Matchmaking: Storm and Wolverine

Summary: Part 3 in the series! For once jealousy isn't the problem. It's a matter of getting Wolverine to admit he's in love, and Storm to admit even savages have hearts. This could prove to be the hardest mission yet for our matchmakers.

Disclaimer: X-men Evolution is not mine; I do not make a profit from this

Warning: AU, OOC, language

Pairing: LoRo, Romy, Jott, Kiotr, Amyro

Chapter 1

Discussions of the Loudest Kind

"Wolverine, you can't just go clawing through everything!" Storm scolded, glaring at her rough teammate. Honestly, she knew the man was tough, and she wouldn't trust anyone to watch her back more than him, but did he have to act like such a barbarian all the time? It was ridiculous!

"It got us out, didn't it?" Wolverine asked rhetorically. His gruff voice betrayed his irritation at being told off by the weather witch yet again. She acted like she was always a good person, but her former goddess status gave her a rather cocky attitude, albeit it rarely showed, and she had been a pickpocket back in the day. Why was it her faults were never brought up, but his were constantly on display?

"Hey, lovebirds!" Rogue called to the arguing pair. They turned to glare at her, but she ignored the dark looks. "We gotta get goin' if we wanna make it back in time fo' dinnah!"

Logan snorted but stomped back to the Blackbird. He knew how much Rogue loved to eat, and even if he wouldn't admit the truth, he was rather afraid of her when she hadn't been properly fed.

Storm rolled her eyes and followed, albeit making sure not to stomp as she wanted too. It wouldn't do her any good to let her temper get the better of her. If she did allow such a thing, she would be no better than Wolverine. She shuddered to think of herself in the same context as that-that savage!

Inside the jet, Rogue sighed in irritation. Storm and Wolverine had started arguing more than usual these past few weeks. It wasn't hard to see they liked each other, possibly even loved each other after all this time of working together, but that didn't make their arguments any less annoying. Oh well, at least she'd soon be back at the mansion, where Remy and food awaited her. It was the food she looked forward to seeing.


Scott ducked as Logan stormed through the Danger Room, tearing apart any mechanical enemy he came into contact with. Normally, he loved training with Wolverine. Well, maybe not loved, but at least he always got the proper training when the Canadian was with him. Unfortunately, today Wolverine was taking over everything; actually, it was more like he was taking apart everything.

"Uh, maybe we should stop?" Scott suggested, watching a mechanical tentacle fly by as Wolverine tore apart a robotic octopus.

"You wanna stop already?" Logan growled, turning to face him. His eyes narrowed behind his cowl, and Scott gulped as he backed away.

"You can keep on goin'," he reassured the shorter man nervously, "I'm just gonna...yeah!"

With that said, he turned on his heel and fled the Danger Room. There was nothing wrong with being a coward when an angry Wolverine was concerned. The latter snorted when he saw Summers run out and turned back to face the oncoming spiked balls.

"Bring it on!"


"He's insane!" Scott exclaimed, plopping down on the couch next to Jean. "No, they're both insane!"

"Who is?" Jean asked curiously, snuggling up to her boyfriend.

"Oh, let meh take a wild guess!" Rogue put on a thoughtful face before proclaiming, rather unsurprised: "Wolvie an' Stormy."

"Got it in one," Scott confirmed with a nod. He sighed and wriggled himself into a more comfortable position. "I think they want to kill us all."

"By annoyin' us ta death?" Pyro piped up. "I wouldn't put it past 'em."

Amara hummed in agreement. "If they weren't professors, and I wasn't totally scared of Mr. Logan, I would so burn everything they owned! Honestly, not even Rogue and Remy are that annoying."

"Oi!" Remy glared indignantly. "Wha' about you two den? Y' sayin' y' ain't annoyin' too?"

"We don't argue to show our love," Amara replied dryly. "We just burn things to prove our devotion."

Jean glared at the pyromaniacs. "Well, would you two please stop proving your devotion in my room?"

John and Amara shared a look. Grinning broadly, they turned to face the redhead.

"Nope!" they answered in unison. Jean sighed and hung her head.


"Ah say we get 'em togethah!" Rogue exclaimed suddenly, sitting up. Remy whimpered in protest at having her leave her place cuddled against his side, but she ignored him. The others turned to look at her, skeptical expressions on their faces.

"I don't know, Rogue," Jean mused. "It was one thing when it was us, but instructors? Just because we're old enough to be instructors doesn't mean we should go around meddling in their personal lives. Right, Scott?"





"Ah! What?" Scott looked at his girlfriend nervously. Jean felt like face-palming, but she withheld and instead glared at him. "What did I do?"

Amara and John snickered in amusement. Scott really was good for Jean. He kept her busy, and she had loosened up, albeit not much, since the two got together. Watching them together was always entertaining, especially since Scott tended not to answer when he didn't agree with Jean.

"I said we shouldn't meddle in our instructors love lives, right?" she repeated, looking at him dangerously. Scott gulped, knowing Jean wanted him to agree with her, and he wasn't sure he would like the effects of disagreeing.

"Right," he squeaked nervously. Jean smiled and nodded proudly, glad to have someone agree with her.

Remy snorted. "Well, s'nice t' know y' already whipped, Scooter."

"You speak as though you aren't." Scott raised a brow. Remy crossed his arms and turned his head away from the Boy Scout.

"Remy ain't!" he exclaimed proudly. "Remy be da pants in dis relationship."

"Excuse meh, sugah?" Rogue glared at her boyfriend. Remy chuckled nervously and backed away from his glaring woman. "Run that by meh again."

"Eh, we be equals in dis relationship, an' Remy love his chere very much?"

"That's what Ah thought ya said."

"Riiight, mate, you definitely aren't whipped!" Pyro cackled maniacally, wrapping an arm around his girl's waist.

"Oh yeah, wha' about you den, mate?" Remy mocked. Pyro smirked.

"Ah, Amara knows where her place is, right love?" He looked expectantly at the princess. She didn't look the least bit amused.

"No, as a matter of fact I don't," she snarled. "Where is my place?"

"Er, in my heart an' by my side?" Pyro smiled hopefully at the ebony girl. She smiled back, a lot less nervously mind you, and kissed his cheek.

"That's right."

Satisfied that their men now knew who really ran the relationships, the girls buckled down to argue over whether they should help Storm and Wolverine or not. Meanwhile, the men in the room all shot each other significant looks, silently telling the other that this was never to be mentioned to anyone.

"Wolverine, you can't just go changing the Danger Room lessons like that!" Storm shouted as she stalked down the stairs. The Canadian was next to her, an annoyed expression on his hairy face. "They're just children, you could kill them if you work them too hard!"

"Those li'l brats need ta learn how ta fight!" he protested. "They won't be prepared if ya don't stop babyin' 'em!"

"I am not 'babying' them, as you so eloquently put it!" Storm glared at the man beside her.

The group in the living room watched them stalk past and right into the kitchen. Jean sighed and turned to Rogue.

"So, what's your plan?"