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The woman was in the hospital bed a third time, holding another baby in her arms. Soda and Darry stood at the side of the hospital bed, admiring their new baby brother.

"I'm a big brother!" Soda announced happily. "I've been a big brother since you were born!" Darry told Soda. "Nuh-Uh!" He cried. "Yes, I have!" Darry said and Soda began to cry. Mr. Curtis laughed and went to comfort his son.

"So, boys, what do you think we should name him?" Mrs. Curtis asked her two older sons. "Let's name him my name!" Soda cried. "No, one Sodapop in the family is enough!" Mrs. Curtis laughed. "Aww..." Soda said, and pouted.

Soda brightened up real fast when another name idea popped into his head. "Jasper!" He cried. "You want to name him after our old dog?" Mrs. Curtis laughed. "Why not? You named him after a horse." Darry said, and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis laughed. It was true after all.

"How 'bout Michael. Paul has a little brother named Michael and I like him." Darry said. "I like Michael, too, but not as his first name. Michael could be his middle name. Now we just have to find a first name for your little brother." Mrs. Curtis said.

"Ooh, I know! Let's name him CAKE!" Soda yelled. "Cake Michael? I don't really like that name. But we'll think about it." Mr. Curtis said because his wife was getting the littlest Curtis ready for feeding.

"What do you boys think about Matthew Michael?" Mrs. Curtis suggested, but the boys shook their heads. "I don't want him to have a normal name! I think he wants a name like mine!" Soda said. "Well, okay then, how about Candy Bar?" Mr. Curtis said, and the boys nodded vigorously. "We are not naming him Candy Bar!" Mrs. Curtis laughed.

"Do you like Kevin, Mommy? We could name him Kevin." Darry said. "Kevin Michael Curtis...maybe." Mrs. Curtis answered. Darry grinned proudly. His name might get picked!

"Well I like Cake better!" Soda pouted. His name might NOT get picked. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis laughed again.

"I know! Let's name him Ponyboy!" Soda yelled.

"Do you like Ponyboy, Darry?" Darry nodded.

"Okay. Ponyboy Michael it is!" Mr. Curtis announced, writing the name on the birth certificate.