One of my reviewers wondered what would happen if Tezuka and Mukahi switched for a day. I was all like "Hmm, maybe I should do that along with the three word thing. Yep.

This is after Study Session. Actually, the order goes like this:

Switched Out

Study Session

Switched Out Again.

Yeah. I'm creative, aren't I?

Here goes something, or rather, nothing?

Please read Study Session's second chapter, Switched Out before reading this.

Inui stared at his creation. He stared, and kept on staring.

I wonder what would happen if Tezuka drank this.

Tezuka just suddenly decided to appear in the room. "Inui, what are you doing?"






"Why should I?"

"If you don't, you'll let your guard down."


"This juice will make you immune to all my other creations. Therefore, you won't be affected anymore."


"So, are you going to drink or not?"

Tezuka, for some weird reason, decided that it wouldn't be harmful if he just tried one of Inui's creations. I mean, seriously, he had to know why all the others were making such a fuss. The last juice he tried wasn't that unbearable. So, he took the glass and drank the contents.

All hell broke loose. For the twentieth time.


Fuji was still shouting at Mukahi for getting a zero on his English test. "This is a chicken! How can you not know that?"

"Who the hell cares? It's not like it's going to help you grade if you explain to me every singl-"

Mukahi never finished his sentence. Because he fainted.

Fuji opened his eyes. "Inui..."

Three hours later. Inui's taking notes, and Fuji decided to wait until Mukahi woke up again. This time, the Hyotei regulars decided not to throw Mukahi in a broom closet cause they wanted to see what happened.


"Ii data." Inui was still furiously scribbling in his notebook.

Tezuka, of course, was still on the ground out cold.


Tezuka slowly opened his eyes. When he saw Inui in front of him he glared. "Please don't tell me you forced one of the regulars to drink your stupid juice again."

"This time it's Tezuka."

"Aw double fuck."


Mukahi opened his eyes.

"Dude, this is like, the second time you fainted this week!" This coming from Shishido. "Please don't tell me Inui did this to you again. Well? Did it work?"

"...I let my guard down again."

"Saa, so it's Tezuka this time."

"...Fuji, what are you doing here?"

"You're at Hyotei. In Mukahi's body, I might add."

"...I let my guard down."

(A/N: Tezuka is in Mukahi's body. He will be called Tezuka. Mukahi's in Tezuka's body. He will be called Mukahi. Okay?)


"I cannot believe you fucking did this to me again! Why the fucking hell didn't you just confisticate that thing? Is it that hard to just confisticate some stupid god dang recipe?!"

"Ii data."

Mukahi took the notebook from Inui. "This data freaking sucks! I'm seriously going to burn this thing!"

"Too bad. I have an extra copy."

"Aw triple fuck."

Just then Fuji and Tezuka banged into the room. "Inui, this time you've gone too far."

"Well, it didn't really do that much harm when Fuji tried it. They just switched bodies for a day," Inui said.

"...Was that the time when Fuji completely bombed the English test?"

Mukahi glared. "I told you! I couldn't tell the difference if the cat was a fucking cat or a cow! My English sucks! Jeez! Cut me some slack, won't you?"

Tezuka was all like, "..."

Fuji opened his eyes. "I still cannot believe I gave you a 645.8 percent on that history test."

Tezuka was still just like "..."

Mukahi glared again. "That's not the problem! Pretending to be you was already hard enough! Now I have to pretend to be a freaking stone-headed banana!"

Tezuka's eyebrow twitched. "I'm not a stone headed whatever you said. The bad part is that I have to pretend I'm stupid and overactive!"

"You don't have to pretend! Everyone at Hyotei already knows about the stupid switch thing!"

"Saa, only the regulars though," Fuji said. "So it really doesn't matter. Both of you have to pretend."

Twitch, twitch.


"Inui. 200 laps around the courts when this is over."

Lunchtime. Hell begins yet again.


"Dude, seriously. I really wanna know why caffeine is both in coffee AND soda!"

Everyone on the tennis team was all like, WTF?!

Fuji stomped on Mukahi's foot. "You're not supposed to ask stupid questions!"

"How the fucking hell is that a stupid question?"

Fuji stomped on Mukahi's foot again. "You're not supposed to swear either! Just act like a stone!"





"I'm bored."

Fuji mentally smacked his forehead. "Would you please just stay still for five minutes?!"

"Dude. Eat a banana. Go to the bathroom. Get a life."


"Fuji-sempai. What happened?" This from Ryoma.

"Saa, who knows?"

Inui was cackling while taking a horrendous amount of notes.

Mukahi decided to be smart for once. "Inui. 40 laps around the court. Now."


"Fuji-sempai. He just went back to normal," Ryoma said.

"Echizen. 20 laps around the court if you don't shut the hell up."

Fuji mentally smacked himself on the forehead again. "You're not supposed to swear!"

"..." Ryoma stared.

Everyone stared.

"Oh. So, like, seriously. Can someone help me understand why that fatass Math teacher decided to give us a shitload of homework? Dude, the guy has like, 6 moles on his neck or something. Oh, by the way Fuji, I seriously have no idea how you walk around with your eyes closed. And seriously, can your hair style get any more disgusting?" Mukahi pointed at Oishi.

Fuji opened his eyes and glared. "That's it! I'm not helping anymore! You can get sued for all I care!"

"...Why would I get sued?"

"Because you're being insane. Did you act this way when you pretended to be me?"

"No. I just asked a whole bunch of random questions. All that stone-faced banana did was just stare at me and tell me I had to get counceling or whatever."

"...Anyways, I wonder what's going on at Hyotei."

"Don't remind me. That stone-faced idiot is probably ruining my reputation."

"Saa, you're still going to get killed for getting a zero on that English test."

"You aren't being that smart yourself. You do realize everyone's staring at us right now, right?"

"..." Fuji mentally smacked his forehead for the third time.

Everyone on the tennis team was like, WTF?!

"I think buchou and Fuji-sempai have gone insane," Ryoma said.

Mukahi glared at everyone. "It's not my fault! Blame that glasses guy!"

"You're wearing glasses."

"The other one!"


"Duhh. He made this crazy juice so now I'm in this freaky stone-faced guy's body and he's in mine!"

"So then, who are you?"

"The best acrobatics player in the world, duhh!"

Kikumaru was just like he isn't.

"Anyways, I seriously need to know why Atobe said diamonds were formed cause cows were squished together. That doesn't make any sense."


"I wish I could jump off the roof. But I can't, cause people would be like, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!"


"I wonder where cheese comes from."


"Does it randomly appear out of thin air?"


"Did diamonds really come from cows?"


"Then I wonder where sapphires come from."


"Why can't the world just like, die?"


"Why can't chickens just start randomly talking?"


"Why do penguins even have wings? Then can't even fly!"


"I wonder if the people on Neptune know Japanese."


"I wonder what's the capital of Neptune."


"Does anyone want to play Truth or Dare?"


"You guys are boring."


Chaos, Hell. We all need it sometime in our lives.


"Gakuto. Talk," Oshitari said.

"I let my guard down."

Shishido threw up his hands. "He keeps on saying that! He's like, stupid!"

Tezuka glared. "Fifty laps."



"Dude, you can't order us laps. You're not the captain!"



Twitch. Twitch.

Jirou suddenly decided to wake up at that moment. "Ohhh, look! Duddddeee his eyebrow is like, totally twitching! That's like...sooooooo cool!!"


Everyone stared.

Jirou went back to sleep.

Shishido rolled his eyes.

Oshitari began reading.

"Ore-sama needs to know why Gakuto has been doing this lately. He sounds like Tezuka now."

"Gee, you just noticed?" Shishido smirked. "Took you long enough."

"Ore-sama does not know what you are talking about. Ore-sama demands that you explain."

"Tezuka magically is in Gakuto's body now. Enough said."


Tezuka glares.

"Ore-sama demands that he have a match with Tezuka this instant."





Chaos. Etc. They're gunna be arguing for a loooong time. Now back to Seigaku.


"Duuuuddddeeee what's up with your hair Fuji?" Mukahi asked. "It looks like a girl's haircut!"

Fuji just stared. He needs to stop acting like a girl.

"And what's up with your voice? It's like...girly."


"Duuuuddddeee that teacher looks fatttt. What did he eat, rocks?"


"Maybe he ate a fat chicken."


"And grew wings."


"Duuuuuuddeeee I need to like, grow wings sometime. Seriously..."


Hell. Chaos. It was the same with Fuji. This time, it's gotten a bit out of hand.

Three days later.

"Hmm. The effects stopped rather late. I must have more data."

"Inui. 400 laps. Now."

Mukahi glared. "You're freaking fat Tezuka, you know that?"

"You're short."

"Aw, quadruple fuck."

"And I have no idea why you decided to name the chicken on that English test 'Christopher Columbus'."

"I was bored."

"You let your guard down."

"Shut up. You let your guard down too. You're just jealous cause I had more fun than you."



"A yo-yo doesn't need to be called, 'Shishido's Head'."

"So? It's not like you got a zero on that test like Fuji did."

"I got a 1."

"Better than a zero."

"I'm blaming you."

"Blame Inui for creating the stupid thing."


"Kids, stay away from Inui. I don't know how many times I've repeated that. But please, just run away when Inui comes walking around with a pitcher of orange soda. Just don't think. Run."

This one. I didn't try to make it funny. I was just like, "Whateverrrrr I'm tiredddd..."

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