I decided to go ahead and give you the epilogue as well. Yes, this story is now over.


Back at the mansion, the atmosphere had lightened considerably. The students were happy to no longer hear Ororo and Logan arguing back and forth, though new sounds had forced the professor to soundproof yet another room. Better love than anger though.

In the sitting room, the matchmakers were standing around, chatting about their success. Everything had gone according to plan in the end, and they were pleased with the quieter surroundings.

"I say we did good, mates!" John said with a broad smile.

"I never thought I'd say this," Jean allowed a small smile, "but I agree. We managed to matchmake our instructors, and now they're so happy!"

The redhead looked at Scott when he wrapped an arm over her shoulder. He grinned at her, also proud of their accomplishment.


The couples jumped when they heard the throat being cleared. Turning quickly, they saw Ororo standing behind them, along with Logan. The white-haired woman had one eyebrow raised delicately, a small smirk on her lips.

"So, you admit to being the culprits then. We thought so."

"'Ro!" Rogue greeted with a wide, nervous smile. "What's up, Sweetie?"

"I think we should have a little talk," Ororo said sternly. Jean gulped and bowed her head, ashamed of the scolding look sent in their direction.

"We're really sorry, Ororo," she apologized quickly. It wasn't often Jean Grey was in trouble, and she wanted to keep it a rare case. "We just thought you two needed a push in the right direction."

"You're together now, thanks to us!" Amara pointed out, smiling proudly. She wasn't the least ashamed of meddling in her instructor's life. It had been fun, and she even scored a trip to the spa.

"We ain't angry," Logan grunted. "We just wanna talk ta ya fer a minute."

"Um...alright..." Scott mumbled uneasily. Something told him this wasn't good, but he followed behind Logan nonetheless.


"How'd ya know it was us?" Scott asked blankly. The question nagged at his mind until he could hold it in no longer. He noticed Rogue nod in agreement, also wondering how Logan and Ororo discovered them. Wolverine snorted and tightened his hold on Ororo's waist.

"I could smell ya, kid, all o' ya."

"Shit, Ah knew Ah was forgettin' somethin'!" Rogue groaned and slapped her forehead. How could she forget that Wolverine had enhanced senses? Especially since she'd absorbed him and also had them!

"Besides that," Ororo piped up, "you're the only ones that are so determined to matchmake everyone. Logan and I just want to show our appreciation for all that you've done."

"Tha's good an' all, love, but why are we in the Danger Room?" Pyro asked, looking up at the glass screen that separated the Danger Room room from the operating room. Logan smirked evilly, and the matchmakers gulped.

"Our way o' sayin' thanks," Logan responded. Then, pushing a few buttons, the Danger Room started up.

"Uh oh..." Amara mumbled.


Storm sighed and laid her head on Wolverine's shoulder, watching the group of six below run for their lives.

"I love a happy ending."



Wooo! Three parts down! The next one, I think, will be the most fun to write by far. This one ended a lot sooner than I had planned, so sorry if it seemed abrupt, but something was telling me to make this end now. I know the epilogue left much to be desired, but I hoped you enjoyed it anyway. Yes, the Danger Room was also punishment for what they did to Logan's motorcycle and Ororo's car.

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Summary: Part 4 in the series. We know how Scott and Jean got together, but what about Remy and Rogue? Who brought them together? How did Rogue come to be so obsessed with matchmaking anyway? See the very first matchmaking story unfold as the legendary southern couple are brought together!