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Chapter 1- Fang

Chapter 2- Ginger

Chapter 3- Russ

Chapter 4- Blizzard

Chapter 5- Splotch

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Chapter 1: Fang

I was the only surviving puppy out of a litter of five. I don't know why, but my former brothers and sisters died during the birth process or just after. I think my mother said they were undeveloped, but I do not remember. It was so long ago…

My story starts when I was just a little puppy, around one year old; my father got murdered in a battle between two alpha males. Ironically, the young wolf that challenged my father won, even though my father was probably twice his age. I do not remember much, but I remember my mother crying and yelping for my father to just give up the fight whenever he got bit or scratched badly. My mother, whose name was Sapphire, told me later that my father was killed while hunting a great moose, but I knew that wasn't true. I saw the carnage with my own two feral eyes, I watched as my father sadly look at me in the eyes before the rival wolf broke his neck. I remember feeling a mix of anger, fear and confusion. Why did this young wolf so easily beat my father, who was older then him by far? I would never know.

A few months after the murder, the new alpha male- I think he called himself Janonhorf or something- started beating my mother. I can still hear her frightening yelps of pain whenever Janonhorf bit her in my nightmares. Every day, Janonhorf would search for me, trying to kill me or at least hurt me badly. I saw the murderous intent in his dull yellow eyes and I tried to flee the pack but my mother stopped me. She said that we would run away together, how wrong she was.

One cold winter day, I was soundlessly sleeping and keeping warm by my mother's warm fur in the cave. I heard a fierce growl and snapped my eyes open. Right in front of me was Janonhorf with the same look in his eyes. I couldn't help but shudder at the look of them, as they looked evil. I whimpered, which woke up my mother. The two wolves got into a big fight while I tried to slink away. Luck wasn't on my side though as the new alpha male cut me off from my only escape. I whined and I put my tail in between my legs, silently praying to the Wolf Goddess for mercy as I backed away towards the protection of my mother. Sapphire protectively put herself between the black wolf and me and snarled furiously and snapped her teeth, as if daring the male to come any closer to her pup. Janonhorf was not fazed however, and only glared back at my mother. I had a flashback of my father dying before my eyes and I feared it would happen to mother. I suddenly felt proud and strong as my male instinct kicked in, I nudged my mother with my snout and started growling at the Alpha male, teeth bared. The black wolf seemed to stare at me for a moment before chuckling the best a wolf can manage. He went into a pouncing stance and got ready to pounce on me. My mother saw this and ran in between the black wolf and me again just as Janonholf pushed off the cave floor with his powerful hind legs. I slammed and eyes shut in fear and heard a painful yelp echo all around me. I felt blood splatter onto my soft grey coat and I slowly opened my eyes to witness a scene I would never forget.

The young black wolf peered at me with his dull yellow eyes and growled out in triumph. I saw the limp bloody body of my mother. Blood was pouring out of many wounds, but most of it came out of her jugular in her neck. I realized that she had died the same way as my father did a few months ago. I wanted to get out of there, and my heart begged for freedom.

Summoning up any strength I had, I snarled furiously and bit the wolf hard on the nose. I heard an evil-sounding yelp of pain and that was all the distraction I needed. Abandoning the pack that should have been mine, I fled towards the forest. I fled towards a land unknown. I fled towards Hyrule.

---Time Lapse. One Year Later Later---

One year later found me inside a cave, sheltered from the blistering snowstorm that threatened to take my life. I was pretty sure and hoped the black wolf was dead. I, after all, struck a major artery.

I whimpered again and licked the shallow wound on my leg that I got after an unsuccessful hunting trip. I was never trained by my mother or father to hunt properly – they didn't have a chance to teach me before they were killed.

I heard faint paw steps in the distance and I felt my fur bristle as I went into a defense position. I saw the silhouette of a smaller wolf as it entered my cave. I immediately stopped snarling when I noticed the wolf was a female.

It was hungry, and I was more than happy to try and hunt again. For her.

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