Author's Notes: Ok, so this story came to me one night while laying in bed and couldnt sleep worth...well you get the idea. And its been sitting in my head ever since. So finally last night I started it and now I thinks its ready to be posted. Its just a oneshot, but I broke it up to make it easier to follow. I cant say much more because Ill give things away...grins mischieviously And I played with Rin's age a little because Yondaime's not a pedophile!!! So I had to make her slightly older to make it not so EWE! Get my meaning? Please review, input is always valued!!

Rin took a deep breath, raised her hand and quickly knocked before she chickened out.

'I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.' she repeated over and over again, plastering a smile on her face as the door opened.

"Rin?" Yondaime smiled and leaned against the door, "This is a nice surprise. But..."

"Can I come in?" Rin stepped up and gently squeezed past the tall blonde before he could answer.


Yondaime frowned still staring out the door before stepping back and shutting it with a sharp click, "It's a little what brings you here?" he asked knowingly. It didn't take a silver haired genius to see she needed to talk as her hands fidgeted with a small pouch on her hip.

Far from the genin he once knew he sighed, remembering when she had first been assigned to his team, 'They were all so young.'

"Cant I visit my favorite sensei once and while? Do I have to have a reason?" she smiled sweetly.

Yondaime eyed her suspiciously then grinned, "Ex-sensei and your always welcome. But I know you better than that. You need to talk. Is it Kakashi?" he asked walking past her.

Rin frowned, "You assume too much. I haven't seen him for a while."

"You saw him the other night. He told me." Yondaime disappeared into the kitchen and filled a tea kettle with water before setting it on the stove.

Rin followed him, still glaring, 'Next on my to do list. Kill the last Hatake and rid the world of his arrogant, know-it-all...'

"Rin...tea?" he held up the kettle and shook it teasingly, the water sloshing around inside.

Rin snapped to attention and quickly moved around the table, prying it out of his hand and shooing him away, "Your right. I do need to talk...did...uh...Kakashi tell you what we talked about?" she asked, her back turned to him as she set the kettle back on the stove and grabbed the box of tea at the back of the counter.

"A mission that apparently has you a little upset. I don't suppose that's why you're here, to sweet talk me into getting you out of it?" he smiled, opening a cupboard and pulling out two cups.

Rin froze, 'Why didn't I think of that?' But then she thought of the next kunoichi who would be placed in the same position. Because of the war with Earth, most kunoichi left in Konoha were nearly as young as she was. Would it be right for her to place this burden onto someone else's shoulder? She wasn't the only medic...Rin shook her head...she had already been over all of this.

It was her.

She was the one who had to do this.

It was her duty as a kunoichi.

"No. I just need to talk." she said a little more quietly than she had intended.

Yondaime set the cups on the table and moved to stand next to her, concern in his eyes "Rin..."

"Im fine. Ill bring the tea out when its ready." she put on her sweetest smile and turned to grab the cups off the table.

Yondaime sighed knowing she could be stubborn when she got something in her head, "Ok. Ill meet you on the couch. Then we can talk."

Rin listened as he made his way up the hall to the bedroom and shut the door. He had obviously just gotten home, his vest was still draped over the back of the couch she noted when she came in. And he looked tired, which was the point in coming so late. It would help a lot.

The sound of whistling brought her back to the task at hand as she stretched out her chakra to make sure she knew where her ex-sensei and target was so he wouldn't surprise her. She knew it was foolish to think he couldn't surprise her. He's was the Fourth Hokage. It felt strange to call him a target, but it made what she had to do easier if she thought of this as part of her upcoming mission.

He would be angry.

Definitely hurt.


That's if he remembered.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, she reminded herself that she had spent the entire week preparing, arguing, and rationalizing herself nearly to death over this. But no matter how she looked at the situation, he was the logical choice.

When she came out balancing two very full, very hot, fragrant cups of tea, she had to stop and stare. A slight blush on her cheeks. She had never seen Yondaime in civilian clothes like this before. Walking around the end of the couch, Yondaime quickly stood and took one from her before it spilled and set it on the table.

Rin made her way around the table to the other end of the couch and set her cup down as well, before plopping down and getting comfortable. She eyed the cups on the table, thankful he had taken the right one.

She watched as he quickly sealed several scrolls he had been reading when she came in. Her eyes traveled from his nimble fingers, up his arm, stopping occasionally to admire the muscles normally hidden by the long sleeves of his uniform.

Yondaime sat back with his cup, propped his feet on the table and rested one arm on the back of the couch, taking a careful drink of his tea.

Rin pried her eyes away long enough to pick up her own cup. But against her will they roamed back over to the man sitting on the opposite end of the couch. The white t-shirt and black sweats was a nice look for him she thought, her eyes traveling from his bare feet to his face. His normally spiky hair laid a little softer without his hitai-ate.

It would be hard to guess he was an elite shinobi the way he was dressed, sipping tea and kicking back, completely relaxed. How many people had he killed with those hands? He wasn't a killer, and yet, that's exactly what he was. He was a good person though, not a hardened shinobi. He killed when he had to, to protect his precious people.

He was the perfect choice.

For more reasons than just to help her survive the mission.

"So, are you going to start or do I have to guess?"

Rin looked up into a pair of bright blue eyes, "Well. I have this mission I have to go on that involves a special tactic that only a kunoichi and a medic can execute."

'Ok. That was vague. But you don't want him catching on do you?' she mentally scolded, lifting her cup to her lips so she wouldn't have to look at him.

"Rin. If you want I could..."

Inhaling hot tea, she started coughing, 'That's not what he means baka!'

Yondaime waited patiently for her to catch her breath, eyeing her with a mixture of worry and mild suspicion. She was behaving very strangely, even for Rin.

"No. I don't want to be taken off the mission." she blurted out as soon as she was able to speak again, "I couldn't knowingly force someone else to do what Im..." she stopped and stared at him for a moment then continued a little calmer, "Its my duty. Besides. Im sixteen. Im also the only kunoichi and an experienced medic who has the best chance of making it through alive." she really didn't want to go into any more details.

Just hearing herself say it made it far too real for her to deal with right now.

Yondaime stared into his cup, "Are you sure?" he asked very seriously. If it was any other kunoichi, he would put it out of his mind as a shinobi's sacrifice for the greater good. They had all taken missions which required them to do insane things. But this was Rin. She wasn't just another kunoichi to him.

"Im sure. I just thought if I talked about it, it would be easier." she gave him a small smile when he finally looked up.

Yondaime suddenly looked nervous, "You know, there are things you could do to prepare for this mission. Boys your own age..."

Rin's eyes widened and she blushed, taking a drink of tea to hide her embarrassment...and maybe guilt.

"Its just a suggestion. Shinobi actually do it all the time. Not that Im telling you to go out and have sex with just anyone." Yondaime stopped and took a deep breath, jerking his foot out of his mouth.

This discussion would have been easier two years ago when she didn't even have breasts he thought, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. They burned and his head was feeling heavier by the second which he quickly blamed on the long day he had been having.

Now this.

Taking another drink of his tea he noted the time on the clock.

Two years ago he wouldn't have allowed her to take a mission like the one she was faced with now. No kunoichi her age would have even been considered he rationalized. But this wasn't two years ago, and Rin had just turned sixteen.

'Damn, why did it have to be her.'

"I thought about it. But there isn't anyone I could trust completely. Not just trust with the experience itself, but with keeping it to themselves. And I don't want to give away something this special to just anyone who doesn't care about me at all."

Yondaime looked up and wondered when she had grown up to be the level headed young woman sitting far too close all of a sudden. His eyes narrowed. What she was saying made sense, but he was having trouble keeping his mind on the conversation when she was that close. Clearing his throat he took another large gulp of tea and set it on the table standing up to get away from her.

Grabbing the arm of the couch to steady himself, he blinked several times before standing up straight and walking around the couch away from Rin. It was getting a little too hot in his opinion and it was late and for some reason he was more exhausted after drinking the tea than he had been when he first walked through the door.

Which was saying a lot, because he was well on his way to bed when she showed up.

'Uh...' his mind went blank as he found himself staring down into Rin's eyes, "Rin...", his hand move to her cheek, thumb brushing over the trademark stripe. It really was getting frustratingly hard to think straight. And she was too damn close again.

"Yes?" Rin checked both of his eyes, pupils slightly dilated. Placing her hand on the side of his neck, she could feel his pulse racing, not dangerously, but right about where she expected when the full effects of the drug hit his system.

Yondaime backed away until he hit the wall. He had been drugged before, but this was different. Why now? And why Rin? Was this all part of the drugs effects, a genjutsu combined to make it seem like he was home and two seconds away from ridding his ex-student of her virginity? His sixteen year old ex-student!

Something was definitely wrong.

Concentrating his chakra, Yondaime forced himself to focus just as Rins hand came up. This was bad. He wasn't even aware of her moving until she was right in front of him. His hand instinctively moved on its own, fingers wrapped around her wrist almost painfully. Searching her face and testing her and the room with his own chakra, he could find no sign of a jutsu or a genjutsu. But he was definitely suffering from some sort of drug.

His eyes darted over to the cup on the table.

It was getting harder to think, to concentrate and his chakra was slipping out of his control rapidly. It was like being heavily intoxicated, only with a very strong side effect of lust.


It was also getting harder to ignore her hands, "Why?" he whispered. She was the only explanation, this was her doing. But he couldn't understand, his brain was shutting down.

Rin paused and looked up into his lust filled eyes, what little control he had left was slipping away. And she was glad for it, because she was sure she couldn't do this without help from him. She would chicken out and leave before they even got into the bedroom.

She couldn't answer.

And for a brief moment she saw the pain of betrayal flash in his bright blue eyes.

Then it was gone and so was her ability to think straight as his lips crashed over hers, hands holding her face, fingers brushing the back of her neck. A tear slipped down her cheek, but she quickly pushed away the guilt and fear.

The kiss was making her dizzy. Her hands, grasping hold of his arms and sliding them up along his lean muscles, was like an anchor holding her upright.

Yondaime could hear the warning bell, but couldn't concentrate long enough to figure out why it was ringing in the first place. Something was definitely wrong, but he couldn't see it. All that mattered was that the wonderful sensations and intoxicating feelings didn't stop. He needed more of it.

Rin silently patted herself on the back. The drug was working better than she had hoped. Fast, strong and complete. The only question left was wether or not he would remember anything when he woke up.

The sound of the bedroom door hitting the wall echoed faintly in her mind.

She had researched the ingredients, designed it to do several tasks at once without conflict or long lasting side effects. It was nearly perfect she thought dreamily as strong hands slipped into the waistband of her shorts.

Trying desperately to shut down the analytical medic part of her brain, Rin was suddenly very aware of how naked and exposed she was. Silently thanking the Gods she had decided to take some of the drug herself, she shoved her hands under his shirt, exploring every inch of muscle before pushing the fabric up and over his head.

'Definitely the perfect choice.' she thought moaning softly into another heated kiss, the drug giving her courage, or rather the lack of inhibitions and rational thought she needed to keep going.

She was surprised that even drugged out of his mind he was being amazingly gentle and wondered briefly what he would be like without the drug as an influence. She imagined he was like this with all of his lovers. Then she wondered why he wasn't taken. She knew outside of the bedroom he was an amazing man, and now she knew he was amazing in every aspect of his life.

So why hadn't someone snatched him up already?

The feel of the cool sheets on her heated skin sent a chill up her spine. He had explored nearly every inch of her body, making her so insane she hadn't found an opportunity to do the same for him. She knew the mission would feel nothing like what she was experiencing at that moment. In fact, she couldn't imagine anything ever feeling this good.

'Please don't hate me.' she nearly cried.

She would never regret this night if he didn't hate her.

'Please don't remember.' she silently pleaded.

If he didn't remember then they would be ok.

Suddenly, her train of thought derailed.

There was no going back and now that she was finally there, the last remnants of her childhood destroyed, she knew she didn't want to go back.