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The Xavier Riddle Series
Year Three
The Prisoner of Azkaban

Azkaban Prison stood on a jagged rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Far from prying Muggles eyes, the Prison was a grey concrete mass that spanned for seemingly thousands of miles. The hooded shadows of the Dementors lurking in the dark corners, twitching excitedly at the haunted screams of the prisoners, encased in steel cages like animals at the worst of Zoo's. The weather was, as usual, a howling gale roaring around the complex, bringing sea spray into the cages without relief.

Sirius Black stared out of the barred hole in his cage, clothes sodden and a constant shake to his bones due to the constant weather. His black eyes narrowed as he turned to the cage door
"well well Black, you have a visitor" one of the chief Aurors sneered, waving his wand in a complex motion, the clanking of the cell door made Sirius stand up, he hadn't heard that noise in years. He looked down at his hands, which were now enclosed in metal shackles, a set around his ankles and a thick one around his neck The Auror grabbed him roughly, pushing him down the corridor to the meeting room at the end of the hall.

He looked around the room, his eyes narrowing at the figure of Albus Dumbledore standing with a sardonic look on his face
"Hello Sirius" He said "we have much to talk about"

"we have nothing to discuss Dumbledore" Sirius rasped "Guard, take me back to my cell" he turned to the Auror, who looked rather surprised that Sirius demanded to be taken back.

"Now now Sirius, you wouldn't want to make a hasty decision.." said Dumbledore

"what's that supposed to mean? You were the one who put me in here, without trial!"

"You are a Death Eater" Dumbledore snarled "you deserve your fate, just like the Lestranges"
"Oh really!" Sirius pulled up his ragged sleeves "where's my Dark Mark then Albus? Pray tell!" he sneered at him "you never gave me a chance did you!!" he sank into the chair beside him

Dumbledore nodded to the Auror
"you can leave" he said
"No can do Dumbledore" said the Auror "under orders not to leave him alone with anyone, especially you" the Auror tried to look apologetic, Dumbledore frowned

"very well" he said "Sirius...if you give me the names of all the Death Eaters you knew, then I'll see about getting you a Pardon and freeing you from here"

Sirius stared at him in complete shock, He couldn't believe what he was hearing, Sirius had never been in the Death Eaters! His shock very quickly turned into anger
"I NEVER was in the Death Eaters!" he yelled "guard!" he rounded on the Auror. "take me back to my cell!"
"Very well Black" the Auror nodded "Dumbledore" he growled, pulling Sirius from the interrogation room.

Dumbledore heard the clanking of the cage door as Sirius was shut in again, the man's reactions annoyed him, he thought that Sirius would be dying to get out of there after so long, his brain would be so addled that he would jump at the chance to serve him.

Dumbledore cursed, his plans foiled again, It seemed Sirius was a lot less insane than he thought he would be after twelve years in Azkaban with only Dementors for company.

On his way out, Dumbledore turned to the head Auror

"make the Dementors stay by his cell more often..." He replied, walking off before the man could say anything, smirking to himself as he hailed the boat to take him back towards land.

Meanwhile, Xavier stared out of the window, looking out onto the grounds. He stared down the winding pathways that made up the garden of his Ancestral home, leaning in an uncharacteristic way against the frame of the window, his forehead touching the cool glass. He sighed to himself, wishing he had other things to do with his time as the sun beat down on the scorched earth around the manor...

"What troubles you, young master?" Nagini slithered to his side, Xavier reached out a hand to run his fingers down the scales of his fathers doting familiar

"I cant help but be bored" He replied "Father has taken me out of the training with the others because he wants to teach me Parselmagic instead, he says it will be easier for me to learn and will give me a powerful advantage"

"Indeed it will" Nagini nodded her huge head "You should be proud that he will be teaching you. Your friends cannot speak Parseltongue and so cannot appreciate this branch of magic that you and your Father share." She chastised him, Xavier looked at her , resting his hand on her head for a moment

"I am grateful, don't get me wrong, i just sometimes wish i had other things to do than reading or walking around the grounds when everyone else is shut downstairs training to become my Dark Amy!" he withdrew his hand as his father swept into his bedroom, instantly straightening his posture and folding his arms across his chest

"Xavier?" Voldemort approached him

"Yes father?" he asked

"Your friends are done for the may go and join them in the informal sitting area" Voldemort replied, "but i sense there is something troubling you" he asked
"I am bored" Xavier told him "my friends are training and I am left to sit by myself doing nothing! While you and Aunt Petunia teach them all manner of curses and things I'm left alone!" he spat out, a trace of anger in his voice. Suddenly shocked at his own actions, Xavier looked at his father with uncertainty, knowing he had spoken out of turn, and was fully aware he would be punished for this transgression of immature emotions.

Voldemort didn't look angry, in fact he looked amused. Xavier bristled, thinking he wasn't being taken seriously enough.
"Xavier" He began "I have purposely left you alone" he said, almost gently "so that your attention would be on other things, your friends are not yet fully ready to train with you however much you are annoyed that you cannot join in. You know a lot of what we are covering through your Aunts training when you and Dudley were eleven, I did not see why you would want to go over it again."
"but why?" He demanded "if I'm supposedly the Dark Heir, then why aren't I being trained!"

"Xavier" Voldemort snapped "you are being trained! What do you think the Parselmagic lessons are about? Dumbledore will use everything he can against you, to turn you against me!"

"that will NEVER happen!" Xavier shot back

"good to hear it" said Voldemort "now i suggest you go and spend time with your friends"

Xavier walked into the main sitting room

"Hi Xavier" Neville looked up from a book

"Hi Neville" He nodded "Where's Hermione?" he asked, his eyes scoping the room for the bushy haired Gryffindor "or Ginny?"
"Mother and Father took her to Knockturn Alley to the tailors" Draco told him "Mother was most displeased when she found out Hermione owned little to no wizarding attire"
"Unlucky for her" Xavier smirked a little "I take it Ginny went along as well?"
"of course" Draco replied "Mother insisted she rub the Weasely's noses in it, especially since.." with glares from the others, Draco trailed off
"have I missed something?" Xavier asked

"Nothing you wont be told later, if Draco will keep his mouth shut" Voldemort's voice interrupted them
"Sorry Uncle" Dudley mumbled

"Why don't you boys go outside and enjoy the weather?" asked Voldemort "I have to make a visit somewhere"
"Where Father?"
"Azkaban" he said simply
"Why?" Xavier asked, intrigued
" That is none of your concern son" Said Voldemort "Nagini will look after you whilst i am gone, i expect to be back before the Malfoy's are, if not, I have left Lucius a scroll in the study." He added, turning on his heel and stalking through the house to the Apparition point.

Hermione and Ginny walked in front of the Malfoy's on their sojourn through the Alleys, trying not to draw attention to themselves as they discussed the changes in their lives over the summer holidays, the girls had become strong friends over the short few weeks they had been living together and both had grasped the Dark Arts quickly, taking all the adults by surprise.

"...I've never really thought about it" Hermione shook her head "besides, it would be too suspicious"
"...a pertinent thought" Lucius cut in "Narcissa and I have some brief business to attend to, Are you ladies opposed to a little shopping alone?" He asked

"Not at all Mr. Malfoy" Hermione replied "I need to pick up some more Potions equipment from the Apothecary anyway"
"Excellent, well we shall meet the pair of you outside Flourish and Blotts in one hour" said Narcissa

"We'll see you there" Ginny nodded.

They parted ways and the girls headed for Gringotts
"I just need to get some money changed over" Hermione told Ginny

"fine" She replied "why do you carry Muggle money anyway?"
"in case of emergencies" Hermione replied

Lucius and Narcissa turned a corner down through Knockturn Alley and headed down to a courtyard known as Deaths Court. They turned right and crossed the yard, heading towards a shop near by. As they entered, a short dirty looking man scurried across the back of the counter towards them, Seeing who it was, his face brightened

"Ah Lucius, and Narcissa," he said "how can I help you today?"
"Rookwood...I believe you have some items for our Lord?" Lucius asked silkily

"ah yes, they have just been finished a moment ago, i shall get them" said Rookwood

When he had disappeared into the back, Narcissa turned to her husband

"if i didn't know him better, id kill him for the blatant lack of human hygiene" she said

"all in good time dear" said Lucius, a smirk on his face "all in good time"

Lord Voldemort smirked at himself as he walked through the halls of Azkaban. Under a set of heavy glamours, he looked remarkably like Narcissa Black, come to visit her cousin Sirius.

The Auror lead him into the interrogation room and went to fetch Sirius from his cell, Voldemort heard the clanking of the doors and the chinking of the chains long before the door opened.

"two visitors in a week," Sirius' voice remarked dryly "I must be favoured...Narcissa?"
"Cousin" came the reply "Auror you can leave, he wont harm me" Voldemort told the Auror, who seemed addled slightly as he left the room and the door thudded shut

Voldemort dropped the glamours quickly

"VOLDEMORT!" Sirius squeaked

"Yes Sirius" He replied "I apologise for the sudden arrival, but things have come to light"
"Oh?" he swallowed thickly "What's it go to do with me?"
"Sirius, i need to know where your loyalties lie? Lily made you Godson to our son, Xavier. Before Dumbledore killed her and forced my hand thinking my son was dead" Voldemort began to pace "i know Petunia said that you were thinking of joining-"
"I'm not much good to you in Azkaban!" he snarled "Dumbledore's already been here trying to get me to give him insider information on the Death Eaters in exchange for freedom!"

Voldemort hissed in anger, his eyes flashed at the mention of Dumbledore

"meddlesome old fool!"
"indeed, i told him where to stuff it" Sirius smirked "Xavier you say?"

"Yes, my son, he is thirteen in three weeks" Voldemort told him, a slither of pride in his voice "...I must go..." he quickly transformed back into Narcissa, turning to Sirius as the Auror came back in to tell them time was up.
"goodbye cousin" Sirius nodded
"goodbye cousin... I'll throw you a bone or two sometime" Voldemort gave Sirius a look, he nodded slightly

"goodbye Narcissa" Sirius let himself be lead away back to his cell, a smirk on his face.

The next morning, Dumbledore opened the Prophet onto his desk, humming merrily and eating a piece of toast. He turned to the headline and consequently sprayed the paper with the tea he had just sipped


The headline declared, a picture of Sirius from Azkaban screamed up at him, holding his card, being restrained by Aurors.

Notorious criminal, Sirius Orion Black has escaped from Azkaban, Black, who is convicted of the murder of his old school friend Peter Pettigrew and taking fourteen Muggles with him...

Dumbledore stared in muted shock for several long moments, then a sadistic grin marred his features

You've played right into my hands Sirius...