A short Taichi/Hikari drabble. Not romance necessarily as it is just their bond. It's so close, it's scary. 0.0

Critique on writing style is valuable. Please leave some if you're up to it.

Anyways Disclaimer: I don't own the Taichi or Hikari Yagami. That's whoever does actually own them.

"It's so pretty out!"

Taichi smiled at his sibling as she pressed her face onto the glass. It was indeed very sunny out, that's for sure.

The girl looked back at Taichi with earnest eyes. "Can we go out?"

He looked at Hikari's face. It was so delicate, even if she was already 10. She had that glow about her that made her seem more imaginary than real. She was just that kind of person. Especially if she was happy.

"If we go, we're playing soccer," he stated. Hikari jumped up and ran to pull on her shoes. Taichi grabbed his soccer ball from beneath their shared bunkbed and ran after her.


After wandering around, the Yagami siblings made it to the park. Taichi found an empty patch of grass and he and his sister kicked the ball around for quite a while. "Can we do something else?" Hikari asked. Taichi pouted but nodded his head.

He followed the smaller brunette as she traveled through the masses and to the small playground. Taichi hated this part of the park. It was where Hikari... But Taichi shook off the memory before it could truly start. She's healthier now, Taichi reasoned. After the adventures in the Digital world Hikari had seemed a lot healthier than she used to be.

And looking at her now, you would never know. She was on the swings, pumping her legs so she could go higher and higher. She was laughing and a smile graced her face that reached from her lips to her chocolate brown eyes. It made Taichi grin.

She was his Light. And he was her Courage. Nothing would ever change that.