Title: She is Gone

Author: vegemite

Rating: K

Summary: A poem, mourning Rose Tyler and moving on.

Disclaimer: I don't even own Doctor Who DVDs, let alone anything else…

A/N: Here in the US, we're just starting Season 3, so Ten is still mourning the loss of Rose. I never really liked Rose much, but I recently saw an excellent video set to 'When You Were Young' on dailymotion dot com and realized that even if I didn't like her, there were some things about Rose that I would miss. So I decided to write this…

She is Gone

Of all the stars in the universe she shone the brightest
And of all the souls he wanted to hold her the tightest
But it was too easy, to have happiness right here
And of course in a minute she'd surely disappear
So he never told her he loved her when he should have
And then, sure enough, the time passed when he could have
And she was gone

They'd left before, all had; some had died
Some had just gone, but never had he cried
Like the moment he knew that he'd lost her forever
And the time that he'd see her again would come never
For no matter what, wish as he might
He could not dream of another flight
While she was gone

But then came a woman, a woman in need
And one more woman, intelligent indeed
And he found that he could keep on traveling
Even when he thought his heart was unraveling
For he wasn't pathetic, he was The Doctor
And it was time to accept that yes, he had lost her
Truly, she was gone