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Two months.

That was how much time he spent recuperating. Two weeks of that time he spent in the hospital. Six days he spent at Gibbs's house, since he didn't trust Tony to take care of himself. The rest of that time was spent sitting at home, and in physical therapy, wishing to be at work.

Now he was back.

The elevator door clicked and opened on his floor. He couldn't wait to see the look on everyone's faces when he walked in.

Only Ziva and McGee were there, no surprise that Gibbs was of somewhere, probably getting more coffee. He decided to walk in casually, hoping to take them by surprise...neither looked up. 'How in the world did he manage that?' he thought. He sat down at his desk, neither of his teammates noticed, both too busy with their noses in their computers. 'Might as well have some fun' he thought, picking up his phone. He dialed McGee's desk phone, and waited till he picked up,


"Is Anthony DiNozzo there?" he asked in a fake high-pitched voice.

Hearing his voice, both looked up, finally taking notice of he appearance.

"Tony!" McGee yelled, shocked at how Tony had managed to sneak in without them noticing. "How's you get in here?"

"Better question is WHEN you came in, your not suppose to be here for another 2 days."

"Yeah well, I'm fine now, so I wanted to come and get back to work."

"Are you sure about that? Last time you came in early from sick leave you were still sick." McGee was looking at him, searching for any indication that would say he should still be at home.

"That was then, I've gotten smarter and well, I just wanted to come back to see how much you've missed me."

"We've gotten barrels of work done with you gone" Ziva said, in an obvious sarcastic tone.

"Tons of work." Gibbs interrupted, surprising all three at his entrance and his correction of Ziva, since he usually left it up to McGee and Tony. "What are you doing back early Tony?"

"I wanted to get back to work, I know how much you need me."

Gibbs looked him over for a sec, remembering just a couple months ago when the face was covered in bruises. He shook himself out of the memory, not wanting to go back there. "Just in time, we got a case, a naval Private shot in a robbery on base. McGee, Ziva, your going to the scene, Tony your with me, were going to the hospital to ask the private some questions."


"What?" Gibbs asked over his shoulder as the team followed him to the elevator.

"Well it's just been a while since we had a victim that didn't die."

"That's a good thing, isn't it?" Ziva asked, as the doors were closing.

"Well yeah, of course...just hope he doesn't expire before we get there—OW!"

He cried when Gibbs his smack him on the head.

Gibbs looked at Tony out of the counter of his eye, as Tony rubbed his head. "Welcome back DiNozzo." He said, with a hint of a smirk.


"I'm agent Gibbs, this is Agent DiNozzo, were from NCIS, we want to ask you some questions." Gibbs and Tony stood beside the hospital bed, which held Private James Decortan, he had a bandage over his chest where he was shot.

"Yeah, ask away." He motioned them to sit, which they declined.

"Tell us what happened."

"Well, a group of friends and I had the day off, we were bored so we went for a drive. We stopped at this convenient store to grab a few drinks and things, as we were pulling up, Jack started giving orders, saying, 'stick to the plan', and 'don't screw up' I didn't know what he was talking about. When I questioned him, he just told me that they were going to rob the place. I told him I wasn't going to do it but he just laughed and said it was three against one. I decided I would go along with it, thinking it was just one of his jokes. When the pulled the gun on the clerk, I knew I had to do something, so I stepped in front of him, telling him it was enough. Then he turned on me, he just shot me, and then he whispered in my ear that since I ruined his plans for this store he would have to do something worse. He told me to call my buddy Rick, then left."

"Whose Rick?"

"He's another fiend of mine, When Jack mentioned him I didn't know why he would say it, but since I've had time to think about it, Rick works at the Rowean Military Bank. You...You don't think he would tell me that because he's planning to rob the place do you?"

"I don't know," Gibbs looked at the man, knowing that he didn't have much else that they could use, "You have any idea where we can find him?"

"No, not with the way he was acting. He could be anywhere."

"OK, If you think of anything else, call this number," Tony gave the man the number, then nodded a goodbye, and Gibbs and Tony left, heading for their car.

"You think they're going to try and rob the place, boss?"

"Don't know, but you know we have to take precautions because there's a threat."

"Of course I know that, I just wanted to know what you thought."

Gibbs held back a grin at Tony's bantering, pretending to concentrate on getting his keys out. "Call Abby, get directions where this bank is."

"I know where it is."

"You do?"

"Yeah, I drove by it everyday when I lived out there."

"Good you can give me directions. Call McGee and Ziva, fill them in and tell then to send a security team out to the bank. If this guy is planning to rob it, he'll have nowhere to go, and we'll have him."

"This one's turning out to be pretty easy."

"Never say anything is easy DiNozzo."

"Yeah I know, it will jinx it. Hey boss."


"Since I'm the one to know where this bank is, should I drive?"




"On it boss"


Tony and Gibbs walked up to the counter, casually looking around looking for anything suspicious.

"Good morning, or I guess it's afternoon now.. how can I help you?" The young man at the counter asked friendly, glancing back and forth between Tony and Gibbs.

"I need to speak with the manager please." Gibbs asked, in the most friendliest voice he could manage. They didn't want to draw attention by pulling out their badges, deciding to act inconspicuous.

"I don't think he's available, last time I heard he was in a meeting and won't get out for a few hours." He explained, Tony glanced at Gibbs, the shared a glance of eye, both noting that the clerk was quite talkative, and that he was looking around the room a little to much.

"Get him, I don't think he'll mind, with what we need to talk about." Gibbs told the young man, not caring about acting friendly anymore, he knew something was going on now, and wanted to get as prepared as possible.

Before they cold say anything else, they were interrupted by 2 men in the middle of the room with guns,


To emphasize matters, one of them shot into the ceiling; everyone in the room got down, a few screaming. Both men had masks on, one wearing a blue shirt, the other wearing a red one, both were about the same height.

Gibbs and Tony stepped forward; both had their guns drawn, aiming at the two men.

"NCIS! Drop your weapons." Gibbs yelled at the men, he was quickly becoming angry, the robbery was taking place while he was there, and they had no back up, and Ziva and McGee was too far away.

The two turned to them, guns aimed at them, "Man this changes everything, they're already here." The one wearing blue said, anger in his voice.

"Hey! Hey! he said DROP YOUR WEAPONS!" Tony yelled, repeating the order.

Without warning the man wearing red yelled, "MARK, NOW!"

"I would drop your guns if I were you." A voice behind them said, they turned slightly to see the clerk they were talking to earlier with a had gun, pointed at them, they glanced back to see another man had joined the two in the middle, also with a gun.

"Put your guns on the floor, I don't want to hurt anyone, but I will if your force me to.

Tony and Gibbs shared a look, knowing they had to do what they said, both of them bent down slowly, putting their guns on the floor, and stood, putting their hands in the air. Quickly, the clerk, and the third man that had joined the group grabbed their weapons, then started to pat them down, taking their extra weapons. One more man came walking up, going over to the two in the center of the room.

The man who was wearing red, obviously the leader started giving orders, but unknowing to him, also giving Gibbs and Tony information... their names.

"Bobby, Sam, go get the doors locked, then get the hostages in a back room. Mark, Tom, get these guys in the back too and tie them up." As he was speaking the four men started moving, quickly following the other mans orders.

Once in one of the back rooms, Mark and Tom tied them to two of the legs of the desk that was in the room. They tied them with their hands behind them, forcing them to sit. Tony grimaced when the ties they were tying them with cut into his wrists. He looked up to see the leader of the men walk in. He had his mask off, so you could see his face, and he was smiling. The two he ordered, Bobby and Sam, he thought that was their names, came in right behind him.

"We got the doors locked, and everyone else that was in the building is in the other room. Theirs not many though, it's a small building, and is their slow day, so not many people were working today." Sam informed him

"How many do we have?" The leader asked.

"eighteen." Sam answered, taking his mask off.

"that is still a good amount, anyway, our real prize is right here." He said, looking at Gibbs and Tony. "Watch the other hostages, but make sure you are wearing the mask when you are in the room with them."

Tony was staring at the leader. It had to be Jack, unless they were using code-names, which he didn't think so. They were probably not smart enough too think of doing that, it had to be the punk that shot his own friend. He also thought it was funny that they didn't care to wear masks in the room where they were, but wanted to wear masks with the other hostages.

"Hey! Jack right?" Tony interrupted them, wanting to know for sure who this guy was.

The guy smiled when he spoke up, he walked over to the two men tied up and knelt to be the same height.

"Yes, that is me. I assume you two have been to the hospital to talk with my friend?"

"The friend you shot, yeah, he's the one who told us your plan on robbing this place."

"Yeah, he is a good guy. Hate to be the one to tell you, but... Good man James was in on the plan." He smiled when he saw the look of surprised shock on the two agent's faces. "You see, the robbing of that convenient store was just the base of our plans. I wanted NCIS to come and catch a couple of your to use as worthwhile hostages. And well, it looks as if we managed to do it pretty well."

"Um, not to burst your bubble... but you won't get any money for us. All that will happen is you'll get REALLY ticked off, when they don't give you money, then when they bust in here, you'll just go to a dark place for a really long time." Tony hated the fact that he couldn't kick the guys butt. If his hands were not currently tied behind his back, he would have most definitely have punched the guy in the face, then of course taken pleasure in cuffing the guy.

"We will see about that." Jack said, standing up and turning to the other two men in the room. (The remaining two were in the other room, watching the other hostages)

"Watch them, I will be back when their rescuers come." He told them, before walking out of the room, closing the door.


"This is the bank right?" Ziva asked as they pulled in front of the bank, 15 minutes after the whole event of the robbery started.

"Yeah, Rowean Military Bank." McGee answered her as two more cars pulled in behind them, the back up they brought, just like Gibbs had ordered.

"Something's not right..." Ziva said, getting out of the car,

"Your right, I'm getting that feeling too." McGee was looking at the bank closely, trying to think of what could be wrong. He had been around Gibbs too long, he now got 'gut feelings', though he still does not have the skill of knowing what they meant yet.

Ziva and McGee stood, looking at the bank for a couple minutes, the other agents coming up to stand near them, waiting for their orders.

"OH NO..." McGee said, as he realized what the problem was.


"I think were too late... The robbery already happened, and they're still in there."

"Wouldn't that be a good thing, we can surround the building then-"

"No Ziva" McGee interrupted. "This is REALLY bad."

"I don't see how, all I see is how we can trap them."

"Ziva, Tony and Gibbs are in there, right?"

"Obviously, since their car is in the parking lot"

"Yes, and so are the men robbing the bank, and they would have weapons, right?"

"Yes," Ziva answered, piecing to together all the information.

"Look in the window Ziva, you see nobody, why do you think that is?"

Ziva's face paled as she finally realized what McGee meant. "OH MY!"

"Exactly, They've taken the bank hostage, with Gibbs and Tony inside."

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