The flaming is tapering off quite a bit and people are starting to understand and see why I wrote this. When people see my point of view that makes me happy, even still with that in mind I'm getting asked stupid fucking questions! This is not a tell all question and answer session.

Did some of you actually think that if you wrote and said, 'oh Ed I completely understand how you feel. It's not fair, its okay; how tall are you? What do you think of the OVA's?' and other meaningless drool that doesn't matter and you only want to know because of who I am.

I talked with Al yesterday and he said that I should be appreciative that I have such a strong fan following. He thinks it's great that people aren't only interested in the show but actually interested in me. With that being his mindset I told him he should write something up and have Mayuna post it for him.

"Well brother, you know I really never did learn how to type that well and besides you know my arthritis…"

That was the end of that conversation. Way to dodge a bullet Alphonse. I don't blame him though. I've showed him the reviews and the flames. Surprise, surprise the flames unnerve him but that's just because he's too damn sensitive, at least he doesn't cry all the fucking time like when he was younger.

I seriously was more than sure for most of my life that Al would turn out gay. Sensitive, eloquent and fashionably sensible; yeah I was positive that my little brother was batting for our team until he started sleeping around and spread his oats which was really funny because then he was just a whore.

Anyways back to what I was saying, I'm not going to answer your stupid fucking questions. I'm glad that you liked the show, manga. It's unsettling that you like me, not as much as before since Al and I had out chat but I know that you all have the image of a blonde haired golden eyed kid running around in a red jacket punching anyone in the face who called him short. You want to know what I was like at that age really well I'll tell you to get you all off my damn back.

By the time I was fifteen I was only five feet tall not counting my boots that yes I did wear. I didn't gaudy myself up with that tacky red jacket from the show because that would have caused attention. It really irked me to see how much a little attention seeking bastard they portrayed me as because that was far away from the truth.

Tell me if you had done something against the law and was planning to do it again would you make a sign stating so and hang it around your neck? I'd really fucking hope not because then you are a complete moron and stealing my precious oxygen. So why would I wear this bright red jacket if I was going around and inquiring about the stone that got me beat up more than once by angry towns people. Of course it only added more insult to injury when I told everyone I was a state alchemist, a mistake I learned early on not to repeat.

My hair used to be blonde yes but my eyes never were and never will be gold. I think they just did that to make the character seem more exotic or unique that was thought up on a whirl of creativity. Al say's, he really talks too damn much, that I shouldn't complain because we gave the permission for our story to be comic-nized and even further cartoon-nized but it still bothers me. If you're going to write something about someone that is factual make it so. Exspecially considering it was based on such an important part of our lives.

You know what I'm done with this. I have better things to do with my life then sit here and explain myself to a bunch of vultures. Don't expect any more from me. All done the end! Period!

Edward Elric