Twelve Grimmauld Place creaked in the silent night, ever so slightly swaying to the snores of its inhabitants. The night trickled away as a faint glow permeated the old place and the inhabitants one by one began to descend the squeaky stairs as aromatic scent of bacon and eggs, with a hint of coffee pulling at the edges.

Snape happened to meet Albus at the bottom of the stairs and accompanied the older man to the kitchen. Snape stopped as Albus had laid a hand on his shoulder, a gesture for him to turn around. The dark wizard arched a elegant black brow as he watched the older wizard point to the Christmas tree.

"It appears you have received a gift, Severus," Albus twinkled in the morning sun. Quite literally, too. His friend was dressed head to toe in golden robes with scarlet red trim and embroidery to match. The embroidery had silver sequins sewed in to better reflect the light.

"Old fool," Snape whispered as he rolled his eyes and made his way to the kitchen.

Chatter filled the air and crackled with excitement. And as it should, Snape supposed, this would be the first Christmas without the threat of Voldemort hanging over them. He took his seat next to Remus, who greeted him warmly to which he replied with a curt nod. The perpetually unkempt man took no offense to Snape's response, only to return to his breakfast briefly before turning his attention to Tonks at his side, whose hair this time was short and light purple. Snape watched the two exchange a look that he could not possibly understand or ever receive. It was much too late in his life for that.

He tore his gaze to the other side of the table and smirked a little as the Weasley brats couldn't help but use magic at the table. Fred, or was it George, kept whisking away Ron's utensils as he tried to eat his porridge, thinking it would make a fool out of him. Honestly, did he really need the help? Ron in turn threw muffins at the two on them. Mrs. Weasley yelled at Ron and admonished the twins, before hugging them tightly, kissing their crowns before wishing them Happy Christmas. Snape could only roll his eyes at such droll.

Grabbing a muffin off of the serving plate, he buttered it, followed with a healthy dose of grape jam, and brought the slathered piece to his mouth. After taking a bite into the flaky, buttery-sweet mass, his black eyes met with those of the amber kind, glistening with unwavering love. He kept the muffin to his mouth to hide away his gaping mouth and dipped his head. Hermione's mouth twitched into a shy smile that widened as she wished everyone a Happy Christmas. Snape carefully watched his young student walk by with her red-headed friend to their seats.

The wizard set down his muffin and let out a deep breath, trying to relieve the tension in his chest. To see her in such a casual surrounding was – unexpected and why he was to have this reaction baffled him. He turned her away so ruthlessly. He used her. So, why? Why now does she look at him the way Tonks looks at Remus or how Molly and Arthur sneak glances at each other, when all the other expressions were filled with anger and hurt? She will be my undoing.

Snape found he could not eat anymore and resorted to drink the fresh brew of coffee, to settle things in his mind and the stirrings of most likely a pounding headache. He thought he might escape it this morning, but no matter how much he would cut back on the Firewhiskey, it was still too much. While alone with his thoughts, Snape could not be sober or else he would listen to their hopeless, relentless desire to have Hermione within their grasp, to worship her body. But, she crossed the line.

"I love you," she says. She knows nothing of it. Since hearing those words, every night was the same and somehow each night was even more unbearable than the last.


"Blast," Snape spat after spilling his coffee. Albus caught him off guard.

"It's been less than a year and already you've become rusty, my boy," the older wizard chuckled. Severus responded with a snort. "Come, now. They've already begun opening gifts."

Snape followed Albus from the kitchen to the living area and already the entire Order had made a mess. The boys were given new tricks from Fred and George, who were talking in hushed tones with Harry and Ron before slapping each boy on the back. It looked as if Hermione was given a new edition of Hogwarts: A History, which she had readily begun reading. No doubt to account for the downfall of the Dark Lord outside its gates. The youngest red head appeared to have received new black robes and a scarlet gown; she nearly fell over with happiness. The older members had cast aside their gifts and were content to watch the younger members enjoy their Christmas with a spot of tea and polite, but trite conversation.

Tonks made a display of her thanks to Remus for her gift of a silver necklace and ever changing mood pendant. The boys gave whoops all around until Tonks hair turned a bright pink. Hermione and Ginny were off in the corner giggling to themselves looking back and forth at Remus, who gave the barest hints of embarrassment. Snape turned away from Hermione's laughing form and found a long red, rectangular box adorned with only a white bow and ribbon along with a small card in front of his nose.

"I told you you had a prezzie waiting for you, Severus," Albus announced. The blasted man wasn't lying, the name Severus Snape was scribbled on the card.

Snape looked around and noticed everyone had stopped to look at the peculiar red box, no doubt wondering who had thought to get the ex-Death Eater a gift. Curling his lip with disdain, he snatched the proffered box from Dumbledore who only smiled in return. Snape plucked the card and hid it away. He eyed the box and slowly pulled one end of the ribbon, watching as the bow deflated on one side and the other followed suit. Letting the ribbon fall to the floor, he pulled the top off which slipped from his fingers as he stared at the item inside.

"What the devil is this?" Snape hissed, grabbing a medium-sized paddle out of the box with the word naughty on the cushioned side and the word naughtier on the un-cushioned side.

"Well, sir," Ron started, "it looks like a paddle." Almost as soon as Ron uttered 'paddle', said item slipped from Snape's grip and whipped around to swat him on the bottom.

Snape jumped as he felt the blow, totally surprised by the sudden impact, followed by shocked gasps. The second impact, however, was just as surprising but with more force that brought him to his knees. The third got him square in the back causing him to fall forward, landing on his hands. All that so the paddle could properly spank him on the arse. At this point, people were unsure if they should stop to help or laugh. Ginny giggled loudly and Hermione followed suit. The twins released the breath they were holding and let their laughter filter out and tears of mirth flowed down their cheeks.

Snape rolled over and slapped the paddle away. "What are you all doing, standing there? Stop this blasted thing!"

He looked back in time to see the paddle before seeing nothing at all.

"Oh!" Hermione cried out as she watched the paddle land on Snape's nose, who fell back stunned. "The paddle, stop it!"

The wooden item stopped mid-stride and fell to the ground before she reached his side. The older members of the Order rushed to Snape, a few glaring at the children to stop their laughter, and watched Hermione ennervate the unconscious professor.

Snape felt a terrible pang at the bridge of his nose and reached up to caress it. He heard tittering laughter off in the corner and suddenly remembered the source of his discomfort. His black eyes snapped open, landing on a pair of familiar concerned amber eyes and sat up. Snape mouth opened slightly as Hermione lips parted and her pink little tongue darted out to lick her lips before she took a deep breath.

"Sir," the young witch began and placed her slim hand on his shoulder, offering him the paddle with the other. "Have you been naughty?"

The room was bombarded with laughter and Snape scoffed at her audacity. He watched the young witch as she tried to keep her composure, but it crumbled under the threat of a giggling fit.

"Oh, sod off!" Snape barked out, snatching the paddle from her hand. He rose to his feet and straightened his robes leaving the laughing crowd behind him. Dumbledore tried calling him back, but chose not to push it. He'd see the funny side of it later tonight.

Snape found himself seated at the end of the long table this time; he stared at an errant chestnut curl that shimmered and swayed just at the blushing cheek of one Hermione Granger. The red hue was a recent development several minutes after Christmas dinner had begun.

The little chit was the one who bought that blasted magicked abomination, she must be, Severus thought.

Once he retreated to his room, he managed to set the cursed gift off again. Before being beaten to death - or climax, he wasn't sure due to the nature of the item- the Potions Master had to run off to the bathroom in order to put some distance between him and the paddle. It was then that Snape realized the sex item had been magicked to spank the intended once its invoking word was uttered. Of course it was something as simple as "paddle" which would ensure it would be set off almost guaranteed. But its safe word was also "paddle" so the humiliation wouldn't last long. That, however, was neither here nor there. She had an ex-Death Eater on all fours, which would not do. Miss Granger would have to be punished.

Snape continued to stare at the young witch across from him beyond a curtain of inky hair. Snape had noticed that Hermione's unruly mop tonight had been tamed into flowing curls that gently caressed her animated face. Her hair had grown so long over the years that locks of hair clung to the curves of her breasts hidden beneath a tight ivory jumper. Snape's eyes traveled upward and met her brown eyes. He could have sworn her lips quirked into a secret smile meant only for him.

"Oh my, I'm still so hungry, I don't know what's come over me," Hermione said as she arched her back and puffed out her chest.

The simple movement stole a silent gasp from Snape, who immediately thought of the last lesson as Hermione arched into his grasp – an image that has haunted him many nights.

"Mrs. Weasley, thank you so much for dinner as always. You make such lovely food," Hermione licked her lips. "Ooh, what a large sausage. That should fill me up."

"You've no idea," Snape muttered. Hermione looked at the Professor as she stabbed her fork into the sausage. Instead of placing it on her plate, she held it up to her face and looked it over.

Her sharp eyes cut to Snape and asked, "Do you think it'll fit?" The young witch bit her lip and smiled, "I do".

Snape's brow furrowed slightly as he watched Hermione rub the tip of the log of meat across her red lips, her tongue darted out briefly to taste the salty sweet sauce. Snape almost shuddered as the meat slid past her lips and balled his fists as she bit into it, juices spurting forth and spilling out of her moistened mouth. He felt himself harden once her tongue darted out once more to lick away the remnants of juice. Oh Merlin's rag doll, how he wanted to fuck that mouth. To feel her tongue lick and suck at his member, leaving him clean of any of his juices.

The Professor cleared his throat and looked away from Hermione, hoping no one else saw that little display. Satisfied that no one else was paying attention he turned back to the witch at hand and found the sausage lying in the middle of her plate, completely forgotten, and Hermione nowhere in sight.

Snape waited for the rest of the Order members to leave the table before making an attempt to hunt down Hermione and confront her about the paddle. There were only two choices Snape had which were the living room and the library. After passing through the living room and effectively ruin a game of exploding snap that Hermione was not a part of, Snape set off for the library.

Upon reaching the library, the door was left ajar, golden firelight seeping through the open crack. Snape pushed open the door and closed it silently behind him, while casting a silencing charm and ward on the room lest anyone walk in.

Hermione was perched on a wobbly stool, trying to read a title on the top shelf, her disjointed shadow dancing among the other volumes. Snape walked across the room and observed Hermione's jean clad derrière and vaguely wondered how she would react if he spanked her.

"Professor Snape." The words woke him from his musing and forced him to look Hermione in the eyes.

"Could you help me?"

She pouted her sweet lips at him and he could not stop himself from walking to her side. Hermione pointed to the book titled Gargatuan Tarantula: The Larger, More Dangerous, and Surprisingly Scarce Potion Ingredients on the top shelf. Snape knew he should have just used his wand, but he stood face to face with her pert breasts and her vanilla scent radiated from her deep, even breaths. Being so close to her was hard to keep Snape from wrapping his arms about her waist and rubbing his face into her chest. His fingers twitched as he handed to book to her.

"Actually," Hermione began, "This is not the book I wanted after all."

Snape's mouth nearly fell open as she did not even bother to thank him and watched as she tried to put the book back in its rightful place. He was about to turn on his heel until he heard her screech and felt her collide into him, followed by the harsh impact with the floor.

When will this blasted girl learn how to balance on her toes? Snape squinted and coughed as he looked at Hermione and was about to reprimand her, but could not find the words to do so.

"I'm sooo sorry, sir." Hermione declared as she matter-of-factly undid his belt and top button. "I believe I've hurt you and my mother has always said," she paused as she unzippered him. "'When healing a booboo, a kiss will surely do.'"

Hermione pulled out his hefty length, fully erect, and blinked several times.

"I think I'm going to have to give you more than just a kiss, sir. Is that quite all right?"

Snape only stared at her in response. Yes, please.

"I'll take that as a yes," Hermione smirked. She lightly kissed the tip of his penis, before licking it with her tongue, then fully immersing it into her mouth.

She's really doing it, she's sucking me off. And by Gods, she is good. Snape's eyes rolled into his head and his mouth went slack as his head plopped down onto the ground. He could feel her small hands lightly tugging at his balls as she swallowed him the best she could. He moaned as she picked up her pace and then there was cold air. Dear Gods, I was almost there.

"Why," Snape growled. "Why did you stop?"

Hermione was not even looking at him. She was on all fours inspecting a book on the bottom shelf.

"There you are! Exactly what I was looking for," Hermione exclaimed as she proceeded to get up from the floor and headed straight to the door.

Snape was rock hard and at that moment he saw red.

"GRANGER! HALT," he spat to her retreating figure as he zipped up his pants.

"Oh, I almost forgot this, Professor," she looked over her shoulder and tossed a miniscule item that quickly grow to its normal size. "Paddle."

She heard a loud smack and a very satisfied groan before closing the door behind her. Hermione Granger's plan began extremely well.

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