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Starring: Hyotei.

The Hyotei regulars were all having a nice, quiet study session. Yeah. A nice quiet study session until Mukahi started asking really random questions.

"I wonder what the capital of Antartica is?"

This earned a whole bunch of stares.




Stare. Stare. Stare.




"You guys are acting like I asked a stupid quesiton or something."



"You are the stupidest person ever," Shishido said.

"I AM NOT! I just wanted to know what the capital of Antartica was, jeez!"

"Gakuto, Antartica doesn't have a capital. Barely anyone actually lives there," Oshitari said.

"Yes there are! People live there!"

"Gakuto, prove to Ore-sama that you actually have a brain," Atobe said.

"People live there!! They call cookies biscuits over there! And they call fries chips or something, and-"

"Mukahi-sempai, that's in England," Ohtori explained.

"...Nuh-uh! People over there have a British accent!"


"Dude, are you mentally challenged or insane?" Shishido asked.

"What does mentally challenged mean?"



"Well?" Mukahi demanded.

"It means you're stupid," Jirou mumbled before going back to sleep.

"Duuuuddeeee he just like...popped outta nowhere..."

This earned a round of stares from everybody else before they all went back to work. Excluding Mukahi.

15 minutes later...

"I have another question!"

"Oh great..." Shishido rolled his eyes.

"How are diamonds formed?"

"Ore-sama knows! A whole bunch of cows were squished together under very high pressure and they formed what is now known as a diamond! Ne, Kabaji?"



Atobe smirked. "Ore-sama knows better than any of you!"

"Atobe, did some of Gakuto's stupidity rub off on you?" Oshitari asked.

"Um, I think its more like carbon was squished together under very high pressure or something," Ohtori said.

"I cannot believe you of all people decided to be stupid on a study session!" This was from Shishido.

"Fifty laps."

And Shishido took off running.

"Gakuto, why are you asking all these questions?" Oshitari asked.

"Because I'm curious!"

"And why are you curious at a time like this?"

"Because I just am!"

"Then why are you asking us?"

"Because there's no one else in the library!" (A/N: Yes, they're in a library)


A random tumbleweed happens to roll by...


"Holy freaking crap!" Jirou exclaimed, suddenly waking up, bumping into Mukahi who bumped into Ohtori who bumped in to Shishido who had just came back from running fifty laps.

"OW! Dammit Jirou! Now my hair hurts!" Mukahi exclaimed.

Everyone started staring again.

"Did Ore-sama hear correctly? Did you just say "My hair hurts?" Atobe asked.

"How the fucking hell does your hair hurt?!" This from Shishido.

"Gakuto, your hair's dead. It can't hurt," Oshitari said, sighing.






"Hey, does anyone want to play Uno?"

"Aww, but I wanted to play Russia Square or whatever on the computer!"


Oshitari began reading a book while Jirou, Shishido, and Atobe started playing Uno. Ohtori decided to just start studying again.

15 minutes later...

"Guys, I have another question..."

"Would you please stop with the stupid god damn fricking annoying questions?!" Shishido yelled, getting VERY annoyed.

"They're not stupid questions! I have a right to know!"


"So, what's one half plus sixth eigths equal to?"


"How can you not know that?!"

"Shut up! I'm just not thinking today!"

"Do you ever think?"

"Shut it!"

"Make me."

"I'll cut off your tongue if you don't!"

"Gakuto, he'd go and kill you first," Oshitari said, not looking up from his book.

"Why is everyone ganging up on me today?!"

"It's because you're being stupid."

"No, seriously, I really really need to know what one half plus sixth eigths is."

"It's your face," Shishido said.

"Oh, thanks!"

Everyone stared for like..the hundreth time.

Atobe pulled out a deck of flash cards and went to sit in front of Mukahi. "Gakuto, please tell me what this is."

"It's a 5."



"Dude, it's E, like, the letter E!" Shishido said.


"Then what is this?" Atobe pulled out another card.


Everyone was just like o.O WTF..

"Dude, it's a picture of a waterfall..." Shishido said again. "Are you insane?




"Well, I'm not!"

"Okay, that's it. I'm outta here!" Shishido packed his bags and left.

"Ore-sama cannot handle this anymore!"

"Gakuto, you're hopeless."

"Nuh-uh! See! I got a 645.8 percent on my last history test! See?!" Mukahi waved his test in front of everyone.



"Gakuto, that's because you and Fuji switched for a day, remember? (A/N: Explained in the next fic)


Atobe got up and left, followed by Kabaji and later Oshitari.

Ohtori looked around and realized almost everyone had left and proceeded to go home.

Jirou had stayed...but was fast asleep.

"Jirou, wake up!"





And eventually Mukahi blew up because he got a brain freeze.

No, not really. He just left Jirou there and went home sulking.


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