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The silence hung in the room like a thick velvet veil between the Doctor and Rose. The air was humming with anger and shock and neither party knew what to do next. The very walls of the building seemed to be closing in and pushing the couple towards each other, to sit uncomfortably, pushed too close and yet still so far from where either wanted to be.

The Doctor was stoically looking down at the bed, his fingers unconsciously stroking back and forth over the ruffled linen where Rose's hand had so recently lain in his.

"I…" he began, but his words were lost somewhere between his mind and his mouth and he didn't know if he had ever had words. He wanted to say he was sorry, that it wasn't what he had meant, his first instinct was to parrot those long learned words once again. It was a defence, a genuine repentance that he had become hollow in the face of time itself, the sheer volume of people he had needed to comfort, to confess to. But that could never be Rose, Rose was so much more. Sorry couldn't cover this. And as the Doctor stared with cold and hollow eyes, eyes that for once showed every second of his years, he realised that perhaps nothing could. Everything in their past had been a gamble, they pushed their luck and he realised now they always had expected things to work their way.

The first time they had met he had waited in the shadows just long enough to see how this shop girl could handle herself, how she would react. He had let her swing from a barrage balloon to be rescued by a suave time agent. She had been left on an alien space ship while he swanned about in 18th Century France. They had always tempted fate, pushed things as far as they could. Rose had always been jeopardy friendly and he had seen it as an amusing, if slightly frustrating, quirk but this time things hadn't worked out, he had left it too long, pushed fate until the cord had snapped and Rose was left to dangle in her peril, and he hadn't been there.

Rose defiantly stared at the wall, she couldn't meet the Doctor's eyes but she kept glancing back to where his hand was caressing the blanket, the spot where their hands had so recently been joined. It felt like by tearing her hand away from his that she had torn them apart as well. She was so angry at him for not being there, for leaving her to begin with, but mostly for just not knowing how she felt. And now he had treated her like any other stranger who had suffered in his wake. All she really wanted was for him to hold her and tell her how much he loved her but she couldn't bring herself to give in, to reveal herself even more before him. She waiting, holding her breath and praying he would take her face in his hands and force her to look at him. She prayed he would just scream at her, that he loved her and really was sorry, that she meant everything to him. She just wanted to be held. Her gaze was dragged from the wall as he moved slowly but purposefully. Her chest hitched as she wished he could drag her into his arms, but instead she watched him walk silently out of the room and out of her life.

A tear rolled down her cheek and her held breath fell from her in a choked sob. Rose looked at the door as it swung shut behind the Doctor and as she fell back on her pillows she held out her hand to the empty space and asked her Doctor to never leave her.

"I told you forever." She whispered into the empty air. And then silence.


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