Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto and the others are now 17 or 18. Sasuke finally kills his brother and returns home. He's shocked to find out how much people have changed and have grown. Eventually he finally admits to his friends that he has feelings for Sakura.




After years of training and suffering he finally had found his brother and was going to take him out once and for all. He stopped in a clearing not to far from where his target was located. He had harnessed all of his hatred and pain to make him stronger to avenge his clan and to rid the world of him and with that the suffering he had made him and so many others go through.

He jumped down a few branches from the one he was previously on and looked at his team. "How far is he Karin and who is with him."

She formed the seals and soon canceled the jutsu afterwards. "Just him and Kisame."

"Hn, you three get Kisame. I get Itachi." They nodded and once again were on their way. "Ah, so foolish little brother you found me once again." Sasuke remained emotionless. "Hn, this will be the last time to because I'm going to kill you today."

Meanwhile with the rest of Team Hebi

Suigetsu and Jugo were battling Kisame while Karin stood in the shadow's of the tree's and watched Sasuke and Itachi's fight and parts of Suigestu, Jugo, and Kisame's fight. All three shinobi were starting to get tired but Suigetsu and Jugo finally managed to kill Kisame and Suigetsu took the Samahada (A/N spelling?). They jumped to a tree not to far from Sasuke's battle and watched patiently as the end of it was approaching.

Sasuke had managed to land a couple of attacks on Itachi and block some of his. "You finally became strong enough foolish little brother to kill me I must congratulate you for finally being able to accomplish your goal." Sasuke took out his kantana and charged it with a more powerful version of chidori and plunged it into his brother's heart.

After he couldn't see his brother's chest rise and fall he checked for a pulse. There wasn't any, good he could finally put his attention to his second goal, repopulating his clan and there was only one place he was willing to do that at. Konohagakure where his clan had a history and had always lived.

Karin was happy, Itachi was gone and she knew what Sasuke's second goal was and she wanted to be the one to help him, but he already had some one in mind he just had to make amends with her.

Karin smiled at Sasuke. "So what are you going to do now Sasuke-kun?"

"Hn, I'm going back to Konoha."

"Can I come to?" She gave him her best puppy dog eyes even though no matter how many times she tried they wouldn't work on him.

"Like I told you once I killed Itachi you were free to go where ever because you had completed your duties."

Suigetsu picked up his knew weapon. "If you don't mind me asking Sasuke but if I would come along do you think I could become a ninja there?"

Sasuke looked over to him. "They most likely would except you as a ninja there after a while."

Suigetsu smiled. "Then I'm coming with you it'd be nice to live in a village again."

"Hn, fine with me." Jugo put down his canteen that he was previously drinking from. "I'm comin with you guys too."

"Hn, I'm leaving at dawn if you're not up and ready I'm leaving without you." They nodded and set up camp for the night.

With team seven in lightning country

Sakura and Kakashi had taken first watch for the night while Naruto and Sai had slept. Sakura had a weird feeling wash over her.

"Kakashi-sensei I have a funny feeling tomorrows going to be a day full of events."

"I have the same feeling Sakura and I haven't been your sensei for years, just call me Kakashi."

"Okay Kakashi, I better wake up those two so we can get some sleep." He nodded and she walked over to Sai's tent first.

"Hey Sai-kun, time to get up it's yours and Naruto's turn to keep watch."

He lazily sat up. "Have you woken him up yet?"

She was starting to get a little confused but realized that he wanted to give him the wake up call of his life.

She smiled evilly. "No what do you have planned though?"

"Well." He told her and she laughed. "Sai-kun you're an evil genius."

They crept over to his tent and poured ice-cold water on him he immediately shot up and ran out of his tent.

"AHHHHHH! IT'S SOOO COLDDDDDDDDDD!!!!" Sai and Sakura started to laugh at their teammate who was now running around the campsite. Kakashi looked at them and soon joined them laughing at how much of an idiot Naruto can be.

Somewhere else in lightning country

"AHHHHHH! IT'S SOOO COLDDDDDDDDDD!!!!" Sasuke rubbed his eyes tiredly. 'That sounded like the dope.'

He heard rustling near his tent. "What do you want Karin." She froze and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "I came to see if you heard that voice to."

"I did and it's far away so go back to your tent and go to sleep."

"Okay goodnight Sasuke-kun!" When he was sure she was gone he went back to sleep.

Back with team seven

They were still laughing as Naruto had begun to slow down. He sat down by the fire and started to warm himself up.

"Why'd you have to wake me up like that?!"

Sai walked over to a log and sat down while Kakashi and Sakura headed to their tents.

"Because it was entertaining."

"NO IT WASN'T!" Sakura covered her ears.


He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly while Kakashi and Sai sweat dropped. "Sorry Sakura-chan I'll be quiet."

Team Hebi

It was nearing dawn and Sasuke soundlessly had taken down his tent and was ready to leave at sunrise with or with out the rest of team hebi. Suigestu and Jugo had also gotten up and soundlessly pack away their tents. There was only a half hour before the sun would rise and he would leave. Just minutes before they would leave Karin woke up.

'Great I thought that she might actually over sleep today.'

I know she's worse than our fan club back in Konoha.

'I just hope that I won't have to deal with her for to much longer.'

Once Karin was down she noticed that Suigetsu and Jugo were coming along to. "Sasuke-kun I can't wait until we get there and you can show me around."

Sasuke wasn't happy. "I haven't been there in four years and a lot has probably changed since then."

With team seven before dawn

Sakura and Kakashi had woken up to find Sai cooking breakfast and Naruto sleeping on a tree branch muttering something about Hinata being by his side and they would rule over the ramen kingdom together.

After they had waken up Naruto from his ramen dreams, ate, and left they headed out towards the village. Naruto sleepily tried to keep up with his team after all he had just woken up. Sakura listened to the comforting sounds of their feet landing and pushing off the trees.

'I can't wait to get home the girls and I need to go shopping. I need to buy more training and mission clothes and it wouldn't hurt to get more weapons. I should probably train a little more with my kantana when I get home to.'

Team Hebi

"Sasuke-kun are we there yet?"

"No." He was already annoyed. Karin had constantly been asking him questions as soon as they had left. 'She is more annoying than all my old fan girls back in Konoha combined.'

Suigetsu and Jugo were also getting annoyed with her. Suigetsu had already threatened to kill her if she didn't shut up.

Team seven

They had just gotten back from their mission and they were tired. They had come across some rouge ninja and had to fight. Sakura had healed everyone but she and Sai had taken Kakashi and Naruto to the hospital because they were dehydrated and were extremely low on chalkra.

Shortly after Sai and Sakura had dropped them off at the hospital they went to the Hokage's tower and dropped off the mission report. Sai went somewhere to paint while Sakura went to the hospital to check up on Naruto and Kakashi. She walked up to their room and walked in to find neither of them in sight.

She stormed out of the hospital and ran through the village searching for them. She found Kakashi reading his itcha itcha book in a tree. She jumped up to the branch arms crossed and tapping her foot impatiently.

He slowly looked up with a small glint of fear in his visible eye.

"Hehehe. Um Sakura what are you doing here?"

"Looking for you and your going back to the hospital."

"Uh I got to go bye!"

Before he could get to far he was knocked unconscious and Sakura took him back to the hospital.

'Now that Kakashi is back in the hospital I only need to find Naruto.'

She soon found him leaving the ramen stand and ran up to him.

"Hey Sakura-chan!"

"Hey Naruto. I got a question for you."

"Kay shoot."

"Why aren't you in the hospital?" He froze in his tracks and turned to her.

"Uh I forgot I've got to meet Hinata today."

"Oh no you don't" She grabbed the back of his shirt. "Besides she's on a mission."

He slid out of his jacket and started running as fast as he could with the little energy he had left.

"Bye Sakura-chan!"


She grabbed him and started dragging him back to the hospital.




Team Hebi

Sasuke and his team weren't to far from the gates of Konoha when he heard some one yelling at Naruto and him begging not to take him somewhere.





'Dope doesn't seem like he's changed much.'

He walked through the gate and a guard yelled at him.

"Wait we have orders to take you to the hokage."

"I was going anyway."

The chunin was trying to find an ANBU but wasn't having any luck.

"Don't worry Akio I'll take them."

The chunin looked up. "Oh Sai-san thank you."

He nodded and motioned for them to follow him. He knocked on Tsunade's door and heard a muffled "come in".

Tsunade was sitting at her desk rubbing her temples when she looked at the people in front of her.

"Uchiha Sasuke, I thought you said you weren't coming back and you're a missing-nin."

"Hn I know but I said I wouldn't come back until I killed Itachi."

"Very well then are you her to stay or no."

"I came back here to become a Konoha ninja again."

She nodded "Sai will you get them."

"Hai Tsunade-sama."

He left the room and she turned her attention to the ninja in her office.

At the hospital

Sakura had just gotten off the phone with some on when Sai walked up to her.

"Okay thanks yeah I'll see you in a few minutes then bye."

"Sakura we have to get Kakashi and Naruto and go see Tsunade."

"Well I have to wait for Anko to get here to watch Naruto and Kakashi so they don't try to escape again and they need to rest so it'll just have to be us."

A few minutes later

"Anko they're in there watch them and make sure they don't escape and you're more than welcome to punish them if they try to escape just don't kill them."

"Hai Sakura see you later."

Sai and Sakura took off and headed to the Hokage tower. When they got there Sai opened the door and stepped into the room followed by Sakura. Sasuke looked over from the window he was looking out and stared at Sakura. She was beautiful. Her hair was in a ponytail that reached mid back and her bangs framed her face. (A/N Everybody still has the same time skip clothes except Sasuke he's wearing an outfit similar to the one before he had left only the shirt is like the ANBU.)

"Sai, Sakura if you don't mind me asking where is Kakashi and Naruto?"

Sakura smiled. "Well they were extremely low on chalkra and were dehydrated so we took them to the hospital and now Anko is watching them since I've already had to drag them back to the hospital."

Tsunade sighed. "That's them for you. Anyways if you hadn't noticed Sasuke has come back and with his team that helped locate Itachi." Sakura had noticed she just didn't want to act clingy and like a fan girl anymore. Tsunade moved some papers off her desk. "Okay why don't you introduce yourselves."

A ninja with white hair and shark like teeth stood up. "I'm Suigetsu and I'm able to change to liquid form and can change the size of my limbs."

Jugo stood up next. "I'm Jugo and my goal is to be able to completely control my urge to kill."

Karin stood up. "I'm Karin and I'm able to track and locate people and I'll soon be Sasuke's girlfriend."

Sai leaned over to Sakura and whispered. "Great just what we need a crazy fan girl."

Sakura silently laughed a little bit. "That's hitting the nail on the and I'm going to have agree with you."

Tsunade stood up, Sakura and Sai knew what she was going to do.

"This is Sai he's a jonin and a top ANBU member. (A/N I didn't know if he was or not so in this story he is.) "And this is Sakura Haruno, she's a jonin, my apprentice, the village's top medic-nin and kunoichi, and a top member of the ANBU as well."

Sasuke was shocked. Even though he wouldn't show it on the outside he didn't think that Sakura could actually become that strong. While he was comparing the old and new Sakura he was shocked to see how much she had changed.

Meanwhile Karin was deep in thought 'That bitch better not steal my Sasuke-kun from me or there'll be hell to pay.'

Tsunade smirked the reaction from Sasuke's team was priceless but she was hoping for more of a reaction from the Uchiha.

She sat back down and Sai and Sakura stood close to her desk. "As for your punishment Sasuke I'm putting you on probation for a year and you can only do C and D ranked missions and you'll be accompanied by some one from team seven at all times. Also your team including and team 7 will be living in an apartment not to far from here. Do you have any objections?"

Sasuke looked from the window to her and replied. "No."

Tsunade was disappointed she wanted at least some type of a reaction from the Uchiha. "Very well then."