Angela: -literally on the verge of falling asleep, drooling on her hand- So... Wow, I don't even know actually. Seriously, I'm about to fall asleep, so... I'mma go do that, and come back to this when I wake up again.

Which seems to be now. As usual, I don't own YGO.

Ryou gets to rambling in his head one night...

He's everything I want, everything I need. I need his soft smiles, the ones he saves only for me, even though he hates me and I'm oh so weak when he sends them my way but I hate him so much and I love him so dearly.

I need him to put me together, but he just pushes me away and I discover one more wound on my heart, wishing he'd say it and he'll never say and oh how I wish I could say it but I never can and I don't know why oh why,

He's still listening for the echo of angels who'll never come back and I'll just sit here and watch him and know it's fine because I'm waiting for him to love me back even though we hate and hate and hate and love each other anyway. I'll watch it all.

He's so angry all the time, oh so mad and and it's pretty but violent and painful all at the same time and it makes me smile because he's beautiful, but it makes me cry because it makes me hurt inside and I don't know why.

IneedhimIneedhimIneedhim! Why do I need him? Someone tell me why please so I can stop needing him, no no, never stop, I need him, I have to need him.

He needs me too, but he doesn't know it, he's too blind but he sees so clearly and that scares me because if he sees so clearly, then he might see through me and know I hate him while I'm loving him. He's so bad for me, but oh how he's so good for me too.

But I still need him.

I'm everything he wants, and all he'll ever need. But I hate him and love him, so I'll never give these things to him because I'm bad for him. I'll hurt him in the end.

And that's why he needs me.

And that's all.