Why You?

Sakura and Naruto were 22 and had just graduated from university.What they certainly DID NOT know was that Sakura's crush from her childhood---Sasuke,had been in the same university with them for 4 years,attended their graduation along with his---just to get closer to the step of killing Sakura's boyfriend.

Sasuke was jealous.In their childhood Sakura had shown so much interest in him,she loved him so much,she would do anything for him.But when Sasuke came back,Sakura was long over her childhood crush but Sasuke realized that now he loved her back.It was too late.
At the Chuunin Exams,Sasuke had seen Sakura crying into Naruto's chest,explaining that she wouldn't be coming back next year.Sasuke saw them kiss.He saw Sakura tell Naruto that she loved him.He saw Naruto tell Sakura that he loved her,too.He saw everything.

Sakura gave Naruto her email and phone number,said goodbye and left.15-year old Sasuke was just stunned.Little did he know that after 3 years he'd be in university with them,and after 4 years,having the same graduation as them.Sasuke even remembered when he eavesdropped again on Sakura and Naruto.Sakura was hugging him,kissing him and laughing with him,"Those were my hugs,my kisses and my moments of laughter"Sasuke thought.

Those 4 years of Sasuke's life was full of hatred,he knew Sakura's room number,he knew Naruto's room number,he knew that he went to the same university as them but he never told them that.Sasuke wanted Sakura to think that he(Sasuke)was gone from her life,gone forever.But,no,on the day of the graduation he would strike.He would prove Sakura wrong that he wasn't gone.
He would have his revenge.

He was hiding in the bushes when he saw Naruto walking in the park.Alone.In one shot.One split second.Naruto's life was taken.He fell unconcious.Dead.

The next day,he watched as Sakura cried and ANBU and Sennins investigated the crime scene.His heart didn't long for Sakura anymore,he was angry at her.That she chose Naruto and not him.

One morning,Sakura went to Naruto's grave and cried."N-Naruto..I came to your grave to talk with you..."she said.

"I know who killed you.It was Sasuke.Remember Sasuke?Yeah,the angsty guy.But don't worry about it,now.You're free and in Heaven with God,now.Sasuke can do any more damage because he's already reached the limit...you were everything to me,Naruto,I love you more than anything...I'm pregnant..with a baby and you're the father no doubt.I...I just miss you so much,Naruto"
Sakura started crying and her tears hit the grave.Then it started raining...

Sakura smiled and looked up.Tears from Heaven.

From behind the bushes Sasuke was looking at a picture from his old photo album,there was a picture of Naruto and him with their arms around each other's shoulders,wearing their and making peace signs(Sasuke can crack out of his emo shell!XD)...

Then he remembered...Sakura was taking the picture...

The End.