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"New Arrivals"

Part 2 – "Wheeljack & Arcee"

By Dr. Thinker

A: Cybertron's Moon Base #1, Moon 1

Despite Cybertron ruin for good by the Autobot/Decepticon war, the moon bases will still as fresh as a new planet. Moon #1 was control by the Autobots. An Autobot named Hoist was running the base. Warpath was on patrol in his tank formation just the war room. A red Cybertron vehicle zoomed past—and transformed into Cliffjumper.

Warpath started, "Oh, Primus!—BOOM! —you look like you were running away from Megatron!-POW!"

Cliffjumper said, "Blaster got Prime's message. I couldn't decode Blaster's stupid slang—but lucky, I was able to get a digital text copy from the computers."

Hoist asked, "What did it said."

Cliffjumper answered, "The AllSpark is destroyed. Megatron is hopefully sleeping with the robotic fishes. Prime is waiting for more Autobots to join them on their new planet."

Hoist remarked, "Earth!"

Cliffjumper jumped and asked, "How did you know?"

Hoist replied, "Blaster boasted his signal by plugging in the computer when he got the message and he been repeating the message."

-D: Unknown Island, Earth

This land was uninhabited by anything humanoids. Soundwave had use transporters to beam Bonecrusher, Brawl and Megatron out of the sea and to the island. Megatron was first on Soundwave's repair list. It took about 15 Earth hours to repair Megatron.

Megatron spoke, "With the AllSpark destroyed, we have to transform this planet into a new Cybertron. Then we create an AllSpark that we—the Decepticons—will be to control—then we conquer the entire universe!"

The Decepticons cheered at the Megatron's speech. They were ready for anything---even the willing to attempt to crush Optimus Prime's Autobots.

-A Sam's House, Tranquility, Oregon, United States of America, Earth

The government agents—the FBI--repaired much of Ron's garden that was wrecked by the Autobots. The government agents give a fictional story about a huge piece of meteor right—that even damaged Sam's 74' Camero. The FBI connected Chevy to make a repair—but much of the 74's Camero were in a locked safe—but lucky for Sam they were working on a new 2009 Camero. Ron asked more questions then the FBI would like.

One of the FBI dropped, "Sparkplug?"

Sam asked, "Sparkplug—that sounds like something from an old 1980's cartoon."

Ron sighed, "Well----Sector 7 isn't the only secret group in this country. You know about Area 52."

Sam said, "You dealt with aliens—from Mars or someplace."

Ron nodded and added, "The someplace was Cybertron."

Sam said, "I think you in for a very long story….."

Ron replied, "I got a lot of time on my hands."

-A: Autobot HQ, Outskirts of Tranquility, Oregon

Ratchet, Jazz, Ironhide and Rodimus were getting a debriefing from Optimus Prime on end of Megatron and the AllSpark—when a brown pick-up truck pull up into the opening garage door of Autobots' Earth-based headquarters.

The brown pick-up truck said, "Nice work."

Ironhide said, "Wheeljack! About time, you show up!"

Wheeljack transformed into his robot mode as he said, "As the human phrases goes—better late then never."

Jazz said, "Yeah, That's the ticket."

Wheeljack asked, "What happen to the gas station outside, it look like a hurricane had hit it?"

Jazz replied, "It was hit by a Hurricane—Hurricane Rodimus!"

Rodimus retorted, "This is week 'Pick-On-Poor-Rodimus' week or something."

A pink Chevy Corvette pulls up—drives by a blue-hair young female adult. The female adult got out and asked, "What happen to your holo-matter avatars'?"

Jazz responded, "Well, paint me purple and call me a Decepticon, we totally forget about those. Though could have made it a lot easily to get the glasses!"

Ironhide said, "They can not touch a solid object, Jazz."

Rodimus added, "Got to Arcee. She's mostly like the one that used the holo-matter avatars a lot."

The holo-matter avatar disappeared—and the Chevy Corvette transformed into a pink robot.

Arcee asked, "What's news, Prime?"

Before Prime could answer, Rodimus said, "Well, at this least things are starting to look up for me."

Arcee retorted, "In your dreams, Rodimus."

-O: Another Dimensional, Home of Primus and Unicron-

Unicron said, "Nice move, Primus. You are a worthy opponent. I wasn't expecting a human to drestory the AllSpark."

Unicorn and Primus were playing Transformers chess-and so far Primus was scorning the big points by destroying the AllSpark.

Primus retorted, "Your plans are more then meet the eye—though I think you get headaches when you think of above the average plan."

Unicron growled, "I can you handle your toy tag-line—but I hate your headache line. I get stomach pains when I ever I hear that."

Primus asked in a Unicron-like voice, "Do you want greased cheese with that oil wine?"

Unicron asked, "Do you want to deal with the evil Mini-cons again?"

Primus answered, "Nope."

Unicron asked, "How about we see what's going on with the Decepticons spies?"

Primus said, "Not really in the mood for a 'James Cog' episode."

Unicorn asked, "Want to see what happen if Hot Rod didn't wreck Prime's battle with Megatron. I still am The Bigger of the Two Evils You in change of your children though. The goal is still the same—to drestory my planet self."

Primus stated, "Sounds like a plan, Unicorn."

Primus put up two Space Cogs—one painted red/white and the other painted purple/black—and brings down two Space Cogs—one: red and other: blue. Space Cogs are what allows Primus to control the Autobots. Usually the Unicorn controls the Decepticons—expect when he feels like playing himself. Unicorn takes huge U off a


Do not worry, Primus and Unicron will not make many appearances in this fiction. I decide to have them be the movie universe.

Logging off,

Dr. Thinker