Summary: One shot. Elizabeth decided that what she wanted most in the world was Jack, and they have been together on the Black Pearl ever since. She finds out she's pregnant and this is how Jack reacts. Oh the ridiculousness that is Captain Sparrow ) Sparrabeth. Fluff fluff.

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Elizabeth had been more than terrified to tell Jack that she was pregnant. Given their favorite hobby, she was not in the least bit surprised, and she was ecstatic. She loved being a pirate at sea more than anything in the world, but she still wanted to be a mother. If she could be the pirate king, Elizabeth decided that she could be a mother as well. Especially with Jack. She wanted to have a child with Jack so badly, and it was finally happening. As excited as she was, she had absolutely no idea how he would react. For all she knew, Jack could have thrown her overboard the instant she told him. However, given the fact that he was now completely naked, lying on top of her, kissing his way down her neck with such intensity that it made her heart gallop, she was pretty sure he was alright with it.

Elizabeth let a small moan escape from her mouth as Jack's mouth made his way down her chest. She loved feeling his lips all over her body. He planted kisses all over her rib cage and stomach. Elizabeth squirmed as his lips landed just below her abdomen. Jack stopped abruptly.

"Oh Jack…come on, that's not fair…" She trailed off as she picked her head up slightly and saw what Jack was doing. Dreadlocks dangling in front of his face, his kohl framed eyes were fixated on Elizabeth's stomach. She felt her cheeks get a little hot and she smiled a small smile. "Jack,"

"Sh." He cut her off, never moving his gaze. He brought one of his rough hands up to Elizabeth's smooth stomach and placed it firmly onto it.

Elizabeth propped herself up on her elbows and watched this act, astonished at Jack's behavior. He looked as though he held in his hands something strange that he had never seen before; something sacred.

"Lizzie?" He whispered, still not moving his eyes one bit.

"Yes?" Elizabeth breathed; too distracted by the scene that was melting her heart.

Pirate hand still solidly in place, Jack finally lifted his gaze to meet Elizabeth's.

"I love ye. Honest, I do." He vowed.

Elizabeth bit her lower lip and smiled. This made Jack smile as well, but not one of those devious smirks that Elizabeth had fallen in love with. Rather, it was a genuine smile; the smile that kept Elizabeth in love with him. Jack crawled over Elizabeth's clothing-less figure and kissed her square on the mouth. She put her hands on his shoulders and pulled him into her. Breathing together, they melted into one another under the large Caribbean moon.

The next morning Elizabeth woke with a smile on her face. She jumped out of bed and dressed, eager to find Jack so they could tell the whole crew their good news. As she strode up the stairs, her eyes spotted her beautiful Jack, hair blowing in the wind, at the helm. She crept up behind him and ducked between him and the helm, kissing him before he even realized she was there.

"Good morning, luv." Jack beamed at her. Then took an arm away from steering and wrapped it around her waist, pulling her into him.

"Good morning to you too, Captain." She smiled, her hands on his chest. She then leaned into his ear. "I want to tell the crew." She whispered.

Jack quickly took his arm back and replaced it on the helm as he turned his gaze back to the ocean. "Absolutely not." He stated. Elizabeth was shocked.

"What? Jack, why?"

"Because I said not. Savvy?" He said, simply. This pushed a button with Elizabeth. She hated when he did that. Her eyebrows knit themselves together and she spoke in a low tone, the one that was sure to tell Jack that he was in trouble.

"Captain Sparrow, may I have a word with you in your cabin?" She stormed below deck.

Jack sighed, knowing he would probably get slapped at some point during this 'word in his cabin.'

"Mr. Gibbs!"

"Aye, captain!"

"Take the helm." He said loudly. "And if I'm not back in and hour," his voice turned to a whisper, "then she's probably killed me." Gibbs, highly confused just took the wheel and decided it was best not to ask questions you don't really want answered.

When Jack got down to his cabin, Elizabeth was waiting for him, but seemed to have calmed down a bit.

"They're going to notice eventually."

"Lizzie," Jack began, deliberately keeping a safe distance from his pirate lass; "me thinks you overestimate the collective brain power of me crew. I also think you overestimate their collective knowledge of women."

Elizabeth sighed. "Jack, why don't you want them to know? Are you ashamed of it? It doesn't make you any less of a pirate."

"No! No no! Of course not, luv." Jack walked towards her. "It's just…" He frowned. "You'll laugh at me." Elizabeth's stern look softened a bit.

"No I won't. Just tell me."

"Well, when women carry babes, everyone around them asks if they can touch their belly or feel the baby kick. They think everything about the baby is their business. I don't want no one touching my Lizze!" Jack pouted. Elizabeth's jaw dropped open.

"Jack! That's not a bad thing. It just means that people care enough to-"Jack cut her off and dropped to his knees in front of her, throwing his arms around her waist and smushing his face to her abdomen.

"My belly, my Lizzie, my baby!" Jack yelled, stubbornly. Elizabeth couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Jack, get up."

"Nope." He said, still attached to her stomach.



"Jack, grow up."


"The crew will be so excited for us. Jack, they'll want to help all of us. Look out for us." She changed her tactic. "They will look out for me." At this, Jack removed himself and stood up to face her.

"A pirate ship is a dangerous place for a girly wif a baby…"

"Yes it is." She agreed, finally getting through to him.

"So maybe we should make port for…what? The next seven or eight months?"

"Jack!" Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "You're missing the point."

"No, I get it, luv." He grinned and ran his fingers through her hair. "Now let's go up to the deck and create a personal army for protectin' you and the wee one." Elizabeth giggled.

"Aye aye, captain."

When they got up to the deck, Jack summoned everyone with his bellowing, captain voice. He stood with Elizabeth in front of the rest of the men who crewed the Black Pearl.

"Gents! It seems we have some news." Everyone was listening intently. "In a not so short, but not quite so long time, there will be an addition to our crew!"


"A very small addition." Jack tried again, demonstrating the meaning of small with his hands.

Still silence.

"A small addition in the form of a babe that will be comin' out of 'ere." He pointed to Elizabeth's stomach.

Still, still, silence.

Elizabeth was fed up. "I'm going to have a baby." There was a pause, then a collective murmur of realization throughout the crowd.

Trying to maintain the role of captain, Jack spoke up again. "So ye all best be doin' yer all to keep the Pirate Queen safe. Now back to work you worthless dogs!" Everyone scattered, most of them peaking at Elizabeth out of the corner of their eyes. Jack pulled his Lizzie closer to him.

"Yer my Pirate Queen." He smirked. She smirked back. Jack leaned in to kiss her and she happily obliged. Suddenly she jerked back.

"Uh oh…Jack…" She whispered as she ran past Jack and vomited over the railing of the Pearl.

"Lizzie!" Jack was not more than one step behind her. He held back her hair and gently rubbed her back, all the while mumbling in her ear. "S'allright Izzy, s'allright." Tears were now running down her face. Jack did not move his mouth from her ear. "S'allright, I'm here, I've got you, Lizzie, luv."

Jack thought about the months to come. He was so excited for this new adventure, though he would never let his crew in on that. He smiled briefly. But as Elizabeth became sick once more, Jack frowned. "I forgot about this part."


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