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A small, frail woman with long reddish-brown hair and gray-green eyes sat in a hospital bed, a tiny baby boy with a full head of black hair, just like his father who stood right beside him, in her arms.

"What should we name him?" The woman, Mrs. Curtis asked her husband, standing proudly at his wife's side. He had wanted a son since they married, but had waited two, long years for one.

"Should we name him after my dad. He looks kind of like him." Mr. Curtis suggested.

"No...I don't really like Simon that much." Mrs. Curtis vetoed the name.

"Hmm...How about after my brother?"

"Which one?"

"Brandon. He looks like him, too."

"No, Brandon isn't my favorite name, either."

The baby cooed softly in her arms. Mrs. Curtis tickled his tummy and got him ready for a feeding.

"Maybe we should name him after your brother, Michael." Mr. Curtis suggested another name.

"Michael is a nice name, but he doesn't even look like him. If we are going to name him after someone he looks like." Mrs. Curtis said, stubbornly. She was kind of an old -fashioned woman.

"Well. He looks like Danny, kind of..." Mr. Curtis said, referring to his younger brother. Mrs. Curtis shook her head.

"How 'bout my uncle Eric? Want to name him after Eric?"


"Hmm...Rob! Lets name him after Uncle Rob!"


"Well then, who does he look like? Cheryl? Mary? Sarah?" Mr. Curtis said, frustrated, referring to his mother, his mother-in-law and his sister. The women smiled and stared down at the baby.

"Well? Who does he look like?" Mr. Curtis asked again.


"Darryl Shayne Curtis, Jr. That has a nice ring to it..."