Hello, peoples! (Yes, I will put my A/N up here.)

So, this story was made because I needed to post something up for my dA account, or my SasuHina club would kick me out… This actually didn't take long, since it hit me entirely in a dream. No, seriously. My dream was that Hinata and Sasuke was having a conversation about how their love blossomed, many years after their marriage.

So, hope you enjoy A Conversation…! And, if you have any comments, questions, flames, or priases on how I did, go ahead and post 'em! I welcome them all!!

DISCLAIMER: Do I have to put it up? This is for Pete's sake. But, anyway…I do not own Hinata, Sasuke, or the anime/manga Naruto in any way, shape, or form!!

You looked at me with such cruelty.

You tried to avoid my eyes.

You brushed off my words.

You got annoyed and stood up to me.

You took interest and listened.

You tried to avoid me out of embarrassment.

You tried being nice.

You just stayed in your shell.

You got annoyed with me.

You asked me "why".

You said I was "so annoying".

You followed me afterwards.

You tried to make me stop.

You ignored my threats.

You gave up.

You became nice and calm around me.

You started to let down your guard, and told me about your family.

You accepted me anyway.

You were shocked when I told you about my love for him.

You got jealous anyway when I started dating.

You teased more.

You blushed more.

You were slipping away from me.

You threatened to run away.

You stopped everything.

You started your payback by dating him.

You tried to avoid me.

You started getting worried.

You told me it was "fine".

You didn't believe me.

You still tried to avoid me.

You stopped coming all of a sudden.

You visited me for the first time.

You told me he dumped you because you talked with me.

You got very angry quickly.

You told me to "stay out".

You ignored me.

You said you hated me.

You said you loved me.

You got scared and ran off.

You followed.

You tried to make me stop.

You just kept on following me.

You stopped after a while and broke down crying.

You lent me your shoulder.

You told me you were "sorry".

You looked away.

You started confessing your true feelings towards me.

You were pleased.

You placed your hands on my cheeks.

You blushed for the very first time.

You wrapped your arms around me and kept sobbing.

You stroked my hair with your arm and lifted up my head.

You held me tight as our lips touched.

Some help?

BOLD Sasuke