In The Not-So Safe Arms of Itachi

Title: In the Not-So Safe Arms of Itachi


Pairing: ItaNaru, SasuNaru (Later Chapters)

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Summary: When Sasuke suddenly leaves Konoha Naruto is distraught, he tries to find comfort thinking that Sasuke will one day return. After a long period of time Sasuke still has not returned and Naruto starts to lose hope. One day when Naruto s off wondering he catches a glimpse of what he thinks is Sasuke, but once he follows the boy he finds out that it is not Sasuke after all but Itachi. Naruto strangely enough finds comfort in seeing such a close resemblance in Itachi, even though it was Itachi who made Sasuke leave. Naruto tries to get close to Itachi in secret, Naruto hopes that he can be happy again with the Sasuke look-alike. After Countless of times of Narutos' pointless trying Itachi starts to get irritated, so he makes a deal with the young boy, if Naruto can defeat him in a battle then him and Naruto may become friends, but if he wins then Naruto must die. Will Naruto take the deal? What will happen if he does? Will he win of face his death? Will Sasuke ever come back to Konoha?

In The Not-So Safe Arms of Itachi

Narutos dream:

"Hey Sasuke! Wanna eat ramen with me?" Yelled an over excited Naruto.

"No I'm Okay Naruto thanks."


Sasuke is walking out of Konoha and Naruto sees him

"Sasuke-kun where are you going?"

"I'm leaving Konoha, I need to get revenge on that brother of mine"

"Sasuke! Don't leave me please, what friends will I have without you, please stay."

"No Dobe, I have to go!"

-Sasuke begins to fade as well as the scenery around him leaving Naruto alone in what seems to be a white nothing- Naruto falls to his knees helplessly, crying silently


"Sasuke! Your back!" Naruto yelled upon seeing the raven haired boy running to him and latching his small arms around his waist.

"Yeah I'm back now, and I'm staying" they start walking away together Sasuke stops and turn to look at Naruto.

"Naruto…." Sasuke whispers.

"Yes Sasuke?" Naruto replies in a similar whisper.

"You have to wake up now"

"What are you on about, I'm already awake"

"Just try it Naruto wake up… for me"

-everything starts getting further away from Naruto and Naruto reaches out to try grab onto Sasuke but he's too far away and slowly he couldn't make out Sasuke ace only just his outline and then soon enough he couldn't even see that. He felt lost.

Naruto woke up with a smile on his face thinking Sasuke would still be there next to him, he was not and Narutos' smile dropped, countless of times Naruto has had that same dream and every time he had believed it would be true and every time it was not. It just made him even sadder thinking that Sasuke was gone, and come back only to wake up and it was the same old dream again.

Naruto got up slowly wanting to go back to sleep and carry on dreaming, never waking up unless his dream comes true and Sasuke does come back. He slowly started to do his daily routine, shower, dress etc. then started to head out for the day. He had a free day to do whatever he wanted so he thought he'd go to his favourite secluded area and just daydream.

As he was wondering, thinking, he caught a glimpse of raven black hair, his immediate thought was Sasuke and he quickly turn to follow him.

"Sasuke! Sasuke wait!" Naruto yelled at the boy ahead, the boy just kept on walking ignoring Narutos' calls. Naruto starts to run desperately trying to catch up to him.

After a while Naruto catches up to the boy and grabs his arm, turning him around, he's shocked when it is not Sasuke he sees but Itachi. He looked up at Itachi fearfully.

"I'm Sorry Itachi I thought you were Sasuke… what are you doing here anyway?"

"Can't a guy walk around here without getting followed by a brat like you?!"

"Hey! I said I was sorry I thought you were Sasuke I didn't mean to! What else do you want me to say?"


"Jerk" Naruto mumbled under his breath but Itachi heard it all the same

Suddenly Naruto found himself pinned to a tree but none other than Itachi.

"What did you call me, baka?!"

"No…noth…nothing Itachi, I didn't mean it, I swear"

"Better watch what you're saying next time haven't you then?"

"Yes Itachi"

"Good." And with that Itachi let go of Naruto and started to walk away.

"Hey, hey where are you going? Come back!"

"I'm getting away from you dobe." As soon as Naruto heard Itachi say dobe he froze. That was what Sasuke used to call him. Narutos eyes started to swell up with tears threatening to spill.

"It… Itachi" Naruto whispered barely audible.

"What now?"

"Why did you make Sasuke leave?" he paused. "I mean why did you have to do something so bad that Sasuke felt he had to get revenge, surely you're not that of a bad person."

"That's none of your concern. You shouldn't interfere in people business. Goodbye Naruto."

"Please don't leave stay with me; I don't want to be alone again."

"Why should I, I don't even like you." And with that he started to walk away, Naruto knew he couldn't stop him, so he went for an alternative. To follow Itachi to wherever he's going.

He did a few quick hand signs and hid his chakra efficiently and went on his way to figure out were Itachi is heading.

After a couple of hours walking Itachi stopped in a clearing and started to look around, Naruto hid perfectly making sure he wasn't caught spying on Itachi. Itachi decided it was safe to stop and rest as he quickly jumped up into a tree and leant again the trunk and swiftly closed his eyes, Naruto was sure though that Itachi was still on guard even in his sleep.

Naruto just stared and watch Itachi sleep, he looked so content but still guarded in his own way,

I wonder if Sasuke sleeps as Itachi does, guarded, ready. Naruto thought to himself. As he was thinking he didn't realise he was accidentally letting his chakra show. He suddenly heard a low grow coming from the tree Itachi was in he looked and there was Itachi, eyes open furiously staring straight at Naruto.

"Naruto!" Itachi growled loudly. Naruto whimpered slightly hiding stupidly behind a bush. "I can see you Naruto; I'm not as stupid as you may think."

"Heh, I don't think you're stupid Itachi-san."

"Why the hell have you been following me?"

"I told you Itachi I didn't want to be alone, I couldn't be alone, I just couldn't. I thought if you didn't know I was here it would be okay."

"And you thought you could get away with it without me knowing?"

"Well yeah, I thought it I stayed hidden and kept my chakra hidden I would be fine, and I would have succeeded too if I didn't get distracted!"

"Oh is that so baka? And I suppose what did you get distracted from?"

"None of your business"

"Oh come on Naruto, humour me, tell me what got you so distracted." Naruto looked down embarrassed.

"My thoughts." Naruto mumbled

"What were you thinking about hmm? Come on you've sparked my interest for now."

"I was wondering if Sasuke slept how you did, guarded, ready"

"Is that so? Well Naruto next time do not compare me with my weak little brother, I'm better than him"

"Sasuke is not weak! He's stronger than most!"

"Most is not me Naruto, I am stronger than him, by far, you should know that, or are you too stupid?"

"I'm not stupid, but your older you're going to be stronger, but he'll be stronger than you soon, and you know that or at least you should do."

"If you don't mind dobe, I would like to sleep, so get lost"

"Can't I please stay, I wont be a bother to you I promise, I'll just sit here, I don't want to go back now. I don't have training tomorrow either."

"And if I say no you're going to leave straight away."

"Well not actually I was kind of going to... Heh… Refuse?"

"Fine dobe you can stay here tonight but if you don't leave me alone tomorrow I'm going to force you, clear?"

"Yes Itachi-san, thank you" and with that Itachi closed his eyes and leant back on the tree trunk again and swiftly went back to his guarded, steady but peaceful sleep.

Naruto stared at Itachis sleeping form sighing to himself, wishing it was Sasuke there sleeping so close, so near that he could touch him, instead of this Itachi who if you were to touch him would surely cut off your hand, or at least would make you regret it. After just sitting there watching Itachi sleep, Naruto soon joined him and leant again the bottom of the tree and slept a long last dreamless sleep.