Sleeping In

by Palatyne


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Yoshio Ootori was alone in the smallest of his mansion's several dining rooms. He had decided to take the meal in the more informal of the rooms so as to read the newspaper at his leisure.

He was in the middle of his perusal when quite suddenly the dining room door creaked open and he saw his youngest son walk in.

"You have decided to return?" He asked.

His son bowed formally before speaking.

"As you can see."

"So you now agree to what I asked you, trivial thing that it was."

"Not so trivial since it required your personal attention." As he said the words, the younger Ootori took out from his pocket the plastic key card he had found in his room. He placed it on the table's surface and slid it towards his father. "Most people are loyal only to money."

Yoshio lowered the paper slightly to cast a fleeting glace at the key card. He raised his eyes to his son, betraying his interest.

"So you have succeeded?"

"Not in the manner you wanted." Kyouya replied casually.

"I suppose you are content with that?" The elder Ootori's voice held a hint of irritation.

"Very much."

"And Fujioka-san?"

"She is not your concern."

"I am simply curious."

The younger man raised his hand to adjust his glasses. For few seconds his hand lingered, shielding his eyes from view.

Finally he lowered his hand and looked directly at his father. In a voice that was both determined and challenging, he declared his plan.

"I will wait."

Yoshio now placed the paper firmly on the table. He now looked at his son directly. His brows were furrowed in obvious annoyance and his tone was both mocking and incredulous.

"You think you're in love with this girl?"

The younger Ootori did not immediately reply.

"Again, not your concern."

"And are you certain she will be yours?"

"I made a promise and I will keep my word."

Quite suddenly, Yoshio Ootori's eyes blazed.

For a few more moments he looked at his son with eyes burning with unspent anger. Yet as soon as it came, the moment of anger vanished.

Yoshio Ootori simply picked up his paper and with an expression of utter boredom, proceeded to direct his attention once more to its pages.

Kyouya's expression betrayed not a hint of surprise at his father's sudden disinterest. It was as if nothing at all had occurred between father and son.

"I will leave you now, Otou-sama. I'm sure you are busy."

Moving to excuse himself, Kyouya bowed low to his father. Yoshio did not look up from his paper nor did he do anything to acknowledge his son.

But he spoke again.

"You may end up waiting for nothing."

"That's a risk I am willing to take." Came a swift reply.

In a voice filled with disdain, Ootori Yoshio delivered his one message to his son.

"You are a fool."

Kyouya remained silent. His expression calm, impervious to his father's taunt. Calmly he bowed once more before turning towards the door.

The soft click of the door closing echoed in the room and the lone man in the room continued to peruse the paper.

Yet unseen by anyone, especially not his son, was the rare smile that graced the older Ootori's face.

And in a tone that was almost inaudible, he muttered.

"A fool, and an Ootori indeed."