she supposed to adjust to not seeing him?

Then there was the whole long distance relationship thing. Most of them don't last for very long. People go off to college and meet new people. People change. College is supposed to be a time in your life when you're discovering who you are. How was she supposed to do that without him or her other four friends? High school sweethearts hardly ever make it last.

But she and Nathan were different.

They were best friends.

She personally thought that in order to do the whole long distance thing you certainly had to trust the other person. She trusted Nathan completely. He was that one guy that would never hurt her on purpose. She truly believed that.

But still how was she supposed to live without him?

Sure they would be together. And there was cell phones and e-mail. Nathan even mentioned something about video chatting. But what about all the closeness that they would be missing out on? Would breaks and holidays be enough time with him to make up for the rest of the time they would spend at school?

"You're going to go and you're going to have a good time," Nathan stated firmly. Sure he didn't want her to go and even a part of him was excited that she was thinking about staying but he wouldn't let her. Ever since they were little kids she had been talking about going to Stanford. It was her dream college she had to go. He would never forgive himself if she missed out on this opportunity for him.

"But –"

"No buts, Haley James," Nathan said moving his fingers over her lips and her cheek. "I'll be here waiting for you to come home…now, what were you talking about earlier…something about me taking you." He tried his best to change the subject. He didn't want her being upset on her last night.

He was surprised that it took her this long to break down. He was expecting it weeks ago and was surprised when it never came. This was Haley for him though. He knew her like a book. He knew she wanted to go more than anything but that she also didn't want to lose him.

His hands moved down between their bodies and he pushed up on her shirt. His hands landed on her creamy skin as he moved it under her shirt and landed on her bra.

"Take it off," he demanded.

She saw the look of lust and love in his eyes.

She quickly removed her shirt and bra before pulling him in for a kiss. She kissed him deeply trying to forget all her troubles. It was always like that with Nathan though. No matter what was going on with her, being with him always made everything go away. When they were together nothing else mattered. It was just them.

He pushed her down so she was laying flat on her back as his hands roamed over her breasts kneading them softly. Their eyes locked as he bent his head down and took one of them in his mouth. She arched her back and her hand made it to the back of his head holding her more into him. His mouth moved to the other one and his eyes rolled back as he felt her fingers grazing over his scalp. Seconds later he felt her pulling on his head before she fused her lips with his.

Her hands roamed over his muscles before reaching his boxers and she began to pull on them. He pushed them down quickly never breaking their kiss. Once he removed them his hands went back to her body caressing her.

"I love you so much," Haley whimpered as her lips moved over his shoulder.

His hands traveled down her stomach until he reached her underwear. His eyes locked with hers and he slowly pushed them down. It amazed her how it felt like their first time again. Only then she had been a little more nervous to cross the line with him. He had been her bestfriend.

But now looking up at him she didn't feel nervous. Sure he was still her bestfriend but he was so much more now. Pure and utter love filled her whole body just looking at him. He tossed her underwear in the same direction as his boxers before turning his attention back towards her. Without any words he covered his body with hers fully before reaching for a condom on the nightstand. Putting it on himself he locked eyes with her again before he pushed himself inside her completely.

He heard her gasp as he started moving above her. His eyes never left hers as he made love to her. Neither said anything nor did they need too. Their eyes let the other know everything they were feeling. It was a little over an hour later when they finally gave into each other. Their sweaty bodies kept moving together until Nathan couldn't move anymore. And still he found the strength to lift his head and capture her lips in a searing kiss.

She looked at him in amazement as he snuggled close to her body. "I'm going to miss you so much, Hales."

"Me too," Haley whispered before resting her head on his chest.

"…I mean it, Hales. Any guys try anything on you just give me a call. I'll be on a plane to Paris in no time," Jake said again for the fiftieth time that morning. Haley listened to her brother and as much as his over protectiveness used to bother her it didn't so much anymore. Maybe it was because she was moving away? She didn't know. But it felt good to know that her big brother would be there in a heart beat if she needed it. "Now come and give your big brother a hug."

Haley smiled as she dropped her bag on the ground and jumped in Jakes arms. Closing her eyes she felt a few tears fall as he held her tight. "I'm going to miss you, Jakey."

"I want phone calls every day. You got it?"

"Got it," Haley said pulling out of his hug and smiling at him.

"Come here, Penelope," Jake said holding out his arms for her. Brooke smiled as she walked into his embrace. "You take care of my baby sis and she'll take care of you. And don't go all Brooke Davis on us and conquer the world."

"Only for you, J. James," Brooke joked as she held in her tears.

"Hales, don't cry," Peyton said in tears as they hugged. "Nothing is going to be the same without you and the Brookie Monster."

"Just take care of my brother and my goddaughter," Haley mumbled through tears. "I'm going to miss you, P. James."

"B. Davis," Peyton shouted as they hugged. "Don't listen to my hubby…you go off and conquer the world Brooke Davis style!"

"You know it," Brooke said smirking.

Brooke watched as her boyfriend whispered comforting words in Haley's ear as he said goodbye to her. She moved her hand over to grip Peyton's. It took everything to keep her tears in.

"You'll always be my bestfriend," Lucas whispered into Haley's hair as he held her.

"Right back at you, Rocket Roe," Haley said smiling as she used his porn name. It was something that they had joked about all freshman year. Lucas kissed her forehead before walking over to Brooke and taking her in his arms.

"Come with me," Haley said softly as she took Nathan's hand. He had yet to say anything since they arrived to the airport. In fact the whole morning he hadn't really said much. Haley moved them to the side and away from the crowds of people. Saying goodbye to her friends was really hard but nothing prepared her for this. She was thankful that her father had said goodbye this morning because if he had been here too it would have all been too much.

"Go conquer the world," Lucas mumbled against Brooke's lips. "I love you, Brooke Davis. Don't ever forget that. You're the first girl that I ever loved…the only girl. I'm going to miss you so much."

"Luke," Brooke whispered as a few tears fell. "Don't forget about me."

"Never," Lucas said shaking his head.

"I love you," Brooke stated before kissing his lips.

"I've been dreading this moment since I think I was five," Nathan said trying to find some humor in this situation.

"Don't," Haley whispered.

"Letting you go is going to be the hardest thing that I think I'm ever going to have to do," Nathan continued. There was just no putting off the pain any longer. She was leaving and he was staying. "I'm going to think about you every second of every day."

"Same here," Haley said smiling up at him. "I want you to know how much you changed me. I wouldn't be the person standing before you if it wasn't for you. You make me a better person, Nathan Royal Scott. And I'm a better person for knowing you, for loving you, and for having you in my life. You said that I'm going to change the world but I think you're wrong…I think you're going to change the world, Nathan Scott. Just like you've changed mine."

"You mean everything to me," Nathan said softly as he caressed her cheek.

Haley leaned into his touch. "And you mean everything to me."

His heart skipped a beat as he heard her flight being called.

"This is it," Nathan said as he heard them calling for her flight. His heart shattered into a million pieces. He was screaming at himself, telling himself not to let her go, but he knew he had too. He wanted nothing more than to take her in his arms and never let her go. But he would only be holding her back. He meant what he told her. She was destined for greatness. He pulled her in for one last hug as both of them were in tears. "You know, I could hold you in my arms forever and it still wouldn't be long enough."

"I don't want to leave you," Haley whispered as she kissed his cheek. Her lips moved to his mouth as she devoured him. Somehow she wished this kiss would last a lifetime. But then he pulled away and led her back to their friends.

"Look in four years we'll all be right back here," Lucas said confidently.

"He's right," Peyton added.

"You guys be safe…and watch out for guys…all of them…their bad news," Jake said again as Brooke and Haley rolled their eyes.

"We get it, James," Brooke said blowing him a kiss. "Nate, you take care of my, Broody."

"You got it, Penelope," Nathan said hugging her bye.

"We love you, guys," Peyton added.

"Don't forget to call," Jake said again.

"Oh…and have fun," Lucas said smiling as he waved at them. Haley's eyes stayed glued to Nathan's. She knew it was time to go but somehow she couldn't find the strength to turn around. Within seconds Nathan walked up to her and kissed her passionately.

"She should be good for the summer," Peyton joked.

"Gross," Jake mumbled.

"Yuck," Lucas said looking away from them still kissing. Minutes later they finally pulled away. He kissed her hand softly and looked into her brown eyes one more time. In them he saw so much and he felt so much.

"Feel this," Haley whispered while bringing his hand over her heart. "I'm just looking at you and my heart still races, too. I told you before and now I'm saying it again. I'm going to love you forever, Nathan Scott."

"I'm going to love you, she's going to love you, and he's going to love you. Ugh…I've heard this before," Brooke said sarcastically. "Everyone is going to love everyone…let's go tutor girl. Our future waits! It's time to do Paris, Baley style!"

"Only Brooke," Peyton laughed.

"I'm coming, Tigger," Haley said throwing her a look that said leave me alone. Everyone laughed. It was so Brooke Davis to ruin a moment. Haley's eyes locked with Nathan's again. In that moment she fell in love with him all over again. They were going to be fine, she could feel it.

"This isn't goodbye," Haley said softly. "This isn't the end for us." He simply nodded his head. His heart was pounding in his chest.

"I'll be right here when you get back," Nathan said before kissing her one last time. She backed away and his hand held hers until she was out of reach. With one last smile she blew him a kiss. "I'll be seeing ya."

"I know," Haley said before turning walking away.

Nathan stood there frozen as his whole world fell apart. And all he did was watch her go. Soon Brooke and Haley got so far that he couldn't see her anymore. It was then that he got feeling back in his legs and he went to run after her. Only someone caught his arm. He turned quickly and noticed Jake holding him in place. He didn't bother to stop the tears that were falling from his eyes.

"You have to let her go," Jake said firmly.

"I know," Nathan mumbled as Jake let his arm go. Nathan looked over his shoulder and noticed Lucas and Peyton hugging. He looked at Jake again. He quickly wiped away his tears.

"You did the right thing for her," Jake told him the second time that week. "She'll be home before you know it." Nathan nodded his head and they both took off walking towards his brother and Peyton.

"Now, I'm stuck with all you boys alone," Peyton joked.

"So what do you guys want to do today?" Lucas asked. He didn't want to cry over this. Brooke was just leaving for the summer not for good.

"You losers are helping us pack," Jake said smiling.

"Oh crap," Nathan said laughing.

"We walked right into that one," Lucas told his brother.

"You three get to be by bitches for the day," Peyton said linking her arms around Jake and Nathan.

"Oh the joy," Nathan mumbled.

"So this is the next chapter in our lives," Lucas said shaking his head as they all three started to laugh.

"I guess it is," Nathan said smiling.

"Lets get going, Three Musketeers, " Peyton said laughing.

"You promised never to bring that up again," Jake whispered.

"What do I look like your wife?"

"Um...yeah," Jake said quickly as they made it to his truck.

"I can not believe that Brooke and Haley get to go to Paris and we have to deal with the married couple," Lucas said with a pout as he got into Jakes truck.

"That hurt," Peyton said placing a hand over her heart.

"I'm starving," Jake said as he heard his stomach growl. "Anyone know of a place to grab something to eat?"

"Oh yeah," Lucas said smirking. "They have this great place downtown. I remember reading a sign with something like..."

"Somebody told me that this is the place where everything's better and everything's safe," Nathan added.

"Karen's Cafe it is," Peyton said laughing.

"There is only One Tree Hill," Lucas said smiling as they passed down the roads of Tree Hill.

Nathan smiled at his brothers comment. But it quickly faded when he remembered that his heart was on a plane to Paris. Haley had been gone for not even twenty minutes and he missed her like crazy. He closed his eyes and just like that he pictured her sitting right next to him. In his mind she was smiling at him. Just like that his world brightened up again. She would only be gone for the summer. He had it all planned out in his head. He would be waiting at the airport for her when she got back. He would bring her see her family and then he would take her down to his beach house. And then there they could spend the rest of the summer together before she left for college. These two and a half months couldn't go by soon enough. Then again, if he was wishing for things, he wished that the four years that they would spend apart would already be over. Because then and only then would his heart truly return.

The End

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