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Chapter 01 (caution this chapter will include a detail description of Sasori's human puppet process)

Sasori of the Red Sand looked over the cave where one tailed demon had been extracted as it was now littered with craters, up turned rocks formations, and remains of broken puppets (two being his favorite puppets and the ten which belong to the creator of Kugutsu). It was certainly ashame that he had to destroy the Ten Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu and that his two favorite puppets were also destroyed in the battle but in the end what he would gain would definitely outweighed the loss he had suffered to today.

"You provided me with a very interesting fight," Sasori said as he looked down at a beaten and unconscious girl around fifteen years old with pink hair. She was wearing a red forehead protector from ninja village of Konoha. This was none other then Sakura Haruno who had been knocked out after she managed not only save his grandmother's life but also managed to avoid getting stabbed in a vital spot at the same time.

"You were simply amazing," Sasori said as bent over to get a closer look at leaf chunin. He then looked over to where his two favorite puppets that had been destroyed as a result of this battle: Hiruko, which he wore all the time like a coat, and the Third Kazekage, which was his strongest puppet.

She looked so calm lying there unconscious, and from just looking at her now, it would be hard to believe that she even be as strong as she was while she was still conscious.

As Sasori looked down at Sakura's prone form, he eyes then ventured to the broken puppets that lay scattered across the cave that had just been their battleground. The immortal puppeteer from Suna repeated this process a couple of time before getting an idea for what he was going to do about replacing two of his favorite puppets as well as what to do with remains of Chikamatsu's ten puppets, since it was everyday that he came across a mother load of premium parts like this and he was definitely going to make use of them as it would be a waste not otherwise.

"Since you destroyed my favorite puppets, it's only right that you make it up to me by replacing them, right?" Sasori asked the unconscious girl.

Sakura did not respond to the question that would change her life and fate possibly forever, though, how could she since she was currently unconscious and had no idea what Sasori was saying. So, he was pretty much deciding this all on his own.

"Since you're not saying anything in response, I guess I will take that as yes then," Sasori told her as he heaved the pink hair girl over his shoulder.

'You were so nimble and agile in the way you managed to avoid most of my traps, and there was the strength displayed when you destroyed my favorite puppets. When I thinking about it, you were already like a living puppet with the way my Grandma was controlling you back when she still had two arms. Then there is that mind of yours allowed you to come up with antidote to my poison, something that will prove most useful as I will use that knowledge of yours to make an even stronger poison. But those skills of yours will decrease with age just like my grandma if I treat you like a living puppet so you are going to become human puppet instead, so that power of yours will never decrease,' Sasori thought.

'Though, what a puppet that does not have any a few extras connected to it?' the Red Sand thought as he grabbed and then when about gathering various pieces of Hiruko, Third Kazekage, and Chikamatsu's puppets.

"Although you destroy my favorite puppets, I am going to combine elements of them as well as Chikamatsu's puppets with you since you are not going to be the replacement for the both of them but will be vastly superior to the both Hiruko and the Third Kazekage combined," Sasori said. 'Also you are quite beautiful; I going to make sure that I take extra care to capture that beauty so that can be used as a weapon as well,' Sasori thought as he planned to make it so she could double as spy puppet since the puppet in his collection were all meant for battle. There were quite of few human puppets of various ages (from kids to seniors citizens) in his collection that he used simply for luring his targets (male or female) into lowering their guard, thus allow him to get whatever he wanted from them.

Sasori took one last looked at his fallen grandmother Chiyo one last time and thought about for a second as there were more then enough spare parts left over to make her into excellent human puppet as well. After thinking it over though, he had said during the battle that he was going to add both of them. Now that he was at this point where he could, he no longer desired having her in his collection. While he was no longer interested in her as potential new face in his already vast collection, he felt there was no need for him to kill her as time would do that for him eventually anyway, and he already had enough human puppets of her age already. Thus Sasori left the battlefield with Sakura and the things he was going to add onto her future puppet body.

With the wooded area that Naruto and Kakashi fought against Deidara….

The clay user hand popped out the ground, revealing that he was not dead as seemly blowing himself up front to his opponents.

"I see that you lost to the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, Deidara," Sasori said as he appeared just in time to see his partner as he fully dug his way out the ground.

"They were just stronger then I expected, and that Kakashi guy almost killed me with that eye of his," Deidara told him then noticed he had the pink hair girl over his shoulder.

"So you're going to make that girl into one of your puppet huh? Let me guess, she destroyed Hiruko so you're going to have her replace it?" the clay using nin asked as that would be the only reason he was not wearing the slug like puppet now.

"Of course, though it was not only Hiruko but my Third Kazekage puppet as well," the puppeteer told him.

"You mean that she was strong enough to do something like that?" Deidara asked. Sasori had purposely made the body of those two stronger then any of his other puppets for the sheer fact that they were his favorite and he used them in battle the most.

"Not exactly. She was being used like a puppet by my grandma but the strength and skills she displayed were her own for the most part. She's going to make me a wonderful puppet, probably the strongest one I have ever made, especially after I add all of these things to her," Sasori said as jerked his head toward his other shoulder where he had various limbs, weapons, and other things he taken from all the puppets scattered across the cave he did battle in.

"Well, I am going to make her into my best human puppet yet, so you know where to find me if the leader gives us another assignment. All right?" Sasori said as he walked off.

Deidara just shrugged his shoulders. He had to get his arm reattached to him that is once he could find it.

'Just what the hell was that attack anyway? I have never seen something like that before, even from the bastard Itachi,' the blonde Akatsuki member thought as they searched the woods for his arm that had his Akatsuki Ring.

Deidara spent the next couple of minute looking for his arm, only to have it given to him by a man in orange mask that was calling himself Tobi.

A few days later in undisclosed location that was far away from both Suna and Konoha...

'Where am I?' Sakura thought. She came to, only to see that she was trapped in cage in what looked like a demented version of puppeteer workshop. She then closed her eyes again as she tried to focus on just what had happened to her before this moment. The last thing at that she remembered was that Chiyo-sama and she were fighting against her grandson after that idiot Naruto left to chase after Gaara. She knew how he must have felt since they both had demons sealed in them, but really he need to start thinking before he acts. Then it hit her. She remembered the last thing that happened before now, that being saving Chiyo and possible her own life by managing to block a poison sword strike from Sasori, only to have him grab her head, and then slam it down hard into the ground. That effectively knocked her out in the process.

"Ahh! I see that you are finally awake. I was starting think that I would have to a skip a step since you were taking so long to come around," Sasori said as he appeared in the doorway of his demented puppeteer workshop with a large load of wood and a bunch of large scrolls.

"Where is Chiyo-sama, why have you captured me, and do you think a cage like this can hold me?" Sakura demanded since the bars looked old and rusted to the point that one of her charka enhanced punches should do the trick.

"I would like to see you try to break this cage," Sasori said with a smirk on his face as he wiped two blood stain table where place the scrolls on one and the wood on another.

"Fine, you asked for it," Sakura said as she punched the bars but then screamed out in pain as nothing happened the way it was suppose to.

"Did you really think that I would let you keep your ability to gather and use charka before I was completely ready to transform you into my puppet?" he told her as approached her cage.

"Your what?" Sakura yelled. She was not going to let herself be turned into this guy plaything if she had anything to say about it. This guy was sick to have turned his own parents and who knows how many other into puppets, so there was no tell what he would do to her if he transformed her into one as well. Just then images of puppet version of herself being used to do a number of things that she would never do otherwise began flashing through her head.

"That's right. You're going to become my three hundred creation and not only replace the two puppets that you destroyed with the help of my grandmother but surpass them as well," he informed her.

"Now to have you write down in detail everything that you're capable of since I'm sure that the battle was not fully display of your skills," Sasori said as he opened the cage with one hand and had the other form charka strings that connected to Sakura's body.

The pink hair chunin stared at the missing Sand nin with defiance since there was no way she was just going to willingly do as he says even if she did not have the ability to gather or use charka at the moment. She should still be able to resist him control of her body, at least to some degree.

"You do not really have choice in the matter. In few minutes, I'll have control of your mind as well as your body," Sasori said as, despite her best efforts, Sakura's body was slowing being pulled towards him step by step.

'This looked like it would be some much easier from seeing grandmother do it,' Sasori thought quickly getting impatient that the most he could make Sakura do were small step as the amount force he need to used in controlling the charka string were far from the light and fluid motion that Chiyo used when doing the same thing. Then again she was willingly allowing herself to used a puppet, now she was fighting against it with every muscle in her body.

Sakura felt the string drop from her body as she regain control her limbs only to feel a black seal with red writing on being place on her forehead because Sasori felt this was taking to long and rather then make her come to him, he just went to her instead.

'What this seal he placed on my ....must...fight...must... resist...must...endure...must...must obey my master commands,' Sakura thought as her eyes widened before becoming vacant and devoid of all life as her face also went expressionless soon after.

'Perfect!' Sasori thought as the seal worked in stealing away her free will away from her making her into his willing slave and able to do only what he commanded her too. The seal that now sat squarely on Sakura's forehead was based off the one he had stolen from Orochimaru back when they were still partners. Since they were the based off the prototype version and not the ones that he heard were used on the First and Second Hokage when invade his home village, Sakura had not permanent lost her free will and if the seal was removed, it would come back. But there was no one here but him and her, so there was no chance of that happening.

Sasori then cupped Sakura's face in his hand and then turned her head from right to left.

Sakura for her part did nothing as this was happening but stared straight ahead at nothing. She was unable to lift a single muscle or even form a single thought on her own at the moment.

"Say your name," Sasori ordered her after releasing her face.

"Sakura Haruno," she then replied instantly monotonous tone void of all emotion.

"Punch yourself in the gut normally without using your charka." He then told her she was no longer in the cage since there was no longer a need for a literal change with the seal now firmly in place.

Sakura then lifted her hand and drove it into her gut as she was commanded to as the blank expression never left her face even after she was pushed back some by the force of her fist colliding with her gut.

"Dance in circle," He ordered her.

Sakura then began to dancing various dance moves she knew all while going in a circle exactly as she was told to.

"Now go over there and right down all of your abilities in detail starting with how you counter act my poison," he order her.

Sakura then walked over to the table where he placed the large scroll, unrolled one, and began to do as she was told.

Sasori smiled. This seal sure did save him some trouble, while before he would have to guess what his human puppet were able to do from what he saw while fighting them. With this, he could get them to tell him everything they knew how to do in detail and in writing thus saving him from the countless hours he spend before using the seal, in wondering what ability his newest human puppets had and how to use them to their fullest potential.

Over the next week, Sakura wrote in detail all of her abilities, both medical and combat wise. She only stopped when her body gave out and she collapsed on the table. Sasori would then take a food pill (which kept in his workshop for this reason) and make her swallow them. It just wouldn't do to have the person that was going to be joining his collection look malnourished before they were officially the newest part of his collection.

He wondered just how a medic nin human puppet would work out. This was something that he had never really tried before, so he was very interested in seeing how Sakura would turn out once she was finished. A puppet with the ability to heal was something—that was something he would have never thought of before since his body, his puppets, and her own soon enough would be nothing but wood with charka inside it. Maybe the use of her medical ability could be as a deadly technique disguised as healing or it might be possible that Sakura would have the ability to repair herself with her own medical techniques.

But what he was most interested in was using her knowledge of poison, which now written down in a large scroll. He wanted to create a poison that really did have no antidote, since if was possible to make one than any poison to be made into harmless protein, then maybe it would be possible to make that antidote into a poison that turns harmless protein into deadly poisons thus poisoning the target with their own body's protein. Whatever the case was, he was sure that she was going to be an interesting human puppet indeed.

Also, while she was doing this, he got together all the things that he needed to before he could begin turning Sakura into a human puppet because everything needed to be perfect. Messing up in the middle of process was not an option and she was not going to be a human normal puppet, but one that was fitting of being his hundred creation as well as the one able to superior all others before her.

On the eight day, Sasori came into the workshop to see Sakura was sitting there with her hand in her lap not moving at all.

"Are you sure you wrote everything down?" Sasori inquired.

"Yes, master," Sakura responded from where she was, not even turning her head to do so.

"Than taken off your clothes, as well everything else you have on, and throw them in the trash over there since you will no longer need them."

With out hint of embarrassment or shock running across Sakura's blank face, she stripped naked and dispose of her clothes in the trash and stood there awaiting her next order.

"Now come over here and strap yourself into these shackles," Sasori commanded the pink hair teenager, which she did without a moment's delay.

With this done, Sasori could begin the sickening process of converting Sakura from human girl to human puppet girl.

He first started with her feet by chopping them from her ankle, and right after he severed her feet, he placed two seal on her ankles to stop the bleeding so she did not bleed to death. For this to work, he couldn't have her dying on him because of blood loss.

Sasori took a moment to look at the seal on Sakura's forehead and was glad that stole that prototype seal from the Snake Sanin because before using it, he would have to listen to a future human puppet's scream and curses as he went through the human puppet making process. However now, thanks to this seal, he could work in peace as they could do anything he had told them to, even when he working on transforming their body.

Returning his attention to the task at hand, he took Sakura's feet and using through a process he created, drained the charka from her feet into a container that kept the charka from vanishing. He then hallowed out her feet, getting rid of the muscle, bones, tissues, blood, etc. Once this was done, he grabbed two wooden feet made of a special wood lying on a table to his left. This wood was the same that most ninjas used to make the paper that allowed them to see what their elemental type was; however, he altered it so that it would absorb charka and store it within itself. This was how he managed to have his human puppets retain their charka within their wooden bodies. He then slid the wooden feet inside Sakura's like a person who was putting on a pair of shoes, then stuck the two of them inside the container with her charka. Once inside, the wooden feet would absorb the charka and for some reason wooden feet would also expand in till they took on the exact shape of person's hallow out feet (in this case Sakura's). He did not know why this happened but he really did not care nor put too much thought into it. After all, the charka had been absorbed. He left them in there to dry and to make sure that all the charka and been absorbed into the wood. When this was complete, he removed them from the container, took a scalpel, and slowly and carefully cut free the wood feet from original person's feet. Once finished, he threw away skin into the trash since it no longer served any purpose for him. He placed the wooden feet on table to his right.

Sasori continued this process all the way up Sakura's body until the girl was nothing more then pile of wooden parts laying on table. Before placing her head in the container, he removed the seal and placed her head inside the container quickly before her free will could return. After the process draining the charka from her head was done, he carefully and with great care separated her hair from her head. Then he placed it down with other wooden body parts, leaving Sakura's hair that was now different then a wig made of human hair. Before going about hallowing out her head, Sasori plucked out her eyes and transformed into simple puppet eyes through another process that he had created.

Now he took her charka less, bald, and eyeless head, hollowed it out just like the rest of her body, and slipped a wooden head into it before submerging it in the container holding charka that he drained earlier. Once the wood had absorbed the charka and had taken the shape of her head, he freed her bald and wooden head from her skin of her original one. Then he attached her hair to it, and for some reason, the second her hair made connect with her wooden head, it became glued on and could not be removed again. Next, he placed her eyes into the empty wooden eye sockets where they too became permanently set yet still able to move like normal eyes. With that done, Sasori held the wooden head of the Haruno girl in his hand and examined it closely before placing it down with the other body parts.

Now that his three hundred creation's body parts were finished, it was time to work on the extra thing that he had wanted to add to this new human puppet. He grabbed Sakura's wooden hands, feet, and torso and took them over to three containers that were filled with the Third Kazekage's Iron Sand and charka. After placing them with these containers, they complete absorbed the charka and took the Iron Sand with them once they had. The point behind this was that Sasori wanted to have her able to use the Sand to increase her punching and kicking power even more than what was possible when she only used chakra and also added the ability morph her feet in various things like knives and claws. As for her torso, that's where the rest of the sand would be stored so she could use it in the same way that Sasori had with the Third Kazekage when he used him in battle. Though for some reason the sand had seemed to lose the poison that he added to it and he was also unable to reapply the poison. As for Hiruko's tail, which he had collected and repaired, he connected it at where the base of her spine had been.

With the addition from his old favorite puppets completed, he began laying out the things that he had collected from Chikamatsu's ten puppets. The bombs used by the second puppet were placed into a seal located on her right palm. While in the left palm was a seal which held the charka sealing orb used by the third puppet. Another two seals were then placed on her forearms where the two large head-cleaving swords of the seventh puppet were stored, and thanks to Sakura's charka, enhanced strength and dexterity would not drop because of their sheer size and weight. The reason he placed them all in seals rather then within her body was because he did not want to weigh her wooden body down with anymore weight then he needed too. Also, she could not double as one of his puppets he used to get information and other things if her weight was unnatural for girl her height and size. With the extras done, for now at least, all that was left was to assemble her piece by piece

Sasori then stood back and then walked around his three hundred creation once he had finished assembling her. He looked the naked pink hair puppet over from head to toe, examining it and making sure all the joints worked correctly. Then he added the last touch, which was painting and polishing her body with his specially design paint and polish that he created. He only did this once every hundred puppets that he had made, so that Sakura and two others were the only ones of three hundred human puppets in his collection that were painted to have their body the same color it was when they were human. The polish would make the wooden Sakura waterproof, protected against rotting, termites, etc. Sasori did not have to worry about painting over the seals that were on her hands and forearms because they were carved into her body and specially painted over them to give the appearance she was pulling the contents of the seals from nowhere.

"Perfect! Now for a repeat of what happened almost two weeks ago," Sasori said as he stood some distant away from his newest creation and let his charka string attach to her body. Sakura began moving and walking over to Sasori without a hint of the resistance she showed two weeks ago, mostly because the only thing left of her original body was her hair, eyes, and charka. Sasori noticed as made Sakura move around the workshop acting a maid of sorts cleaning up the leftover and dispose of trash (all her original body parts) that there were no loud clicking sounds coming from her body.

Thus this confirmed his theory's point that limiting the amount of weaponry and features inside a puppet was a way of preventing the clicking sounds that most of the puppets today displayed. Though she was not filled to the top with traps and hidden weapons, this did not put her at disadvantage in a battle. Thanks to the Third Kazekage's Iron Sand, her own super strength, and few hidden surprises he managed to work in, in different manner then housing them inside her body.

Having finished the initial test run, Sasori took the Sakura puppet and made her follow him outside where he performed a number of her moves, tested of her use of Iron Sand, and thought of ways to add her newly added tail, bombs, swords, and charka sealing orb into her fighting style.

"I see that you're finished changing her into one of your human puppets, though you did it again," Deidara said as he showed up and watched the wooden Sakura perform under the control of Sasori.

"Did what?" Sasori asked as the Sakura puppet crushed a large rock then started attacking tree with claws made of Iron Sand around her hands and feet while she swung from tree to tree with her tail.

"Nothing," Deidara sighed, wondering if this was something Sasori did on purpose since no matter who he transformed, he always does this during the first test run of his newest human puppet.

That thing being Sakura, since he brought the puppet out to test her shortly after he completed assembled her, meaning she was still naked. The wooden Sakura was doing all these things while she was butt naked. However, since she was nothing more then a human puppet now, Deidara guessed Sasori only saw her as his property and did not care in slightest that that she was doing this while nude. Though if Sakura was aware of her current state, she probably would be incredibly embarrassed at being made to jump around while she was wearing nothing but her birthday suit

"So do we have any new orders for the leader yet?" Sasori asked as turned his attention toward Deidara again. In response, his partner just shook his head no.

"Then why did you come here then?" he asked.

"I wanted to see if you were finished with your latest creation and it seems that you have," Deidara replied.

A few hours later…

Sasori was standing before the Sakura puppet again. This time he had dressed her in the coat that he all of his other puppets wore. However since she was his three hundred creation, she would have a different color then the others as another sign of him reaching another hundredth puppet. Her coat was a maroon like color; yet, as sign that she had some of the abilities of the Chikamatsu's puppets, her collar was like theirs, only a dark maroon color and her cloak sleeves were as long as the seventh puppet's whose swords she now carried in seals on her forearms. Grabbing a scroll off the table, he then stored Sakura in there and placed her where he had once kept the Third Kazekage. With this done, he left the lab and then went off to go see where he would soon receive real combat experience with his newest human puppet.

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