Hikari was wondering up and down the isles with her eyes glued to the paper in her left hand and the grocery basket in her right. Some of the adults that she past thought it was odd for a child as small as herself to be shopping for food by herself. But she wasn't alone. Her big brother was standing by the registers, looking at all the candy on display.

The brown-haired girl glanced at her brother when she was switching isles. She didn't want to do this by herself. But she would never tell him that. Taichi heard her though.

With a pout of mild diappointment, her brother turned away from the candy and walked up to her. "Need help?"

Hikari gave him a happy grin.

So then the two of them walked up and down the store, Hikari holding the list and Taichi holding the basket. When they were done they walked up to the counter.

Taichi grabbed a bar of chocolate from the display and placed it along with the other things. Hikari gave the cashier the money their mom had given them. With a thanks, some change back, and several food-filled plastic bags, the siblings left.

Taichi dug through one of his bags and his hand came out with the chocolate bar. He unwrapped it skillfully using one hand and his teeth to open it and was about to bite in before he saw Hikari's face.

He sighed and extended the bar to her. "You can have a little but don't take it all," he told her. Hikari's face lit of with happiness and triumph as she broke the bar into two pieces.