Gibbs knelt over Tony, and picked him up to hold him in his arms. "Wake up Tony, wake up."

"Sir, you should come- "Gibbs cut him off with a glare that said, 'don't even think about trying to get me to leave right now!' They backed off, leaving Gibbs with his moment.

"Come on Tony, you're not dead. Did you hear me giving you permission? No, so you can't be dead. So get your lazy butt up damn it..."

"DiNozzo! Come on Tony, please, wake up."

Tony remained motionless in his arm.

Gibbs collapsed, sobbing in Tony's chest. "Please…please." With his face in Tony's chest he felt a thump…another… then.

A gasp.

Tony took a deep gasp, Gibbs looked in shock as Tony's body came back to life. The paramedics, who had been close by, waiting for Gibbs to let them look him over jumped into action, rushing over to look Tony over from his miraculous recovery.

As they pushed Gibbs out of the way, he whispered in Tony's ear, "your going to be OK, everything is going to be alright."

As he stepped back he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see McGee beside him. Before he could say anything Mcgee was already talking. "You need to sit down Gibbs, they need to check you over."

He hadn't realized until then that he was extremely tired he sat down heavily as the paramedics not with Tony at the moment started looking him over. He leaned back closing his eyes, content that everything was alright now. He could rest.

Everything went black.

He was back in his nightmare. He was tied to the chair, with Caller standing over him, but something changed. As Caller went to hit him, there was a flurry of action, a mob of people flew themselves at Caller. As he looked closely, he could tell who it was, it was Gibbs, McGee, Ziva, Aby, Ducky, Palmer, Jenny, everyone.

They got up, his teammates and friends came over to him, and Abby spoke to him, grasping his hand.

"You need to rest now." He nodded, fading into a peaceful, resting sleep.


'I'm late for work' Tony thought as he woke up. He opened his eyes to see a white celling, 'that's not my roof' Just then he noticed the aches and remembered all at once what has happened. 'oh'

Besides him in a chair he saw in a chair McGee sleeping, looking very uncomfortable. He was too far over to reach, so he did the only thing he could think of to wake him up.
"Hey, McGee." He yelled, regretting instantly when it spiked a pain for shouting loud.

McGee jumped, shaking his slumber in an instant. He looked over at him, seeing that he was awake.

"Hey, you're awake, you OK?" He asked, getting up and putting a hand on his arm.

"I think so, can't be too sure, how's Gibbs? Did you get all the hostages out safe?"

"Yeah, we got everyone out safe, all but you."

"You were supposed to get me when he woke up McGee" Gibbs came in carrying his cup of coffee. The bruises still visible on his face, but were fading.

"Gibbs, you're Ok" Tony sighed in relief.

"yeah, I am, but your not. You have a long way to go till you can say you're OK"

"I'll go get a nurse, tell them you're awake." McGee left, knowing it would give them a minute to say some things. Or, knowing them, they would avoid talking.

"Fornell said to get well soon" Gibbs said as he sat down.

"Fornell? Why, how did he know I was here and… why?" Tony was slightly confused why Fornell would care about him.

"He was working with Ziva and McGee outside trying to save us."

"OH, well that would be a good reason," Tony moved into a more comfortable position, jarring the many sore spots, "What happened to Jack? What they do with him?"

"They put him in custody, kept him in a cell over night then when they interrogated him he confessed to everything and is not fighting. He didn't even ask for lawyer.

"Wow, that's a first." Before Tony could say anything more the doctor came in with McGee right behind.

"Glad to see you akake Tony, how do you feel?"

"I'm – I'm as good as I can be." Tony stoped himself before saying he was OK, knowing that it would be a mistake with Gibbs right by him.

"That's good, well if you don't mind me gentlemen, I will like to check him over so if you can step outside I will just be a few minutes.

Gibbs took that moment to call Abby, knowing she would want to know Tony had woke up.

"A half and hour later everyone was piled into Tony's room, including Gibbs, McGee, Ziva, Abby, Ducky, and Palmer. All of them were waiting for Tony to wake up again.

Tony cracked his eyes, knowing somebody was watching him; he looked up and saw six faces looking at him.

"Surprise!" Everyone shouted, if you can say it was shouting when it was just above a whisper.

"Hey everyone…" Tony greeted them, wondering why they were all grinning. "Um... so what's going on?"

"You don't know? How can you not know?" Abby said, looking confused. "Don't you know what day it is?"

"Um… the day when everyone goes crazy?" Tony guessed, having no idea what Abby meant.

"No silly, it's your birthday!"

"What?" Tony asked, shocked that he didn't even know that his birthday was near.

"Anthony, it is your birthday today, and we have come to help you celebrate"

"OH.." Tony said, still a little groggy from just waking up.

Abby jumped, excited. She quickly bent down to retrieve a bag that was by her feet, that was filled with decorations. She started to decorate, talking fast, explaining what they were going to do at the "mini birthday party" and promising that once he was back on his feet they were going to have a big one.

Tony smiled, it looked like things were going to get back to normal, his body would take time to heal but at least he had friends to be by his side and make sure that he never forgets that he's never alone.

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