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Don't you know I suffer?

"Cyborg, have you found anything yet?" Robin pressed as he raced through the city; his mouth and throat dry, aching for water. There were still a few pockets of people left around. Mostly people had left the city after the super villains took control, knowing that the shit was going to hit the fan. He passed an alley where a few people were hiding desperately, he didn't want to have to stop and hear the citizens of Jump City begging him for good news, begging him to save them.

The truth sat like a bowling ball in his stomach; he didn't know if he could save them, he could barely save himself and his team.

Static responded and Robin's stomach dropped. "No." Finally answered and the oxygen returned to Robin's lungs. "But that little shit for brains BLEW UP MY CAR!" Cyborg's voice sounded distant.

Robin sighed in temporary relief that Cyborg was alright. "Keep looking; we have to find this thing." Robin spoke through grit teeth.

"Yeah, I know, it's just- shit- I feel vulnerable out here Rob…"

"…I know the feeling." Robin replied, his eyes scanning the road before him. Jump City looked like a ghost town, fires were everywhere, abandoned cars with the doors wide open stranded carelessly everywhere. He pushed down the fear that was creeping up his spine.

"Maybe we shouldn't have split up…"

Robin couldn't help but feel that Cyborg was right about that. "Just keep looking."

After Cyborg stopped talking to Robin, an uneasy feeling set in to his gut. It didn't help that he was completely out in the open and flying solo on this mission. His instinct told him to just go back to the tower, ignore this whole fucked up situation, but he was in this now… it was literally life and death. He would never tell Robin that he was scared… terrified, actually.

Cyborg needed to save Jump City, the Teen Titans were the only hope for the country now… Smoke burned his nostrils as he eyed his Chronotron scanner on his arm. It was flat, like a dead man's pulse. He scanned the road before him; smoke blackened the sky, crimson light licked the tops of buildings as the fires spread, buildings collapsed into themselves. The whole entire city was destroyed.

"You guys shouldn't have split up." The familiar female voice behind him made him stop dead in his tracks.

"You're probably right about that…" He answered reluctantly, his voice tight as he turned around to face the Hive Five.

"It's frustrating that I didn't kill you earlier, shit face," Gizmo countered, his arms crossed and a smug grin on his face.

Cyborg glared at the three former colleagues. At a loss for better words, he sighed. "Why are you guys doing this?" Cyborg eyed Mammoth uneasily.

"We're sick and tired of losing, that's all," Jinx stared at him with her eerie pink eyes, her head tilting to the side.

"What happened to Kid Flash?"

That struck a nerve. "How do you know about that?" She hissed, her eyes narrowing. Her two teammates exchanged confused glances.

Cyborg shrugged in response. "So if you're sick of losing…. Why come fight me?" He couldn't help but smirk.

Mammoth chuckled. "Funny."

"You're with The Brain on this one?" Cyborg questioned, his eyes never leaving the three before him.

"How'd you guess that one, Dip Shit?" Gizmo sneered as the other two smiled.

"Yes, we are," Jinx replied.

Trying to buy time, Cyborg settled with a tactic that Robin used most frequently. Distracting them with the truth. "You know that once you've 'defeated me', The Brain will forget about you."

Jinx's eyes narrowed, she and Mammoth studied him intently.

"Once we're- the Titans, once we're gone," Cyborg took a step back tentatively, "So will you three."

"Shut up." Gizmo snapped. "You don't think we see what you're trying to do? You think if you feed us shit, that we'll have a fucking epiphany and realize that we should be friends with a snot-muncher like you?"

"Nothing you'll say will change our minds…" Jinx smirked at him. Mammoth grunted in reply.

Cyborg didn't miss a beat. "Really? Well, why don't you guys go talk to Johnny Rancid or, uh, what was his- oh, Kid Rocket?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Mammoth grunted, thrusting his chin up in defiance.

"Just that when their 'Phase' was done…. So were they."

There was just a second too long of a pause that let Cyborg know he was in. HE was amazed that something he completely grasped out of thin air had worked so well for him. "How would you possibly know that?" Jinx demanded. "There's no way you could have known that…"

"Really? Why don't you call them up? Huh, or aren't you guys allowed to talk to one another?" Cyborg had progressively distanced himself quite a bit from the Hive Five. He knew he could take one, possibly two of them at a time… but with all three against him and the Hive possibly having a game plan… he couldn't risk it.

"Call them." Gizmo chuckled confidently.

"…But-" Jinx eyed Gizmo and Cyborg respectively.

"Do it." Gizmo seethed at her. "Who cares what that brain in a jar says…"

There was a slight fear in Jinx and Mammoth's eyes as Jinx pulled out a small communication device. "Come in Johnny Rancid, Johnny Rancid, come in…."

Silence answered Jinx. "Johnny Rancid, come in, Johnny Rancid…"

Again silence. Cyborg was shocked that actually worked, he had just pulled Johnny Rancid and Kid Rocket's name out of his ass, hoping it would buy him enough time to get away.

"Try Kid Rocket," Gizmo demanded again, his eyes never leaving Cyborg.

"Kid Rocket, come in Kid Rocket…. Kid Rocket," Jinx pressed and this time static responded. Her eyes widened as she looked at Cyborg who smirked at her in response.

"I told you so…" Cyborg was baffled, but he would never let the Hive Five see it.

"No, NO," Jinx shook her head. "They told us…. What's-?"

"Shut it," Gizmo yelled at her. "Try someone else… What about that bitch Blackfire?"

Cyborg's eyebrows shot up. Blackfire was in on this too? Starfire would be devastated when she found out her sister was with the super villains.

"Nothing from her either…" The fear was evident in Jinx's eyes. "Gizmo-" She pressed.

"No, it's nothing, they're probably just busy!" Gizmo was angry. "There is no way this snot-muncher could know any of that!"

"I don't know-" Mammoth started, standing behind Jinx.

"What the hell do you know, you moron?"

Mammoth's nostril's flared.

"I'm out." Jinx finally spoke and Cyborg's eyes widened.

"WHAT?" Gizmo roared. "What do you mean, you're out?"

"I don't want to die… I don't want to lose." Jinx shook her head. "They don't really need us anyway, we were just supposed to get rid of him," She jabbed her thumb towards the Titan. "I'd rather just run now."

"What if it's just a coincidence?" Mammoth questioned. Cyborg readied himself for a fight, charging his sonic canon and other mechanisms.

"I'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to The Brain…" Jinx shrugged. "You two can stay, I'm leaving."

"You fucking chicken," Gizmo spat, glaring at his teammate.

"Maybe," She shrugged and turned away from them, "Good luck," She spoke and ran down the alley from which they came.

"Well, I guess it's just you and me…" Gizmo looked to his other teammate.

"I don't know… Jinx has a point…"

"Not you, too!" Gizmo threw his arms in the air. "This is our chance to be in the big leagues and you're blowing it!"

"I think I'm with Jinx on this one…"

"You're kidding me."

Mammoth shrugged in reply, eyeing Cyborg. "This end of the world shit…" He shook his head. "I'm using our plane to go to Europe for now…"

"Damn it!" Gizmo roared. "Then just get the hell outta here! I'll finish him." Gizmo's attention turned back to Cyborg. "I'll finish the job…"

"Giz-" Mammoth started and he backed up.

"Leave," Gizmo turned his back to his teammate and glared at Cyborg. "Who needs you anyway?"

Mammoth sighed and turned to follow Jinx down the street.

"Well, it looks like it's just you and me, huh?" Cyborg locked gazes with Gizmo, whose mechanical backpack shot metal spider legs out of it, hoisting Gizmo in the air.

"You shit heads really shouldn't have split up," Gizmo smiled evilly at Cyborg.

Cyborg activated his sonic canon, the blue light glowing threateningly at the single Hive Five member. "I guess you're right,"

The two charged at each other, a score to settle. It was Gizmo who killed his friend Samantha from the car shop. Cyborg wanted revenge as he shot at Gizmo, whose jetpack shot him up in the air, out of the range of fire.

"Get down here you little shit," Cyborg yelled through grit teeth.

"Ooh, someone's angry…" The villain giggled.

"And someone's a little punk ass who kills innocent people."

"Are you still upset about that stupid girl? I mean, she wasn't your girlfriend was she, lug nuts?" Gizmo sneered as he shot a small bomb that Cyborg dodged. An idea popped into his head and he ran down the city street.

"Come back here you shit head!" Gizmo followed him.

"It doesn't matter; she was my friend and didn't know anything about all this shit until you killed her!" Cyborg roared, jumping up and grabbing one of Gizmo's feet when he swooped too low to the grown. Gizmo let out a yelp as Cyborg threw him into the ground.

"Get over it," Gizmo retaliated by shooting out a spiked net that caught Cyborg momentarily before he ripped it off of him. The spikes ripped into the flesh part of his arm and it drew blood.

"Where's the detonator?" Cyborg demanded as there was a slight pause in the battle.

"Like I'd tell you," Gizmo spat, blood dripped from his mouth.

"Like they'd tell you, right?" Cyborg laughed.

Gizmo glowered at Cyborg, he jumped up, his jetpack starting and he flew towards the Titan, fire in his eyes. Cyborg backed up, and thrust his arm into the fire hydrant next to him. He crashed off the side of it which spewed water into the newly made hole in the earth that was caused by one of Gizmo's bombs.

Cyborg knew how this fight was going to end; one of them wouldn't walk away from it. He knew what he had to do to save himself and the people of Jump City. Cyborg knew that Gizmo wouldn't stop until Cyborg was dead; that was the only way Cyborg could justify what he was about to do in his head.

He grabbed Gizmo out of the air and slammed him into the crater in the street that was filling with water. A sickening pop exploded, Cyborg knew he had electrocuted Gizmo when Gizmo's body started to convulse, Cyborg held the villains head into the hole. Gizmo protested, his arms and legs flailing, but Cyborg held him down.

"God," Cyborg shook his head as after a few moments, the flailing stopped. Cyborg removed his hands from the body slowly and fell back in shock. He stared at Gizmo; his head still face down in the filling hole of water. Cyborg took a few breaths, he'd- he'd never done something like this…

He didn't know how long he had sat there; whether it had been a few minutes or hours. But Cyborg finally stood up and looked at his Chronotron detecting screen on his arm, the lines giving no indication that there was any chronotron in his sector.

"Rob?" He lifted his communicator to his mouth.

"Did you find anything?" His seemingly fearless leader's voice answered him.

"I just checked my sector, nothing." He closed his eyes for a brief moment. The magnitude of what he had done was beginning to sink in. His skin tingled with goose bumps, despite the fires looming around him and the sweat that was dripping down his nose.

"Alright, I'm finishing up here… good work, Cyborg," Robin sounded distant over the communicator.

Cyborg closed his communicator and looked up at the sky, exhaling. "What's the price that I have to pay to save this city?" He murmured, swallowing the metaphorical rock that was in his throat. He was a long way from the Tower, but, "Fuck it," He said and turned in the direction of the Tower, the giant T not even visible from where he was.

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