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Chapter 5

Hey, guys! My name is Splotch and I am a 4-year-old female wolf. I was told that my dad was an Arctic wolf and my mother was a Russian Wolf. That would explain the strange markings on my fur. My coat is mostly white, with small but frequent dots or splotches, if you will, of black. Yeah, my coat is weird. I kind of look like a Dalmatian, but except with less dots and the dots are funkier. Yeah, that's the word…

Anyway, since you are probably bored to tears right now, here's my story.


I sighed once again as I went over my situation. Only a few hours ago I was captured and put into a cell with four other wolves. I didn't know all of their names, I only knew of Adanac, who I started to like already. She was funny, good-natured and she seemed to have a peaceful air about her.

I did not know of my mother and father, as they were killed trying to protect me from the captors. You could see how well they did…

I snorted in agitation as more and more people started pointing at my fur with shocked faces. I even heard a few laughing and I growled furiously at them. I heard a gruff bark come from behind me, "You know, that isn't the way to get treats or food…" I spun around and glared at the grey wolf. Adanac told me that her name was Qari…a messed up name if I ever saw one. I didn't really like her, but I think it was just me being stressed…after all, I was taken and put into a relatively small cage with 4 other wolves not counting me.

I felt my stomach rumble as I saw the zookeeper cautiously walk in and lay down some food. I only narrowed my eyes at him as I read the logo on his shirt. So, apparently I'm in the famous zoo of Princey on an island in the land of Edward. I snorted at the thought as I growled at the human, who cowered and quickly left for the entrance. Ah, it was so fun to scare humans! I heard a call from another one of the zookeepers, "Hey, Orva Worra! Afraid of the dumb freakish wolf?" I saw the keeper apparently named Orva as he scrowled at the other keeper. I only rolled my eyes as I dug into the food, it tasted so good…

A few hours later found me sitting and chatting with the rest of the wolves. Besides me, Adanac and Qari, there were Oiratno and Spiffy. Oriatno seemed kind of nice, but his name was a little…weird. Spiffy was just a young pup, only a few months old…so she kind of counted as half of a wolf…

I looked closely at the rest my temperary pack. Orianto was a beautiful black wolf with golden yellow eyes. Adanac was a cross between an Arctic and a grey wolf, her fur only showing a slight tinge of grey to it. Qari was a plain grey wolf and Spiffy was a young Russian wolf.


It has been a few months since my capture, and I wanted out…badly. I need an escape plan, and fast. I was planning on breaking out tonight, at approximately 5:00am, when the guards change their shifts. I would have to move fast, but hopefully I would get out before anyone noticed. It was risky, but I had to try something. I didn't want any of the other wolves to find out, so declaring that I couldn't sleep, I left the artificial cave and looked at the moon. It was about 3:00am, only two more hours to go…

TWO HOURS LATER….you knew I was going to do that…didn't ja? XD

Success! I finally mastered the fence-jumping trick. I climbed on top of the artificial cave and leaped high into the air towards the fence. I just made it over and I started to sprint towards the exit. The guards would take 15-minute break in between shifts, so I only had 10 minutes left. Ah, the joys of secrecy. I took cover behind a nearby building as two guards were happily conversing with each other as they walked past. I realized they were drunk and I couldn't help but let out a small bark in triumph. This would be easier than I thought! When the guards were gone, I quietly left my hiding spot and continued on. The exit was only a few meters away and I could practically taste freedom. Licking my chops in excitement, I made sure the coast was clear before sprinting off towards the exit. It was only when I heard a "A wolf has escape! Stop! Get the nets and tranquillizers!" When I started to panic, in a matter of seconds, a group of 5 men surrounded me. They were heavily armed with tranquillizers and nets. I growled at them and only a few seemed to hesitate. I felt a tranquillizer dart slam into my shoulder and I yelped in pain. It was time to leave, I decided. Not caring who was behind me, I wheeled around and tackled the unfortunate guard that was behind me as I dashed at the gate. The guards immedietly tried to snag me in the nets. I managed to dodge most of them' except for the last one. The last net skimmed my right back ankle when I dodged it, and I couldn't help ut howling in pain as the intense pain was shooting up and down my leg. I didn't plan on stopping just yet however, I was almost there…

I felt myself getting weaker and tired as I continued to limp away from the guards who apparently decided to chase after me on horseback. I only snorted in agitation as I hid underneath the Great Bridge that connected the Island of Edward to Hyrule, where I once was. Home. I started to lick my ankle, the pain wasn't dying down yet and I doubted it would anytime soon.

I suddenly felt very sleepy, and I reasoned that it must of been by the tranquillizer dart. Why didn't I feel this tired before? The adreniline was probably fueling me at that point. I fell asleep underneath the safety of the bridge.

When I awoke a few hours later, I decided that they had finally given up and I crept out of my hiding spot. I limped over the big wooden bridge as I made my way towards Hyrule. I would have to travel through the forest, but I could manage that. I hope. After all, I did escape from the most famous and supposed to be security-tight zoo ever…

I don't remember much from my journey from Point A to Point B. I remember fighting a lone panther for the deer that it just finished killing. I also remember getting a very painful scratch across my face from that ecounter.

The forest itself was magificiant and magical. The way the fireflies danced in the moonlight constrasted to the darkness of the forest made the breath get caught in my throat in amazement. I decided that this would be a good place to rest. I don't remember much else though, the rest is just a big blur...

It wasn't long until I reached a cave that seemed to be alive with life. I cautiously approached it and ever so slightly peered into it. I saw 2 grey wolves, a Russian wolf and a wolfos laughing together. Wait a second…a wolfos? Aren't those things like evil or something? Shaking the thought off, and feeling a bit lucky, I confidently trotted into the cave. The members of the 'pack' stopped in their joking to look at me and snarl feriously. I heard the Russian wolf mutter a few comments about my fur colouring and I growled slightly at him. I was used to ridicule by now. I think I had finally found peace, a home. I knew this because I could feel the friendly auras surrounding them. I had a special ability that allowed me to see the auras of people or animals so I culd tell is they had good intentions or not. We talked for awhile, mostly about our pasts and how I escaped. I admit I exaggerated alot, but wouldn't you exaggerate it too? After we all came to the conclusion that we were comfortable with each other, we trotted out of the cave. We found a suitable spot by a pond sparkling with fish and we all lifted our heads towards the moon and howled. It was a time of celebration, for when a pack did that it met that it was complete. It was the beginning of an awesome friendship and adventure. We were Howling to the Moon.

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You might have noticed that I used a lot of weird names, and I have a reason for them. Read the following.

The name Adanac spelled backwards means Canada.

Oiratno means Ontario.

Qari means Iraq (I was originally going to put this as America (Acirema) but I decided against it. I didn't want to get involved in a lawsuit…)

Orva Worra means Avro Arrow. Research it. XD

Princey zoo that is on an island in the land of Edward: Prince Edward Island.

The name Spiffy: Means nothing, I had to put in a normal name in there somewhere! XD

Just as an afterthought, I modeled Splotch's personality after mine. A little bit crazy, but smart when needed. XD

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