The third and final chapter, complete with a tiny epilogue. Enjoy!

Right where we left off…

"Lizzie…is it uhm…is it…the time for the…uh…time?" Jack awkwardly ran his fingers through his decorated dreadlocks, then finally, with no other options, he met Lizzie's eyes.

"Yes." She replied cautiously, her hand still glued to her belly.


"Ow!" Lizzie grabbed Jack's hand in an act of desperation as the first real contraction hit her.

Not sure what to say, Jack responded "Are ye okay?"

"No, Jack." She then added, sarcastically, "Are you?"

Glancing at his crotch he said, "Not really." This was obviously not what Elizabeth wanted to hear.

"You stupid whelp! Do…something!"

"Oi! Don't you call me that! I call other people that, savvy?" He stated the obvious.

"Jack, for god's sake! You're supposed to be the bloody captain!"

"I AM the 'bloody' Captain. And what is it I'm supposed to do, exactly?" He questioned.

"You're supposed to not be a whelp you…whelp!"

"Bloody hell!"

"Jack, honestly!" She yelled. "Just go get Gibbs and get me to back to the cabin." Jack began to rush to find Gibbs. "No! Is your brain really that soaked with rum?"

"Well maybe it is! But ye married it, luv! What were ye thinkin' then?"

Another contraction ripped through her and this one shook her to the core. "I don't know!" She began to cry and she gripped the railing, turning her knuckles turning white. "I'm just supposed to breathe, you're supposed to know what to do!" She sobbed. "This really hurts!"

This snapped Jack back into reality. He took her weight, holding her up and gripped her hand as though reassurance could seep from his into hers. "Yer right, Lizzie. Just breathe luv. I'll take care of everything else." The contraction subsided. Jack took his own advice and took a deep breath. "Alright then. Lizzie, you're in labor." He stated robotically.

"Jack," she spoke softly "I KNOW THAT!"

"A'right…and…that means it's baby time?"

"Well done you stupid whelp! Ouch!" She doubled over again, her breathing labored and inconsistent.

"Stop callin' me that!" Jack grabbed Elizabeth and hurriedly ushered her down to their cabin all the while screaming for Gibbs who was the only bloody person on the ship who knew how to deliver a baby.

Several hours later…

"Jack, this is all your fault! You're a stupid bloody imbecile and I'm never letting you touch me ever again!" Elizabeth hollered in pain from their cabin. Jack had gone to get her a glass of water and was now camped out outside the door, unable to bring himself to go back in, though apparently she knew he was there.

"Bloody wench must be psychic." He thought, fiddling with the glass. His eyes widened as he hoped she wouldn't turn into Tia Dalma "At least not in looks, anyway."

Just then, Gibbs exited the cabin, seeing Jack he said, "Everythin's goin' just fine, Jack. No need t' worry. Might take some time, though." He moved to leave.

"Mister Gibbs?"

"Yes Captain?" He turned back.

"I-uh…" he stalled. A yelp from inside the room pushed him forward, his eyes cast downward. His posture collapsed. "I can't stand seein' her like this. I'm not used to being this…"

"Helpless?" Gibbs carefully offered.

"Helpless." Jack repeated. "Bloody hell." He paused "I did that to her."

"Nah, Jack. You did that with her. It's all natural, it is. And I'd think she doesn't truly blame ye. I'd stake my life on it in fact. All ye need to do is be with her. Hold 'er hand. That's all the lass has ever wanted of ye." He continued on his way to get more towels.

Jack thought for a moment and slowly re-entered his cabin. He suddenly realized that he couldn't remember this room without Elizabeth in it. She was lying on the bed, a sheet draped over her body, accentuating every curve. Her eyes were closed and her face was flushed and sweaty, her light hair darkened with sweat and pain. She looked beautiful, he thought. She was softly humming a familiar song. He walked over, set the glass of water on the night table and sat on the edge of the bed, taking her hand.

"Drink up me hearties, yo ho." He spoke softly, in time with her humming. Her eyes opened to find his staring down at her. She smiled a soft, weak smile. Jack returned the gesture. Her smile abruptly disappeared as her hand clenched his once more. He watched in agony as pain gripped his wife. His instinct was to run very fast and make Gibbs fix this. But when a strained 'ow' escaped Elizabeth's lips he suddenly knew what to do. He reached his hand around her and placed it firmly on her back, putting his mouth next to her ear. "Shh shh, just breathe luv." He felt her ribs expand in her back against his hand. "That's it, lass. You leave the rest to me and Gibbs. All ye have to do is keep breathin'." She obeyed. "Ye can do anything." He continued, "Yer my Lizzie; the strongest woman I know, savvy?"

Later that morning, approaching the afternoon…

Jack positioned himself behind Elizabeth and held her as she began to push. But after more than half an hour, Gibbs' encouragement didn't seem to be enough anymore. She was beyond exhausted, in excruciating pain and Jack couldn't take it anymore.

"Yer a'right, Lizzie." He crooned in her ear, while shooting an exasperated look towards Gibbs, who tried to reassure him, but to no avail.

"Push, Miss Elizabeth" Gibbs ordered. Her body was working hard, but she seemed too weak to do much of anything.

"Elizabeth, just one more should do it!" Gibbs egged her on.

"I can't!" She yelled.

"Yes you can, Lizzie" Jack encouraged.

"No, no I can't Jack. It hurts too much. I want to stop!" That broke his heart.

"No, luv, you can do this." He so wished he could do it for her.

"Miss Elizabeth, you have to go again. The baby needs to come out." Gibbs stated; far too seriously for Jack's liking.

"Lizzie, push!" Jack growled.

"I can't do it" She sobbed. Her sobs turned to anger on a dime as she writhed through another contraction. "Damn you to hell Jack Sparrow! If I could, I'd leave you for the Kraken all over again!"

He suddenly flashed on that fateful day she'd tied him up and left him for dead; how her mouth crashed down on his just like he had always imagined it would, while he felt that cold metal click around his wrist. He closed his eyes.

"Pirate." The word shot from his mouth to her ear like a bullet from a gun. He felt her whole body tense up and she let out an animalistic growl as her entire body worked together to give their child life.

She collapsed against her husband as it ended. A moment of silence and then, as if from nowhere, a cry pierced the room. It seemed to stop time. The couple's eyes shot open to see Gibbs holding a small bundle in his arms.

"Ye have a healthy baby girl." He handed the bundle to Elizabeth who stared, stunned. "I'll leave ye to…right" Gibbs awkwardly left, cleaning up a little as he did.

The couple stared, starry eyed at the tiny child in front of them.

"Oh." Elizabeth sighed. The baby began to fuss. "Hello, darling."

"'Ello, lass." Jack piped in. He then shifted his attention to Elizabeth, who now had tears of a different sort falling down her cheeks. He pressed a kiss into her neck as one would press a flower to save it forever. "Ye did wonders, luv." She smiled.

"Look what we made, Jack."

"A little girly." He crooned.

"She's beautiful."

"Aye, that she is. She takes after her mother that way."

"She has your eyes." There was a pause as the two lovers took in the astonishing sight before them. "Wow, we have a baby girl."

"I told you so." Jack whispered. He felt her chuckle softly against him, still wrapped around her.

"Yes you did."

"So I get the pleasure of namin' the wee one."


"Uh uh uh, a deal's a deal, luv."

"Pirate." She stated.

She hoped with all her might he wouldn't name her after a piece of buried treasure, a bloody island or worse, a brand of rum. Then again, perhaps she underestimated her Captain.

"Lilly." Lizzie looked up at him. "Lilly Pearl. That's 'er name." She returned her gaze to their daughter.

"Lilly Pearl. Jack, it's perfect."

"What can I say, luv?" She smiled. "Do ye need anything?" He asked as he brushed a strand of hair from her forehead.

"I'm alright. I just need to rest. God, I want to sleep for a week."

"Anythin' you say, Your Majesty." He carefully got up from behind her, guiding the Pirate Queen's back to the pile of soft pillows on the bed.

"Do you want to hold her?" She had already begun to drift off.

"Of course." The words fell out of his mouth and before he could take a moment to be afraid and he gathered up the squirming bundle, blankets and all. Jack held his daughter; the daughter of Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann, in his arms. He brushed one rough pirate finger across the soft cheek of the child, who gurgled joyfully up at her father.

" 'Ello Lilly." With large eyes still fixated on Jack, the baby wrapped both hands around one of the beads on his beard. "Aye, that be treasure, lass. Yer going to make a fine pirate, indeed."

A few months later…

Lilly Pearl Sparrow was now about three months old and already far and away the favorite crew member of the Black Pearl. Currently, Gibbs was showing her how to hoist a sail; he claimed it was never too young to learn the basics. He was wonderful with the girl and she clearly adored him.

Although it had definitely taken some adjusting, Jack took better care of Lilly than anyone could have imagined, and Elizabeth did the same though Jack had never doubted that for an instant. They could not ask for anything more than for their little girl to grow up loving the smell of the sea and the feeling of freedom.

Jack looked over at Gibbs and his little Lillypad, as he had taken to calling her, from his position at the helm. The nickname had come about during one of the first baths they had given her: he loved the picture of his little Lilly splashing around in a pool of water, (it amused Jack when he realized that he basically does the same, just bigger and with a ship) and he then imagined her tiny hands and feet splashing in the vast ocean. That thought reminded him of a lily pad, and it had stuck.

He thought back in awe over how he and Elizabeth came to be where they were now and smiled as he was brought back to reality by his daughter spitting up all over his first mate. The beating sun on this summer day claimed Jack's attention as he noticed his head was incredibly hot.

"Where's me bloody hat?" He exclaimed, first checking his head, then looking around and under himself. "Bugger." He handed the helm off and stormed to his cabin. He opened the door and his eyes went immediately to the back of the door, to see if he had hung it up and forgotten. "Lizzie, 'ave you seen my hat? Me head's lost it again."

"Remind me again what it looks like." Was the only reply. He quickly turned to ask her what in god's name that meant, when his eyes fell on his wife on the bed…wearing nothing but his hat. She held a bottle of rum.


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