Silent Waltz by Comet

Silent Waltz by Comet~Princess

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Prologue - More than Meets the Eye


Kenji Tsukino continued his research on his computer as his wife, Ikuko, looked over his shoulder. Kenji was a soldier during the war three years ago, and since total pacifism had been established by the Vice Foreign Minister Darlian a couple of years ago, he had sought to help maintain the peace by joining the Preventers. Sure, his combat skills were no match for the other members of the group. In fact, the only thing he could do was shoot from a rifle and pilot a basic Leo mobile suit. But his research and computer skills were unmatched.

Although peace was reigning throughout the Earth and the colonies, the Preventers knew that they needed some kind of weapons on hand. Otherwise, they would be completely helpless against any kind of enemy, no matter how small. This was where Kenji came in. He researched and developed new kinds of weapons that could defend the Earth should any rebellion arise. The most recent one he was working on was a satellite cannon that could be used from space and controlled on Earth. This way, the defense system could be activated without risking the lives of soldiers. He had not yet told the Preventers of this new defense weapon, as it was not fully operational, nor did he think they would approve. They always sought for weapons that disabled rather than destroyed. However, Kenji had decided to develop this as a last resource.

Suddenly, sounds could be heard from outside their bedroom. "Mom! Dad! I´m home!" Kenji heard his daughter shout. Ikuko smiled at her husband and left the room. His daughter, Usagi. She was eighteen this year and didn´t have a clue as to what her dad did for a living. Well, she knew he worked for the Preventers, but that was about it. He didn´t want to tell her. He´d tried to keep her sheltered away from violence all her life. She couldn´t use a weapon, she was technologically challenged, and had no means of self-defense. Overall, she was too innocent to know, and he was too afraid for her safety to let anyone, other than his wife and his associates, know that he was the mastermind behind the Preventers´ mean of self-defense.


Usagi ran into her house with her cousin and best friend, Minako Aino, on her heels. "Mom! Dad! I´m home!" she yelled. Her cheeks were flushed from the run home from school and her sun-kissed blond hair was falling out of the buns and streamers she kept them tied up in. Her sapphire blue eyes sparkled with mischief as she looked at Minako. Her cousin had the same blond hair and blue eyes, but each in a slightly lighter shade than her own.

Ikuko came down the stairs of the house and smiled at them. "So how did my two daughters do on their exams?" she asked.

Minako´s parents had died during the war, and since then, she had lived with her uncle and aunt. Kenji and Ikuko had come to treat her like another daughter. Considering how much alike Usagi and Minako were, it wasn´t hard to do at all.

Minako grinned at her aunt. "We did alright," she answered. "At least, better than we thought."

"All thanks to Ami," Usagi added with a grin.

Ami Mizuno was a friend of Usagi and Minako´s. The genius of the three girls, she had offered to tutor her two friends for the exams. Ikuko nodded in approval and went into the kitchen to make dinner while the girls started their homework.


Later that night, as Kenji was getting ready for bed, he had a sudden sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach. He quickly turned on his computer and checked all his research. On the surface, it looked like nothing had happened to it, but deeper investigation revealed that someone had copied the information. Kenji knew he didn´t do it, and no one else at the Preventers´ would check or copy his work. He immediately knew that not only did someone have all the information to the satellite cannon he was working on, but this person also knew who he was. He accessed the Internet and booked two tickets for the earliest flight to the Sanq Kingdom on Earth.

"Ikuko," he called softly.

"Yes?" his wife answered, looking up from the book she was reading.

Kenji turned to look at her. "Someone found out," he informed her calmly. "Could you get Usagi and Minako ready for a trip to the Preventers´ Headquarters?"

Ikuko stared at her husband for a minute before nodding and leaving the room. It would be safer for her daughter and niece if they were not staying with herself and Kenji. She woke up the two girls and proceeded to help them pack.

"Mom," Usagi started, "why are we going to the Sanq Kingdom?"

Ikuko paused for a second before answering, "There´s something your dad has to take care of at work."

"Then why aren´t you and Dad coming?" Usagi countered.

Ikuko sighed. "We´re coming later, that´s all," she responded. "Now, come on. Your flight leaves in an hour."

Minako looked hard at her aunt and cousin. She knew that both of them were not speaking the entire truth, but they had been kind enough to take her in, so she had made herself a promise to never pry into their affairs. If her aunt or Usagi wanted her to know something, they would certainly tell her.


Usagi looked at her seemingly asleep cousin and waved her hand in front of her face. They were sitting on the plane, heading for Sanq Kingdom. The flight was supposed to take six hours. After making sure that Minako was really sleeping, Usagi opened her carry-on and took out the laptop computer she had hidden inside. A gun fell out. It was the one he gave her before he left. She picked it up carefully, expertly clicking the safety on and off for a few seconds before putting it back into her bag. She knew her parents didn´t want her to know what they were doing. She also knew Minako didn´t know what her parents were doing, nor did she know what Usagi knew or can do. She didn´t want Minako to know. It could endanger her if she knew too much, because there was much more to Usagi Tsukino than met the eye.


End of Prologue.

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