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It had already been 6 month's since the Switzer/Parker case. Parker sure enough got what he deserved. He had a life sentence plus years for the rape, kidnap, and murder of young Jodie Switzer. Both Kate and Garret had returned to work after their hard time. Kate had slowly but surly accepted the death of her daughter, with much help from Nigel and surprisingly Stiles as well. Jordan wasn't CME anymore resulting in the return of Garret, but while it lasted, she did enjoy it. Even if Garret didn't think she could handle it, she could, and she did a great job of it. It was stressful at times, and she had to work extra hours on occasion, but she loved being in control.

Garret, soon after his return, begun drinking again, but quickly got forced help from Jordan and Woody. Jordan hated to see him struggling with that again, and Woody hated seeing Jordan freaking out with it. He didn't go to rehab, but he did stop drinking completely. Jordan kept a watchful eye on him making sure he was never drunk and checked his apartment spontaneously to check everywhere for any alcohol items. He had since then recovered, and was 100 percent sober at the Hoyt wedding.

Jordan and Woody had since then gotten married. They had been happily married for 3 months now, and they were both on the same page when it came to starting a family. And little did they know, it would soon be coming true in a shorter period of time then they expected. Lily had been Jordan's maid of honor and helped a lot with the wedding planning. They were married at St. Inez by Paul. Everyone from the morgue, most of the precinct, and even Jordan's friend Kim attended. It was definitely the happiest day of their lives.

In the lives of Lily, Bug and Maddie, it was wonderful. Lily was still living with Bug and Bug was still the only one who could get little Maddie to go to sleep. He'd sing his "magic" lullaby and she'd be sound asleep within moments. It was only a matter of time after the crash that Bug proposed. Bug asked her while Jordan and Woody were enjoying their honeymoon. Jeffery on the other hand was absurdly aggravated about the whole situation. Jeffery wanted marriage. He wanted everything Lily wasn't going to give to him. He was doing everything in his power he could to get shared custody. Lily didn't want that for her daughter. Of course she didn't want to completely cut Jeffery out of her daughter's life, so all Lily would promise was updates and rare visits.

Lily got her job back at the morgue and shared an office with Kate. Kate rarely used it anyhow. Kate's life was almost exactly the same since the death of her daughter; although, now she felt a weight lifted off the ground. The fear every night of if her baby was ok or not went down with the girl's casket into the ground. Nigel was her strength through everything. They were official and had been officially seeing each other for a few weeks after Jodie's death. Yeah, Nigel considered them an item after she had taken care of him and him her, but now they were going on dates and everything that comes along with being a couple.

Life for everyone at the morgue, including Woody, was looking up, and none of them would have changed what happened to them on the mountain, because it brought everyone closer to each other. It was a miracle in itself.