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Ignorance is bliss...

Like so many other villains in the world, something in him snapped, it snapped long ago. Childhood neglect, traumatizing experiences, loss of loved ones, or something not right in their head, they were insane. Insane with power, wealth, hate, nothing mattered to them except themselves. They might possibly team up with other villains to take down a common enemy, but other then that, most villains were solitary and the more lonely they were, it seemed the more diabolical they were. He chuckled softly.

Everyone in that room was insane in some way, some of the younger ones didn't even realize it. They were probably only in it for the profit, the title of being categorized as "a villain". Behind his mask, he closed his eyes and spoke. "I believe we have the Titans exactly where we want them." Slade's smooth voice echoed in the dark room as he sat with his legs crossed on a big leather chair, his fingers folded in front of where his mouth should be, his elbows propped lazily on the arms of the chair. There was that carefully planned out facade he had put up years ago that he was calm, cool, collected, calculated. "From what I understand, things are going quite according to plan. Raven and Beast Boy are completely out of the pict-" He started but was interrupted by the deep voice of Monsieur Mallah.

"That hasn't been confirmed." He cut in icily, taking a sip of tea from a tiny tea cup.

"It would be pretty amazing if they lived," Madame Rouge chuckled quietly. "considering the bomb was two feet away from them when I jumped." Madame Rouge said in her deep accented voice, she examined her nails when her eyes snapped up to glare at the two ready-to-quarrel super villains.

"Wow, it seems like you two are having a lovers quarrel." Fang joked as he sat seductively on a nearby chair next to Killer Moth. Monsieur Mallah narrowed his eyes as he snapped his gaze towards the teen with the spider head.

"I would be quiet if you were you, or I'll send you back to the circus you came from." Slade almost growled as he gripped the edges of his chair, but he relaxed, he had kept his cool for so long, it would have been a waste if he exposed himself over some useless teenaged brat.

He smiled underneath his mask, his insanity was his "personality". Everything he did, he had premeditated. From targeting the Titans in the first place, to Robin being his apprentice, to Terra being his apprentice, to his fellowship of Trigon. Each of those acts had put him on a pedestal of absolute evil.

At first, he wanted the Titans out of the way so he could make a living as a criminal, but then, he became fascinated by them. How unlikely they were together. An alien princess with a kind heart and a hidden temper. A scientific accident caused by his parents, but was still a knuckled-headed shape shifter. A freak accident caused one to lose his body parts, having them replaced with robotic limbs, running away from his football scholarship and popularity. A half-demon, turned away by her human mother, scorned and needed by her demonic father, had a yearning to be loved. And the Boy Wonder who rebelled against his superhero master, wanting to become a solo hero, who had a clouded past. He sighed as he became lost in his thought, ignoring the trivial arguments of the other villains. Then again, he thought, the Teen Titans were also his insanity.

"Che." Fang hissed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Those pit-sniffers had no idea what was coming!" Gizmo's laugh echoed as Mammoth nodded in agreement.

"Why didn't we get to go out and fight?" See-more motioned at himself and Kid Wykkyd.

"Yeah, why didn't I?" Billy Numerous shouted obnoxiously. A few more villains agreed with them as a quiet hum filled the room.

"We will take this- one step- at a time." Brain's robotic voice said loudly. "You villains, were not needed- yet." The Brain explained. "This time- the Titans will have no chance at defeating us. The plan is fool-proof."

"They only have minutes until midnight." Madame Rouge smiled evilly as the enormous group of villains cheered in the background.


When Robin and Starfire made it to the Tower, Cyborg was already there, sitting on the couch, staring out into the bay. "Friends Beast Boy and Raven are not here?" She questioned with tears in her eyes, her hands folded under her chin.

Cyborg shook his head, not bothering to get up. "I couldn't reach them. It was static." he said solemnly, grimacing at the ground.

"Damn it!" Robin hissed as he slammed his fist into the wall near the door, causing a small dent to appear. He stormed down the steps and was pacing the floor.

"Robin-" Starfire started, but she stopped, her lips forming a thin line.

"This is all my fault." He growled as Cyborg stood up and walked over to him. "How could I have been so stupid?!" He roared angrily as he paced the floor, his feet pounding as he went.

"Dude, it's not your fault," Cyborg then pointed to Starfire and himself. "we all decided to do this. None of us- we didn't notice." Cyborg said, placing a hand on Robin's shoulder, trying to calm the Boy Wonder down.

"Beast Boy and Raven are dead because of me!" He shouted, his blue eyes glaring angrily up at Cyborg. "Dead." He then bit his tongue angrily, the taste of blood filling his mouth.

"Shut up." Cyborg hissed angrily as he quickly removed his hand from Robin's shoulder, running his hand over his head. Then he pointed at Robin. "They're not dead."

"Do not say that!" Starfire sobbed angrily as she hugged her self. Looking at the ground. "Friends Raven and Beast Boy are not dead!" She cried as Robin stood angrily before her, turning his head to look out the window, he could still see the smoke from the explosion from their two apartments in the east.

"Don't cry Star, come on, they're fine." Cyborg put an arm around her shoulders, reassuring her as he glared at Robin's back. "It's Raven, she's probably sending death glares at Beast Boy already." He said, trying to lighten the mood as he ran his hand up and down her arm to try and comfort her, but she only cried harder. "What is your problem?" Cyborg finally snapped as Starfire looked up at Robin with teary eyes.

Robin paused, sighing as he looked out the huge windows onto the bay, his hand gripping the side of a computer chair uneasily. "Two of my team members are dead because of me." he seethed as he didn't look at the two. How could that have happened? He was supposed to be the best, he was supposed to have control on things. He was supposed to be the leader, the guy that everybody looked up to. Now he failed his entire team? He snapped his eyes shut angrily.

"Team members? Really Robin is that what you refer to them as? Just team members? And they're not dead!" Cyborg lashed out angrily.

"I'm trying to stay under control." Robin said quietly, his shoulders slowly creeping up to his ears. "DAMNIT!" He screamed furiously as he picked up a chair from one of the computers and threw it across the room, it smashed into the wall, breaking into pieces, leaving the wall broken and pieces of dry wall fell onto the floor.

"Robin-" Starfire chocked back a sob. "Robin please. Do not blame yourself." She said, stepping away from Cyborg and reaching out to Robin, who was breathing heavily, his fists shaking. Gulping, she hesitated when she reached an arm out to him. I'm afraid of him. She quickly shoved that thought out of her mind as she again, reached out and wrapped her arms around him and he inhaled sharply. He slowly brought his arms up around her and she cried. "I believe Raven and Beast Boy are okay." She said quietly, stroking the back of his head.

A few moments passed before either of them said anything, but then Robin finally spoke, his face buried in Starfire's hair, his arms around her holding her tightly to him. "I wish I could believe it too."

The two parted and Starfire looked at the ground, closing her eyes as she backed up to the couch, sitting down, combing her fingers through her hair nervously. Robin looked up at Cyborg, shamefully looking down. "Cy, you know you- you guys are my family." He swallowed when Cyborg's chocolate eyes looked down at Robin with a smile.

"Yeah, I know." He said, placing a hand on Robin's shoulders. "It's just this whole thing is-- unreal." Cyborg reasoned and Robin nodded, running his hand through his hair uneasily.

They stood like that for a few minutes. "Um," Taking a breath he plunged into uneasy waters. "Cy, I-I heard about the murder of your friend... Are you okay-" Robin started, but Cyborg stepped away from him quickly, smiling.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about me dude, I'm fine. It was-- surprising, but I'm okay." Cyborg said, trying to reassure Robin that he was fine. The truth was, he wasn't fine, he was far from it. He wanted to strangle the little weasel who did it to her. Gizmo was a villain, he knew that, and villains did bad things. But he would never have thought that Gizmo would murder someone. Maybe he was naive in that point. Maybe he had underestimated the potential of these villains. That they would totally demolish someone for there sick game. But he didn't want to think about Sam anymore. He wasn't Victor anymore, he was Cyborg now, and Cyborg didn't know a Samantha. "We-we should go find them." Robin realized that Cyborg was talking about Beast Boy and Raven.

"No, we'll wait longer..." Robin said, his mood slowly changing.

"But Rob-" Starfire started, wiping a tear with her sleeve.

"We'll wait a little longer," His voice became tight. "They'd know to come here."

A few minutes of quiet went between the three remaining Titans. Starfire's eyelids heavy with drowsiness, she blinked a few times when Cyborg spoke again.

"How did we go three months with out knowing?" He stared out blankly into the bay, a boats' lights shone brightly as it sailed peacefully across the bay. Robin wished he was on that boat at that moment. That he didn't have such a big responsibility. A guy his age was stressing out over college applications, girlfriends, the next big football game. He felt a pit in the bottom of his stomach, he'd never been to a football game before, and he desperately wanted to be a normal guy. A normal guy who was able to go anywhere they wanted, at anytime. There was nothing more that he wanted at that moment then to be a guy on that boat, not having to worry about the safety of the thousands of people in Jump City.

"I don't know. Who-who could have given us away?" Robin grimaced and his eyes widened in realization.

"The designers?" Cyborg asked, his eyes growing wide.

"The mayor?" Starfire's drowsy eyes widened, when she covered her mouth. "It couldn't be, they wouldn't!" She protested, looking at Robin for an answer.

Robin dropped his head in defeat. "What does it matter now? We can't do anything about that now." Robin sighed as he sat down on the couch, running his hands over his head.

"How much longer must we wait for them?" Starfire questioned as she yawned.

"They'll show up soon." Cyborg tried to reassure himself, along with Starfire. "Soon." He said again.


"What about the other Titans? Like the Titan's East? And the honorary Titans?" Slade asked, looking up at the Brain, who was elevated above all of the other villains in the room.

"Thank you for asking. With Phase one of the plan complete, Phase Two will begin now." The Brain's wheels turned him to face a large group of villains, Slade noticed. "Your respected flights are leaving momentarily. But first, a briefing." Slade looked over at the large group. He recognized a few, but didn't know them personally. Johnny Rancid, Mad Mod, Psimon, Cinderblock, Adonis, and more.

"The Rules for your mission are quite simple." General Immortus called out. "Destroy their communicator's "unintentionally", get to them at all costs, but make it look like an accident." He explained with a smirk on his face.

"Keep them where ever they are for as long as possible, if not, ruin all means of transportation and communication. We are keeping them on the farthest parts of the globe, so there is no chance of them coming to aid the Titans." Madame Rouge explained, glaring at all of the villains before her. "You villains know your hero's that you must fight, and those of you who have the "special hero's" know what to do with them."

"Third, injure them as much as possible without killing them. We want them to see the demise of the original Titans first." Monsieur Mallah said in his deep voice.

"But--- haven't we tried this before? And shoo, it didn't work!" Ding Dong Daddy exclaimed. "Why would this one work?" He asked cockily as he crossed his arms over his chest.

A moment of silence came over the whole room. Villains eyes were going from Ding Dong Daddy to the Brotherhood, from Daddy to the Brotherhood. "...Take him." The Brain's voice echoed out when General Immortus raised his hand simply. A huge group of men with guns came out from all of the exits, closing in on Ding Dong Daddy and dragging him out of the room, yelling and screaming. The huge doors the soldiers came out of slammed shut with a satisfying banging noise. "I suggest that no one else makes a comment about the plan."

"You're dismissed. Good luck." Monsieur Mallah sent the villains off to the landing pad where many small rockets and aircrafts were located.

"Slade, Madame Rouge, Kid Wykkyd, you know your mission. Go." Was all that Brain said, and with a nod from Madame Rouge to Kid Wykkyd and Slade, the three disappeared in Kid Wykkyd's dark magic. "Monsieur Mallah." The Brain commanded of his trusted sidekick.

"Yes Master?" The ape asked as he approached The Brain.

"I believe that this plan will succeed."

"As do I Master."

"The Titans think they know what is going on, but they don't. They've been naive all of these years, thinking we've disappeared and have gone, but their world is going to fall apart, no Titan will be safe." A huge screen filled with pictures of every Titan, then of Jump City and the United States. "No one, will be safe."


Starfire desperately wanted to drop her angel-like reputation and grab the remote out of Cyborg's brown, metal fingers, and hurtle the remote into the TV so they didn't have to watch the news report that was ripping Robin apart. She could see it in his face, the way he was gripping onto the edge of the couch. The way his eyebrows were nearly touching in the middle of his forehead. They way he was glaring so angrily at the television that it looked like he would explode. "The city is up in arms, with the enormous commotion of a second explosion on Brushwood Street. Many common criminals are making their ways across town. Three banks and one jewelry store have already reported robberies and-" Starfire thanked God that Cyborg had finally turned off the television.

"Geez-" He started when Robin violently stood up and walked over to the kitchen.

Cyborg and Starfire sat there for a moment in silence before Cyborg looked over at her. "So, are you guys still together?" he questioned awkwardly, but only so Starfire could hear. Starfire looked up from her lap sadly and looked at him, and her eyes were full of doubt, confusion and sorrow. He opened his mouth to say something else, but he wasn't sure what to say.

"I am--- worried about him." She said so softly, it was barely audible. "More then worried." She gulped as she stared at the coffee table. Cyborg looked at her pained. Starfire was his family, and it hurt to see her like this, worried over Robin. He sighed and folded his fingers across his lap.

"I know I'd feel a hell of a lot better if BB and Raven were here." he said quietly as he offered an awkward smile.

Suddenly, the ceiling exploded with an enormous bang. "Starfire!" Robin yelled as he found Starfire and Cyborg over, unharmed in the corner.

"Robin!" She said, breathing heavily as she stared at him from across the room. His eyes immediately snapped up to the gapping hole in the roof. Smirking down at him was Slade, Madame Rouge and Kid Wykkyd.

"Slade!" Robin growled as Starfire flew over, grasping his and Cyborg's hands as she pulled them up through the hole onto the roof. She placed Robin and Cyborg down on the other side of the hole that the villains were on. Robin immediately readied himself for a full-on brawl.

"Ah, sorry my boy," Slade started, putting his hands out in front of him. "We didn't come here for that. But I see you're still as ruthless as ever. And from what I can see, you still destroy what you care about." He gestured towards a broken looking Starfire. Her eyes widened at him as she grimaced.

Easy Robin. Don't let him get you. Cyborg pleaded inwardly. "Then what are you here for?" Cyborg cut in icily, his eyes looking over Kid Wykkyd who was floating ominously in the background.

"We thought it would be fair if we told you our plan." Madame Rouge said, her icy eyes boring holes into Starfire's.

"Nice of you." Cyborg glared, looking sideways, seeing Robin's hand flexing and un-flexing.

"Hidden deep in Jump City is a Chronotron detonator, large enough to stop time for all of the United States and parts of Mexico." Madame Rouge smiled evilly.

"Not again." Cyborg said uneasily. Robin grit his teeth.

"It is hidden so strategically, you will never find it." Madame Rouge smirked.

"Why are you telling us this?" Robin demanded, his eyes scanning his surroundings, looking for any sort of weapon.

"Considering the world is run by corrupt, uncaring people... Why not have the best?" Madame Rouge smirked. "We'd like you to be informed."

"You're not going to get away with it, there are too many of us hero's, and not enough of you villains." Robin said, his eyes narrowing at Slade.

Ignoring him, Madame Rouge continued. "But, who is stopping us? We can easily take out normal people... We just need you superheroes out of the way. With most of the older ones like Batman, Wonder Woman, the Doom Patrol," She hissed the name unnecessarily. "Superman, and the Green Lantern either too old, sick, dead, or-" She gave Robin a look. "Taken care of, all that's left is you."

"The detonator will explode at midnight tomorrow. Exactly twenty-four hours from now, Jump City will be no more." Slade smiled under his mask.

"You can't do this!" Robin shouted angrily, his fists clenched so tightly, blood dripped from his hands from his nails digging into the skin.

"I believe we can and we are. I suggest that you don't do anything rash, or we'll only kill you sooner."

"We are going to find it and we'll take you down." Robin grit his teeth, his breathing becoming raged.

"We've done this once before Robin, and we'll do it again, only this time, we'll win." Slade said lazily as he unfolded his arms. A nod in Kid Wykkyd's direction and he stepped forward.

"Well, I suggest you get started, you have twenty-three hours and fifty six minutes to go." Madame Rouge chuckled as Kid Wykkyd enveloped them in his dark magic and they disappeared off of the Tower's roof.

"We need to split up and search the city. Starfire take the east side, Cy-" Robin started spouting out demands as he jumped down through the hole in the ceiling, landing gracefully on the ground.

"Whoa now Robin, what about BB and Raven?" Cyborg interrupted as Starfire placed him gently on the ground. Robin had disappeared into his room, the two followed him back there, when the door opened, it showed Robin's back.

"Robin, I don't think we can do this." Starfire said with tears in her eyes as she started at the back of the Boy wonder. "Not without friends Raven and Beast Boy-- we don't have enough time." She bit her lip as her eyes met Cyborg's in a desperate attempt to try and reason with Robin.

"Robin, what about BB and-" Cyborg repeated, but Robin turned around, his mask covering his eyes.

"We have to do it without them." He snapped angrily, his eyebrows furrowing in the center. "We need to save the city first. You have three minutes to get ready." he turned without another word, the door closing in Cyborg and Starfire's faces.


"The detonator is in place?" Slade asked Kid Wykkyd before they entered the lair. A simple nod from Kid Wykkyd and the two super villains smiled proudly. "Perfect."


"You're a couple huh?" Cyborg said bitterly, his eyes looking at the ground.

Starfire took a deep breath and looked at Cyborg sadly. "I don't think he'd forgive himself if the city was harmed."

"What about you?" Cyborg asked, taking her shoulders in his hands, making her face him.

"I don't understand." She whispered, staring up at Cyborg.

"Even Slade said it." Cyborg explained. "What would he do if you were hurt?"

Her eyes widened as he let go over her, walking to his room, she whispered. "I don't know."

Staring into her mirror as she placed her gloves on, she wondered about Robin. Was it worth the heartbreak if he was two different people? But, he really didn't mean to hurt her, he cared for her. The past three months were not a waste. She tried to convince herself as she looked in the mirror, rubbing off the eye make up that made her eyebrows look human. She pressed her lips together sadly as she remembered the picture on her nightstand. It was a recent picture of the two of them at a park. Robin asked a little boy to take the picture, and when the boy counted to three, Robin pressed his lips in her ear, causing her to laugh. The picture showed her smiling and Robin smiling into this kiss. The picture was so romantic, and now it was lost forever now in the explosion, probably along with the boy in the picture.

Sighing, she entered the common room. Greeted by an old familiar face was Cyborg's metallic face and his red eye. He was calling into his communicator for Beast Boy, then Raven. But it was static that responded.

"Here's the plan, we'll separate, Star you take the east, Cyborg take the north and I'll take the South and west. Look everywhere, leave no place un-inspected." Cyborg and Starfire nodded. "Let's go."


"I'm putting my money on exhaustion, Bird Boy's not going to let them sleep, and we'll totally dominate." Johnny Rancid nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Psh, I'm surprised you thought of that on your own, you dope." Blackfire retorted from her perch on a huge chair. Gizmo laughed obnoxiously with other villains. "Or did you con little Tiny over there to think it for you?" She jabbed her thumb in the direction of Gizmo with a cocky smile.

"Why you-" Johnny Rancid started angrily, getting up and trying to intimidate Blackfire.

Slade just entered the room and was watching the quarrel from a distance. They were obviously bored, Blackfire, Starfire's sister obviously, was looking for a fight and the brute wasn't smart enough to think of a decent comeback.

"Hey, who are you calling Tiny?! FAT LEGS!" Gizmo hollered.

"Fat legs?!" Blackfire roared, her eyes turning bright violet.

"ENOUGH!" Madame Rouge yelled angrily. "You sicken me. Get ready second group for the second part of Phase 2." She instructed, walking away. The villains cowered, but for only a moment, then, the majority of what was left went to the transportation deck. "Imbeciles." She whispered and walked past Slade towards General Immortus, The Brain, and Monsieur Mallah.

"Do you really think Beast Boy and Raven are dead? The news report said they were missing, the bodies were not found. Great work Rouge." General Immortus sent Madame Rouge a look and she glared at him.

"Those reports are hardly accurate this early..." Mallah said, moving a chess piece across the board.

"There is a slim chance that the little green one and his team mate might still be alive, but we will find out soon, and when we find them, we'll kill them." Brain responded, a piece moved on its own. Mallah's eyes widened slightly. "Checkmate."



That was the only word that came to mind when he thought about how to describe what he was feeling. It was familiar, he'd gotten hurt hundreds of times, but this time, it hurt like hell. His muscles burned, and his body felt stiff. His eyes were closed and he grit his teeth. All he wanted to do was lay here, it felt warm, like the sun was shining on him, but it wasn't bright out. He smiled, despite the pain, since part of his DNA was animal, he always enjoyed the sun, the warmth it gave. But it was quiet, way to quiet to be in Jump Ci-

"RAVEN!" His eyes flew open when he realized what just happened. He sat up, causing his sight to blur. "Raven!" He called out, then he froze as he looked at his surrounds. "I am definitely not in Jump City anymore." Then he clutched his stomach as fire spread through his abdomen. Spurts of air left his lungs as he coughed, trying to get as much air as he could in one quick breath. He lifted his shirt, but nothing was on his skin. He started breathing heavily. "Raven?" He called out again, scanning the barren landscape. Dusty grounds that weaved throughout the dark sky, black birds with red eyes perched in the twisted leafless trees. He stood up and dusted off his pants, worry spreading through him. He was in Raven's mind, but one thing was missing.

Where was Raven?


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