High School Days!

This takes place in present day, Tokyo. It's sorta a parody of a high school movie using the Inuyasha characters. Except they all wear the same clothes, because I like the clothes from the feudal era (except Koga, if I decide 2 put him in, because his clothes are UGLY!!! And Sango's need to change, because of her character). And it's not exactly a parody, because I could decide to make it a serious one or something stupid. It depends on if I'm hyper or serious. . .

Kagome was your stereotypical popular chick. She had perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect body, almost perfect friends.

Koga (I decided to include him, after all) was your stereotypical football player. Big muscles, not so perfect grades, wavy hair, and of course, dating the popular chick.

Sango was your stereotypical nerd. She knew everything about computers, wore suspenders and huge thick glasses on a regular basis, but Sango, unlike most nerds, was "with" someone. Ok, you just know who this is gonna be!

Miroku was your stereotypical pervert. He liked to touch, he liked to peek, and he got slapped on a regular basis. He was with Sango, because he thought she would be desperate and go ahead when he tried to make "the move". Fortunately, Sango wasn't desperate, she had an entire community of nerds just a-waitin for her and Miroku to break up.

Kykyo was your stereotypical-nevermind, I don't like Kykyo! Oh, wait, I got an idea! Ok, here we go:

Kykyo was your stereotypical school slut! I'm sure I don't need to go any further! She won't really be in the story much(although she will be mentioned) but I felt like putting her somewhere. Hmm. . . Oh, and she had been dating Inuyasha, but then dumped his ass for Miroku, and then dumped his ass for Koga who was dating Kagome, which means Koga's cheating on Kagome.

Inuyasha was your stereotypical dude who's popular among a certain group of people, but not the school in general. He was popular with the gothic kids. He, himself wasn't gothic, but they liked his "I don't give a damn attitude" , and he hung around with them since no one else really did.

"Ow!" Miroku cried one day in computer class. And no, it was not for rubbing Sango's ass again! This time it was for looking at porn on the internet, although it was still Sango's hand.

"Does he EVER stop?" Kagome asked Inuyasha, who's seat had just happened to be assigned next to hers. He gave her a small shrug. He wasn't about to start up a conversation with "Miss Thang". He didn't talk to people like her. Although apparently he shrugged at them. . .

RING!!!!!! The last bell of the day rung, which sent them all rushing out of the class room. All the kids rushed onto the school buses to get home. All the kids that could afford bus fair. It sent Inuyasha walking home to his trailer. As Kagome got off of the bus and into her house, she found herself thinking about the silver haired boy she had met in computer class. The boy she'd never even noticed before that day. . .

Ok, guys, what do you think so far? I'm open to constructive criticism, so you don't have to tell me it's good (although I would appreciate it. . . ) . Reviews please! I'm very sorry that I accidentally unposted this one. . . I was up till midnight last nigh writing chapter five and suddenly wondered if I could turn this into a book (I was TIRED). That's why I took it down. Sry  . Then I remembered that it was a parody, so I'd get my ass sued if I tried it! And also it's incredibly short.