Sequel to Sanity. Spoilers for episodes 1.01-2.04.

Rated M for language

Summary: After Dean's electro-shock therapy, he is experiencing memory loss, but his ordeal begins to come back to him in the form of visions. With THE demon still hot on their tails and plaguing Dean's dreams, the boys do what they can to fight back.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sam, Dean, or anything Supernatural related, but the story is mine. Enjoy!!

You asked for it, so here it is! The sequel of Sanity. It picks up right where I left off, and rest assured there will be plenty of brotherly angst, bonding, and torture! Keep me posted on what you would like to see in upcoming chapters!!

As Sam drove down the lonely highway in the early hours of morning, he glanced over at his sleeping brother and smiled. He finally knew some of what was on his brother's mind. This was the first night in a long time that Dean slept peacefully, not plagued by nightmares. He had never seen his brother so relaxed and docile.

The more he thought of sleep, the more exhausted Sam grew. He yawned and blinked hard, trying to keep his eyes open and focused. He soon could no longer ignore his fatigue and knew he had to pull over or risk damaging his brother's baby. He drove into the nearest crappy motel he could find and parked.

Sam debated with himself on whether he should wake Dean or just let him sleep, but he decided his brother would be more comfortable on a mattress rather than bunched against the passenger window.

Reluctantly, he reached over and shook Dean. At first, Dean didn't respond, but after calling his name a few times and shaking him a little harder, Dean groaned softly and cracked his eyes open.

"Hey, man. How're you feeling?" Sam asked him gently, knowing his muscles must still ache like hell.

"Ugh… like I have the biggest hangover in the world. Why didn't you cut me off?"

Completely bewildered by this question, Sam cocked his head sideways and gave his brother a questioning look. "Huh?"

Speaking slowly to annoy Sam and spell it out for him, Dean asked, "Why… did… you… let… me… drink… so… damn… much? My head feels like it's going to fall off."

"Dean, you haven't had a drink in a week or so. Don't you remember what happened this afternoon?" Sam was trying really hard not to panic at Dean's blank look.

Dean thought hard. "Dude, last thing I remember is that phone call from Meg… Sam! She's got Dad!! We have to go get him back!" Dean's panic and rage spurred him into action and he threw the Impala's door open and went to climb out, but his protesting muscles and Sam's firm grip on his arm stopped him.

Feeling the pain of his muscles shoot through his body, then feeling Sam's grip, Dean cried out and toppled back into the car. "Aaaahhh!! Dude?! What the hell?!" He turned a questioning glare at Sammy.

Sam forced himself past the initial shock of Dean's outburst and memory loss and tried to calm his brother down before he hurt himself… again.

"Dean! Wait!! Man, that phone call was months ago."

"What? Sammy, stop foolin' around, Dad needs us!" Dean turned towards his open door again.

Tightening his grip on Dean's arm to keep him from trying to leave again, Sam reached his other arm up and placed the back of his hand against his brother's forehead. Dean balked.

"Dude, what the hell?!" Dean swatted Sam's hand away, but not before Sam felt the slight fever emanating from his brother.

"Dean, you don't remember the accident, or fixing up the Impala…"

Dean quickly interrupted. "Whoa! Wait!! What did you do to my baby?! What accident? Sam, you're not makin' any sense."

"Any idea who Ellen and Jo are?"

Taking a guess, Dean said, "Hot chicks we met at a bar? I don't freakin' know, Sam. Why?"

Sam could only imagine what Ellen would do to Dean if she heard him call her a "hot chick."

"Okay, Dean. Can you just wait here while I get us a room? We can talk inside."

"Are you sure Dad isn't in trouble? Do we have time to sit around in a motel full of ants?"

"Yeah, Dean. Trust me, Dad doesn't need our help. Now just sit tight till I get back."


"Alright. Don't move, promise?"

"Yeah, Sam! Christ, I'm not a kid ya know."

"That's debatable," Sam mumbled under his breath, earning a glare from Dean. "I'll be right back."

Sam did his best to keep himself from running into the motel, screaming at the poor girl working behind the counter to hurry the hell up and give him a key, then running back out to his thoroughly confused and disoriented brother.

What the hell happened? He was fine when he was eating his well-earned cheeseburger and fries. Sam hoped this was just a passing side-effect brought on by the drugs or the electro-shock his brother had suffered through, and that Dean would recover him memory soon before he had to inform him that their father was in fact dead.

Once Sam had the key in his hand and arrived back at the car, he drove around the corner of the building to park in front of their room. Sam jumped out of the car and went around to Dean's side to help him to the room, but Dean shoved Sam's helping hands away determined to make the short trip on his own.

Sam shook his head at his brother's stubbornness and grabbed their bags out of the car. Once they were inside, Sam quickly set about laying down salt lines in front of the door and windows. When Dean tried to help and swayed dangerously, Sam advised him against it.

"Sit down before you fall down, dude." Dean nodded and sat on his bed massaging his aching temples.

When Sam felt they were sufficiently protected from any Supernatural threats, he turned concerned eyes on his brother who seemed lost in a world of his own. Sam walked over to Dean and crouched down in front of him. Dean didn't even acknowledge his presence.

"Dean? You alright, man?" When Sam still didn't get a response, he carefully laid a hand on Dean's knee. Dean jumped, quickly coming out of his stupor. After a few seconds, Dean's eyes focused on his brother.

"Sorry, Sammy. Did you say somethin'?"

"I just asked if you were okay," Sam asked again, his concern growing.

"Yeah, dude. Just confused I guess. What the hell happened to my, Sammy? Why can't I remember anything? Where are we?"

"We just passed the Kansas border."

"Where are we headed?"

"No where in particular just yet. We were just trying to get as far away from Utah as possible."

"Why? What happened in Utah? Where's Dad? Did Meg get away again?"

"One question at a time, dude. Utah is a long, very unpleasant story as is Dad's whereabouts, and no, Meg did not get away. We exorcised her. At Bobby's place."

"Exorcised her? You mean she was an innocent girl possessed?"

"Yeah, man. Bobby figured it out."

"Course he did. The dude has probably read every freakin' book ever written about this stuff. I swear half the ones at his house he stole outta libraries…"

"Dean…" Sam knew he had to tread carefully with his line of questioning. "Do you remember Dr. Heinz at all?"

"Heinz? Like the ketchup?"

"Yeah. You met him two days ago."

"I did? Why? Were we interviewing him? Was he a suspect in a case we were working in Utah?"

"No, Dean. He's a therapist. He and I were trying to help you cope with some stuff you were carrying around but the whole thing backfired."

"Help me? With what, Sammy? I don't have a therapist and I sure as hell don't need one! What the hell do you mean by backfired? What is going on, Sam?!" Dean's breathing began to increase with his panic. Sam spoke up quickly to try to sooth him.

"I know your confused, Dean, but you've gotta calm down, okay? Deep breaths..."

Dean cocked his head sideways in thought at Sam's words. Suddenly his mind was assaulted by images that played in quick succession sending painful waves of fire through his skull.

"Argh!!!" Dean yelled, gripping his head between his hands and squeezing his eyes shut. He saw himself strapped to a table with a man in a white lab coat standing over him and attaching electrodes to his temples. He saw a young, somewhat beautiful nurse removing his belt, then the image jumped and she was standing next to his head, rubbing soothing circles on his chest. He heard her say Shhh… just relax. Deep breaths. It's really not that bad.

Dean gasped as the images faded and his brother's worried face came back into view.

"Dean? You with me?"

"Sammy? God… it hurts…!" Dean's breathing continued to increase in speed, trying to fend off the unwanted migraine.

"Dean! What? What hurts?! Come on, man. You've gotta relax or you're going to hyperventilate!"

Again, Dean's mind was assailed by images. Dean cried out again as the pain followed, but tried to process the images as they came. The same doctor flicked on an ECT machine near Dean's bed, then he turned to the pretty nurse shouting Calm him down, nurse, or he is going to hyperventilate! Dean saw the man's eyes glow yellow before he heard him say Just relax, son. Take a deep breath and try to hold still…Dean's body was suddenly hit with unimaginable pain and he crumpled into his terrified brother's arms.



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