Emergency Entrance


The first night that they were all together on Merry, Nami awoke with a scream. Sanji reached the door initially, yanking it open, and practically catapulted himself headfirst without a second thought.

The other three piled in after some early confusion – seeing as Usopp and Luffy had been stuck in the door trying to come in at the same time until Zolo forcefully kicked them both through.

Sanji was serenading to the distressed girl when they were all inside her room, and Zolo began looking under the bed for anything that might have frightened her – so shocked was she by their entrance that she had only gaped at them all. Usopp went around the room, glancing into nooks, crannies, corners, and all other small spaces, so that he and Zolo appeared as if they were searching for a mouse. The chef continued on his tirade of love confessions and adorations, but Luffy stayed by the couch, crossing his arms, and tilting his head as he waited for an explanation from Nami.

She stared back at him, and made the others stop their activities when she said, "Sorry. It was just a bad dream."

Grinning in what seemed like relief, Luffy nodded, and then jumped into her bed with a laugh for her shriek.

"You shit for brains," Sanji slammed his foot into his face. "What do you think you're doing!?"

Luffy said, still smiling, and rubbed his cheek, "Nami pile!"

Her only warning was the wide grin that he imparted to her before his arms stretched out – one slinging around Zolo and Sanji, and the other snatching Usopp. When his arms reverted to normal with a snapping sound, the entire crew was heaped on top of Nami.

Shooting a withering glance at him for all of two seconds, she then burst out laughing before she reached out to try wrapping her arms around all four. Usopp and Zolo had enough sense to knock Luffy upside the head for treating them all like throw pillows, and then Sanji when he seemed about to erupt into another crooning session for Nami.

After finding out where to place awkward elbows and knees, Merry's crew found a comfortable positioning that suited everyone involved.

Zolo fell asleep first with his head propped up on Usopp's leg. Joining the slumber part of the party next, Luffy was pillowed just beside Nami – almost curled up to her side. Sanji was delighted when she didn't seem to mind his head on her shoulder, and sighed dreamily a few times before he too eventually dozed off. Only Nami and Usopp remained awake for the longest time, sometimes smiling shyly at the other or watching the three men in her bed.

He said then, pooled somewhere between Luffy's legs and Nami's hips, "Only these guys would think this is normal."

"You mean it isn't??"


This has probably been done for a few weeks. It's only a page long which is something that I don't usually do, but I realized after a while of agonizing over the ending that it didn't need to be complicated. As you can see, Luffy already knew that, of course. I should take lessons from him more often.

Still working on TWWOO, but I just wanted to get this out. XP I had three chapters of this written already and I didn't want to get swamped with the little shorts. Also, this probably isn't going to be in any story format. It'll be a collection of one-shots about the emergency door, but yes, it's probably in the ALPTN series thing.