A/N: Me and my friend Eileen made this up at a Guide Camp a few years ago, and for some reason, unbeknown to me, I suddenly remembered it, and thought I'd use it in a short fic :D It's (very) short and sweet and fluffy and… well funny really :D

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The Doctor was stood in the TARDIS kitchen, making himself a sandwich and was singing to himself.

"Oh banana sandwiches are tasty,

'specially when you eat them for your tea,

Bread, and chocolate spread,

That's how banana's aught to be."

As he made the aforementioned banana and chocolate spread sandwich, Rose walked in behind him and stood attempting to stifle her laughter. Somewhat unsuccessfully.

"Nice song," she commented, swallowing the laughter threatening to explode from her.

"Rose! Hello! Sandwich?" he turned and exclaimed.

"No thanks, I'll pass. Besides, bananas aught to be like this." And she picked one up from the table and slowly began to peel it, her eyes never leaving the Doctor's, desire smouldering in them. When peeled, she bought it to her mouth and placed the tip in her mouth, letting her eyes drift shut as she let her teeth sink into it. As she chewed, she opened her eyes and looked back at the Doctor, who was stood wide eyed and slack jawed at her actions.

She smiled to herself. "Anyway, see ya later," and she winked before taking another bite of the banana and left the kitchen smiling wickedly. She walked down the corridor towards her room, counting. Before she'd even reached five, she heard a desperate, almost strangled cry of "Rooose!" come from the kitchen. Her plan had worked.