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Who Wants to Win Haruhi's Heart?: Chapter 1-"The Game is afoot"
Kyouya looked up from typing on his laptop to see none other than the Ouran High School Host Club's king enter the Third Music Room, the club's headquarters.

"You're early, Tamaki." Kyouya went back to typing, clearly uninterested. He was the first one in the music room every time they had a meeting. "The meeting doesn't start for another half hour."

"Yeaaahh…" Tamaki chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "I know. But I wanted to talk to you about something." He waited for Kyouya to stop typing, but it never happened.

"It's important…" Tamaki cooed in a sing-song voice.

Kyouya kept on typing.

"It has to do with the club…" he continued as he moved closer.

Still typing.

"It's about Haruhi."

The typing stopped and Kyouya glanced up at Tamaki at the mention of Haruhi, the only female member of the Host Club; just as quickly he went back to typing.

"Okay, Tamaki. What is it?" he stared back at the screen as he listened.

"Well, I'm concerned. I know this year just started and we have a whole lot of time to work it out…" Tamaki sat on the couch across from Kyouya.


"But I figured we should probably work it out right away just so it's not in the way, you see." He pressed his two index fingers together as if he was nervous. "And then we don't have to worry about it in case either of us gets into some freak accident, 'cause you know… I really don't want to leave the decision to the twins. They're not really all that responsible and…"

"You're rambling, Tamaki."

Suddenly Kyouya's laptop snapped shut and Tamaki's teary-eyed, puppy-dog face was in its place.

"Mommy! What's Haruhi going to DO when we're gone! She won't have us to protect her from the evils of the world!" Tamaki jumped up and started into one of his dramatic episodes. "What if something happens? What if somebody tries to do something bad to her? I don't think I could take it!! GYAAAARRGH!!" Tamaki started yelling in frustration and continued rambling on about all the bad stuff that could happen to Haruhi, but Kyouya wasn't listening anymore. "The brothers could forget about her and leave her somewhere!"

All Kyouya had heard was "What's Haruhi going to DO when we're gone?" He was now indulging himself in some speculation of what life may be like at Ouran for young Haruhi as a senior with only Hikaru and Kaoru left from the original club.

"What if the school catches fire and she gets trapped inside??"

Life certainly could be an adventure for Haruhi. There's no doubt that she would take it all like the man she was pretending to be; Haruhi was tough like that, nothing frightened her that he knew of. She could succeed at anything that she put her mind to. And that's just why she was going to be the one.

"WHAT IF SHE GOES INTO POVERTY?!?" Kyouya flinched at Tamaki's yelling; he had completely forgotten about him. He calmly reopened his laptop and continued to type.

"There's no need for you to worry about Haruhi. She will be taken care of." He sedately stated, immediately stopping Tamaki in the middle of his rant.

"Really? By whom?" He was still standing with his hands in the air, like he was still yelling, but he was completely calmed down now.

Kyouya looked up from his laptop, leaned back in his chair and grinned at Tamaki.


Tamaki got big-eyed and put his hands down. Kyouya? Taking care of my Haruhi?

"You?" Kyouya nodded curtly, still grinning. "But… Why, Kyouya?" Tamaki waited for a second, looking at Kyouya rather confusedly. But a grin popped onto his face a moment later. "Oh! I gotcha! You're brilliant! We can just come back and take care of her! Just because we'll be graduated doesn't mean we have to part!" He became so happy and started swaying and swooning. "I can be with my lovely Haruhi!"

"No, Tamaki, that's not it." That froze Tamaki.

"No? Then…… what?" A sigh came from Kyouya.

"Tamaki, this was going to wait until later, but I suppose I'll tell you now." His grin disappeared and his gaze turned into the cold stare that he usually wore. "I am going to marry Haruhi. I am going to ask her before we graduate and she and I will get married the year later, when she graduates. She will be perfectly safe in my care. There will be no need for you to worry."

No response from Tamaki. He just stood still as a statue and stared, wide-eyed, at Kyouya, who just stared right on back. Finally, after a few seconds, it all sank in.

"YOU'RE GOING TO WHAAAAAAT???" Tamaki started throwing a fit again. And Kyouya stared out the window.

"Marry Haruhi. My father realized Haruhi's potential as a future wife. She shows great promise and is going to become a lawyer; she would benefit my family. When my father told me that he wanted me to marry Fujioka Haruhi, I agreed. Because honestly…" He looked back to Tamaki, grinning again. "Who doesn't love Haruhi?" I know I do…

Tamaki stopped. It sounded strange coming from Kyouya, but he knew what he meant. All of the members of the Host Club loved Haruhi in one way or the other. They were always getting her attention or trying to win her affections. Not everyone loved her romantically… But I do… I can't let Kyouya just take her away like this. Not without putting up a fight. I love Haruhi too! And I want her to be mine!

"Is that so?" Kyouya chuckled. "Are you going to be competing with me?" Tamaki didn't realize that he said those last two sentences out loud. But he wasn't going to back down now.

"That's right Kyouya. I'm going to marry Haruhi, not you!" Tamaki was suddenly very determined.

"I don't see how…. She thinks you're an idiot." Kyouya wasn't taking Tamaki seriously at all.

Tamaki was flabbergasted! She does not! ... Does she?

"Well, she thinks you're evil!" The grin disappeared, replaced by a glare as he stood up to face Tamaki.

"You're far too cheesy for her tastes!"

"How would you know? She thinks you're stuck-up!" It became very silent. They were now glaring each other down in an intense glare-off. They were trying to evaporate each other with their minds.


"Well, if we can't decide….. Let's play a game!" The twins, Hikaru and Kaoru popped in in-between the two with that little exclamation. Kyouya calmly sat down and Tamaki just blinked at their unexpected arrival.

"When did you two get here…?" Tamaki asked, looking astounded.

"Stay out of it, twins; this is none of your business." Kyouya stated.

"We've been here for most of the talk about Haruhi..." Hikaru started.

"And it most certainly is our business if it includes Haruhi." Kaoru finished as he folded his arms and smiled.

"You had pointed out that we all love Haruhi…" Hikaru faced Tamaki.

".. And thus, we should be included if it has to do with winning her love in return." Kaoru faced Kyouya. The two men were being faced down by the identical twins.

Tamaki and Kyouya were about to protest, but were stopped when their topic of conversation walked through the door with a big smile on her face.

"Hey, guys! Sorry I'm late, did I miss anything?" She looked just as she always did: Dressed in her school uniform (A guy's) and neatly groomed. She really was very pretty, and coupled with her personality she was darned near irresistible!

The two oldest males looked at each other for a few seconds. If they had to duel it out to win her, then so be it. They seemed to exchange those words and nodded at one another before smiling over to Haruhi, who didn't seem to notice anything strange going on. But the twins noticed their submissive nods and grinned, leaving them so they could go hang on Haruhi, like they always do.

"Good Morning, Haruhi!" Tamaki cheerfully greeted her. "You haven't missed a thing."

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