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Note 2: This fan-fiction is base on the live-action movie. They are spoilers for it of the movie—par for the course.

Note 3: A in the splits stand for Autobots and D in the splits stand for Decepticons. Think of them as kind of the old fashion symbol switcheroo that happens on the old G1 show. Italics will be use to show translations of Cybertronese. Italics underlined are song lyrics.

"New Arrivals"

A "Transformers" Fan-Fiction

Part 1: "Rodimus"

By Dr. Thinker

-D: Pluto-

Despite what we humans think, the Cybertrons—no matter the side they are—consider Pluto to a planet. Right now, an angry Los Angeles police with the phrase "To punish and enslave"--this replaced the correct phrase of "To protect and serve" of a real Los Angeles police car—chasing an angry F-22 Raptor. These were not Earth vehicles in anyways—they were Cybertrons—Decepticon. They names were Barricade and Starscream. On their rival on Pluto, Starscream started to insult him for finding the glasses before the Autobots show their odor sensors into Decepticons matter. For the past two months since Megatron's death at the end of the annoying human, Barricade had been chasing Starscream around the planet. He has finally close up with Starscream—he was going to bruise up the so-called Lord of the Decepticons for all of the trouble. He had located Starscream hideout on Pluto the day before today—and was doing to the usual thing to lure Starscream into a normal exist. It worked—he paused—and then waited for Starscream to recharge—every Cybertron need to recharge. On Earth, Starscream recharge as his jet form—using his F-22 Raptor like form and letting the humans act as they own him.

He arrived to just in time for Starscream to active an alien hologram. This hologram look like something like masked dressed in a purple uniform. The mask was chrome—and faceless. He learned the Cybertron beeps and bops of a Cybertron's recharging programs. This was going to great fun.

If Barricade was in a good mode—if would just transformed and use his lasers on any Cybertronians—both Autobots and Decepticons that annoyed him—but after Megatron was destroyed by the All-Spark—he was in one angry mode—and he first rammed Starscream. The recharging mode stopped, Starscream transformed, and asked, "What's got into your CPU?"

Barricade growled, "A middle-size cyber-bug—and Lord Soundwave isn't here to remove it."

Starscream replied, "Got a something against a fellow Decepticon?"

Barricade growled, "Yes—and I'm looking at him." He launched an EMP magnet right on top of Starscream's transforming cog. Barricade then started to punch Starscream. One for AllSpark, one for the Megatron, one for Bonecrusher, one for Devastor, one for Frenzy, one for the allowing the Autobots to win the biggest battle of the war since it began—just as he was the once for himself—a new Transformer arrived.

A dark purple robot with the stoic voice stated, "General Starscream, I have to return."

Starscream yelled, "The name is Lord Starscream, General Soundwave."

Soundwave replied, "The Lord is for Megatron only. Megatron has reported to me that he is system—I have sent for Thundercracker and Skywarp. They will meet us in the asteroid belt. Go back to your recharge."

Starscream asked, "Mind if I take on the moon of this planet?"

Soundwave replied, "I won't care if you took it on Charr."

Starscream transformed and took off to Caron.

Barricade stated, "Hello, General Soundwave. I have bad news on Frenzy."

Soundwave replied, "I know, Barricade. His spark returned to me. My system is recreating him—and he will be tougher to drestory."

An evil grin was on Barricade's face.

-A: Outskirts of Tranquility, Oregon-

It has been six months since the destruction of Megatron and the AllSpark. A normal human would look at a very large gas station and think 'someone needs to get their huge ego fill up" or 'I need some gas—and be quick about it."—but in reality, he was the home away from home for a group of Autobots: Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Ratchet. Ironhide was with Capt. Lennox and of course, Bumbleebee was with Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes.

Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Bumblebee built the base. It was only finished just a week ago. Ratchet sends much of his time after the final battle patching up Jazz. Jazz afraid of anyone noticing himself because of Ratchet's wielding—he got a paint job—a nice white coat of paint.

A Pontiac Thunderbird crashed right into one of the all of station—need a spin out—and then crashed into the one of garage's car doors—and then did transformed into an a red Cybertronian robot.

Ratchet stated, "Groan. Not this lug nut again."

Rodimus stated, "Nice too see you too, Old Cranky."

Ratchet stated, "I thought that name of your nickname for Kup."

Rodimus stated, "I had not see Kup since the launch of the AllSpark."

Jazz stated, "Which Autobots were on your launching ship?"

Rodimus stated, "Prime, I'm going to upload my visual recording of the launching ship to your systems."

Prime stated, "Ready."

After a few nanoseconds, Prime stated, "Rodimus, here come to Earth will Prowl, Wheeljack, Ultra Mangus, and his girlfriend, Arcee."

Rodimus stated, "I think Wheeljack land somewhere in Florida. Ultra Mangus land in Detroit, Michigan. Prowl landed in Los Angeles—might be talking a scanning a police car—he was Barricade's partner before Barricade joined the Decepticons. Arcee landed in near Los Vegas."

A 21st century Camero with a yellow and black in a bee-like paint job pull into the garage. Two humans—one a young male (Sam) and one a young female (Mikaela) got out. Then, the Camero transformed into Bumbleebee.

Sam asked, "Who is the new bot?"

Rodimus stated, "The name is Rodimus."

Bumblee's radio blasted, "Dare to be stupid!"

Rodimus replied, "Hey, I wasn't the one who voice box was ripped out of my body by Megatron."

Bumbleebee stated, "This is coming from a robot that mistake me for a Decepticon a few times."

Rodimus stated, "I was a rookie at that time!"

Bumbleebee stated, "Yeah, I'm a cyber-monkey's uncle!"

Rodimus replied, "At least Arcee treats me with some respect."

Mikaela asked, "Whose is Arcee?"

Rodimus replied, "She is my girlfriend."

Sam stated, "You have genders?"

Ratchet stated, "The AllSpark gives us life—thought we let the AllSpark do what ever it wanted—thought some of our—for lack of better humans words—parents could ask for certain things—gender was one of them."

-D: Asteroid Belt

Thundercracker and Skywarp were sitting on one of the larger space matter in the asteroid belt. Thundercracker and Skywarp were having trouble—deciding on what type of human vehicles they want.

Barricade, Starscream and Soundwave arrived.

Barricade asked, "What are you guys fighting about?"

Skywarp stated, "Vehicle modes. We don't want to make noise for the humans or the Autobots until…."

Thundercracker finished, "…it is too late for them to anything about us."

Soundwave stated, "Why you just copy Starscream's jet form."

Barricade asked, "Why didn't I think of that?"

If Soundwave had a mouth, he would be grinning monstrously at Barricade. Soundwave replied, "You don't have the CPU power that I do."

Starscream transformed into his jet form-and allowed his follow Decepticons to copy his form. Somehow, when you scan a Cybertronian vehicle form—you do not get his color—Thundercracker got blue paint job, and Skywarp got black paint job.

Soundwave stated, "It's doable. Let us find Megatron."

Starscream replied, "He's been dumped into one of the Earth's oceans—with Blackout and Brawl. Scorpnock is still in the Middle East. Someone's going to have to pick him up."


"Dare To Be Stupid" is from Weird Al Yankvoic. I wanted to make notice that Rodimus is a weird Autobot you would come across—explaining Rodimus's entrance.

Logging off,

Dr. Thinker